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Time Wounds, also known as Tiid-Ahraan in the Dragon Language, are tears created in the fabric of space when time is shattered within a localized area. These distortions of time and space have some similarities to Dragon Breaks.[1] In appearance they can resemble a slight shimmering in the air,[2] or a vortex of golden and purple light.[3]

The first Time Wound in known history was created in Skyrim during the Merethic Era, and served to bring about the end of the Dragon War.[4] Near the end of the war, the ancient Nords confronted Alduin at the summit of the Throat of the World.[1][5] With no conventional means to defeat the wyrm, Felldir the Old used an Elder Scroll to perform an incantation that ejected Alduin from their time, propelling him into the future and leaving behind a Time Wound.[4] In 4E 201, Alduin emerged from the Time Wound and began the process of resurrecting his Dragon allies all across Skyrim.[1][6] The Last Dragonborn later used the same Elder Scroll to exploit this Time Wound and gaze into the past, thereby gaining lost knowledge of the Thu'um.[4]

A Time Wound also appeared at the peak of the Sunspire temple in the First Era, when Alkosh's battle cry put an end to Pelinal Whitestrake's slaughter of the Khajiit and cast him out of Elsweyr.[7] Circa 2E 582, the Dragons Nahviintaas, Lokkestiiz, and Yolnahkriin returned to the affairs of mortals, posing as gods. The Khajiit devotees of Sunspire Temple believed Nahviintaas to be Alkosh, and gathered pilgrims from across Anequina to serve him. However, Nahviintaas' true goal was to tear the Time Wound wider in order to wipe out all mortals and restore the "natural order". This threat was ended when all three Dragons were slain by the Undaunted.[8] The Vestige was described as a "wound in time" by the Prophet.[9]