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The Psijic Endeavor is a process by which mortals are charged with transcending the gods that created them.[1] In other words, it is a method of attaining divinity (i.e., "achieving the Tower"), as well as what to do after.[UOL 1] In ancient times, the Chimer learned the rules of the Endeavor from Boethiah and Mephala.[2] In Morrowind, Psijic Endeavour is seen as being related to Lorkhan, the Missing God.[1]

Psijic Endeavor apparently formed the basis for the teachings of the prophet Veloth, who described it as a process of apotheosis which manipulates time itself. The goal of the Endeavor is to experience CHIM, and the two concepts are closely related.[UOL 2]


  • Despite the common namesake, the Psijic Endeavor is unrelated to the Psijic Order, which doesn't care much for the idea.[UOL 1]


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