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Location Sunspire
Species Dragon
Health Normal18177368Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile

Lokkestiiz is a frost dragon residing in the Sunspire, masquerading as an aspect of Jone. Lokkestiiz is known for his freezing breath.

Related Quests[edit]


When you arrive in his roost, and idle in front of him, Lokkestiiz will taunt you:

Lokkestiiz: "You're boring me, mortals."
Lokkestiiz: "Not so brave now. Grovel and I'll forgive your trespass."
Lokkestiiz: "Bugs in my bed. How irritating."
Lokkestiiz: "I'm waiting."
Lokkestiiz: "Are you ignorant to your own mortality? Tragic."
Lokkestiiz: "Has futility set in? Do you finally accept your place in the world?"
Lokkestiiz: "Simple creatures. Blind to your own insignificance. I admire your audacity."
When Engaged
Lokkestiiz: "Gnats who think themselves wolves. Ah, what folly."
During the fight
Lokkestiiz: "Does the sound of thunder frighten you, animals?"
Lokkestiiz: "I'll stoop to your level, but it won't save you."
Lokkestiiz: "I love a good storm."
Lokkestiiz: "I'll shout you into dust!"
Lokkestiiz: "On your knees!"
Lokkestiiz: "This is tiresome. Get out of my roost."
Lokkestiiz: "Think you can weather the storm?"
Lokkestiiz: "You'll leave nothing but a crater and a stain!"
Lokkestiiz: "You want to stand shoulder to shoulder with a god? Here I am."


Skills and Abilities[edit]

Frigid Cold
Has an aura of cold energy around him. When you are close to him, it causes damage.[verification needed — see talk page]
Glacial Fist
Very powerful blow which can easy one shot.

more abilities

Summon Frost Atronach
Summons a Frost Atronach.
Summon Storm Atronach
Summons a Storm Atronach.


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