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Location Sunspire Courtyard
Sunspire Summit
Species Dragon
Health Normal27,266,052Veteran93,144,776
Veteran116,430,968 (Hard Mode)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile

Nahviintaas is a golden dragon who has taken over the temple of the Sunspire alongside his dragon followers by posing as the Dragon God Alkosh.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

When Nahviintaas is engaged in combat, a ring of roaring flames surrounds the lunar platform where you are supposed to fight the false-god.

Molten Meteor
An AoE that you are supposed to get out of before it goes off.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Nahviintaas in the courtyard

When you enter Sunspire's courtyard, Nahviintaas will greet you personally.

Navhiintaas: "More have come to serve. Good. Kneel before your god and I will give you purpose."
Mojha: "It's a trick! He'll make slaves of you. Resist while you can!"
Navhiintaas: "Faithless. Put them in their place, then put them to work."
Alkosh's Supplicant: "Don't resist! Alkosh will punish you!"
Mojha: "Fool! This is our chance for freedom!"

After this altercation, Nahviintaas swoops up, and the Sunspire Menders, Sunspire Archers, and the two Alkosh's Roars in the courtyard become hostile.

Once you have slain Lokkestiiz and Yolnahkriin, and return to the temple grounds a furious Moon-Bishop Azin-jo will ask Alkosh to drive you out for being blasphemers.

Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "Glorious Alkosh! Your faithful are beset by these heretics! This one begs you to cast the wicked from this mountain once again."
Nahviintaas: "You had one task, cat: gather faithful to serve me. Instead you have brought me troubles."
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "Forgive Azin-jo! Spare your faithful from these heretics and this one will spread word of Alkosh's infinite mercy to every corner of the world!"
Nahviintaas: "Mercy? I have no use for mercy any longer. Kill them all."

After you fight off his deluded worshippers, a shaken Azin-jo will head into Nahviintaas' roost to plead with him a final time.

Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "Great Alkosh! Do not forsake us! I beg—"
Nahviintaas: "Daal Tiid Zaam!"
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "You are tearing the wound wider! Why?"
Nahviintaas: "To restore the natural order. To reclaim all that was and will be. To correct the mortal mistake."
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "You—you are no Divine!"
Nahviintaas: "I will remind you: Dragons are gods in the flesh."

As your group explores the rest of the trial, Nahviintaas can be seen high above at the Sunspire Summit, attempting to tear the Time Wound open.

Nahviintaas, grounded

When you arrive on the platform, Nahviintaas will be manipulating the Time Wound. He will then proceed to taunt you.

Idle Dialogue
Nahviintaas: "You think yourselves Dragon slayers. You'll soon learn that not all Dragons are created equal."
Nahviintaas: "If you will not give your lives to me, I will take them."
Nahviintaas: "Prideful whelps. You will be an example to others."
Nahviintaas: "You would make worthy slaves. Accept me as your god and I will overlook your rebelliousness."
Nahviintaas: "I would prefer your adoration, but I will accept your fear and awe."


Summoning his Faithful
Nahviintaas: "Destroy the heretics and become my true faithful."
Nahviintaas: "Slaves! Your god grants you a chance to redeem your past failings."
Nahviintaas: "Make a future for yourselves. End these blasphemers."
Nahviintaas: "Return, faithful. Earn your right to live."
Nahviintaas: "Fear no death, for you already serve me eternally."
Nahviintaas: "Serve me now, as you served me then."
Nahviintaas: "These slaves are as limitless as time itself."


Combat Dialogue
Nahviintaas: "You look as insignificant from down here as you did up there."
Nahviintaas: "Grovel before me!"
Nahviintaas: "Suffer my wrath firsthand."


Group wipe
Nahviintaas: "Mortals. How did you expect any other outcome?"
Nahviintaas: "Now there will truly be a Dragon god of time."
Nahviintaas: "With a few words I can relish your demise again and again."
Nahviintaas: "The faithful will celebrate your failure for thousands of years to come."
Nahviintaas: "This is the price of sacrilege."