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This article is about the boss in Sunspire. For the boss in Infinite Archive, see Yolnahkriin (Infinite Archive).

Location Sunspire Temple Grounds
Species Dragon
Health Normal22,721,708Veteran116,430,960

Veteran145,538,704 (hard mode)

Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Yolnahkriin with Hard Mode activated

Yolnahkriin is a red dragon who is masquerading as an aspect of Jode within the temple of Sunspire.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Yolnahkriin bites whoever he's targeting.
Boiling Oil
The boiling oil surrounding Yolnahkriin's perch will damage you if you stand in it.
Flame Aura
If you are too close to Yolnahkriin (read: underneath him), you will be consumed by raging fire.
Fire Breath
Yolnahkriin breathes fire.
Focused Fire
Yolnahkriin will set down an orange aoe onto one player in front of him. The only way to survive Yolnahkriin's Focused Fire is to find a way to disperse the impact. Damage increases with every hit. Players must stack to distribute the damage. Works similarly to Shade of Siroria's Roaring Flare.
Summon Fire Atronach
Summons a Fire Atronach.
Summon Iron Atronach
Summons an Iron Servant.
Wing Thrash
One hit kill, can connect if you fight from the side.


When you arrive on his island in the middle of the oil lake, he will taunt you if you idle in front of him.

Yolnahkriin: "Leave and I may spare you."
Yolnahkriin: "Dispose of yourself, before I do."
Yolnahkriin: "You'll suffer for disturbing me."
Yolnahkriin: "You dare enter my domain? Fools."
Yolnahkriin: "Begone vermin!"


Summoning Fire Atronachs
Yolnahkriin: "Obey me, living flames."
Yolnahkriin: "Rise from the ash, servants of flame!"
Yolnahkriin: "Burn them to cinders!"


During the fight
Yolnahkriin: "Drown in flame!"
Yolnahkriin: "Persistent vermin. Time to stamp you out."
Yolnahkriin: "The flames can feast on you."
Yolnahkriin: "I'll blacken the sky with your smoldering corpses."
Yolnahkriin: "You're lucky, but that won't last."
Yolnahkriin: "My rage only makes the flames burn hotter!"
Yolnahkriin: "I won't be beaten by vermin!"
Yolnahkriin: "I'm still strong enough to crush you worms!"


Yolnahkriin: "Never trifle with gods!"
Yolnahkriin: "This was deserved."
Yolnahkriin: "Insolent trash."
Yolnahkriin: "Your ashes will be scattered to the farthest corners of the world."
Yolnahkriin: "Bother the Void."



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