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Throat of the World
Type Mountain Peak
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Appears in Skyrim
The Throat of the World circa 4E 201

The Throat of the World, also called Monahven (lit. "Mother Wind") by the Dragons[1][2] and Mount Hrothgar,[3] located in Skyrim, is the highest mountain in all of Tamriel (though it was considered second to Red Mountain before the latter's eruption in 4E 5).[4][5] Seven thousand steps lead up the mountain to its summit, where the settlement of High Hrothgar is located, and where the Greybeards live their lives of absolute silence.[4] King Wulfharth is said to have rebuilt the 418th step.[6]

The term "Throat of the World" has also been used by Nords to refer to the land of Skyrim in general.[7][8] It is also known as Snow Throat, one of The Towers.[9] Part of the Prophecy of the Dragonborn mentions the "Snow Tower" lying "sundered, kingless, bleeding".

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The legends of the Nords state that mankind was formed on the mountain when the sky breathed onto the land.[7] Many pilgrims travel to the mountain and climb the seven thousand steps to its peak.[4]

Dragon War[edit]

During the Dragon War, the great dragon Alduin was lured to the top of the mountain by a group of Nords, instructed by Paarthurnax on the use of the thu'um. After seeing that they could not defeat him, even with the Dragonrend shout, the Nords sent him forward in time using an Elder Scroll. The event created a hole in time itself atop the mountain, called the Time-Wound, or "Tiid-Ahraan".[1][10]

Return of the Dragons[edit]

The Last Dragonborn met with Paarthurnax at the Throat. After learning the shout Dragonrend, the Last Dragonborn confronted Alduin there.[10]

Chosen of Boethiah[edit]

The cave of Monahven[nb 1] was used as a sanctuary by Oviron Salith and the Chosen of Boethiah, where they opened a portal to Attribution's Share -- the realm of Prince Boethiah.[2] The cave had numerous entrances throughout the immediate region surrounding Monahven.[2]



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