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Chaotic Creatia is unformed chaos native to the planes of Oblivion. It is a shapeless but energetic Padomaic material that accretes around a Daedric vestige until it conforms to the morphotype's inherent pattern. It is therefore key to the process by which a banished Daedra forms a new body. Chaotic creatia takes a different but planar-appropriate form in every realm of Oblivion.[1]

In Coldharbour, a realm known for mimicking and stealing parts of Tamriel, it takes the form of ubiquitous pools of blue slime known as Azure Plasm, which functions similarly to icy water.[1] The Village of the Lost, a border realm of Coldharbour created during the Planemeld, was notably covered in a sea of the fluid while it formed.[2] When a Daedra native to Coldharbour is slain or banished, its morphotype, or vestige, is sent back there. Within Coldharbour are secret grottoes where the process of plasm-accretion can be witnessed. It is here the Azure Plasm drains from pools adjacent to the grottoes and slowly coalesces around a vestige to eventually reform the Daedra.[1] It is usually a terrifying and lengthy process for the Daedra involved, although it can be prevented through resurrection with the use of Soul Magic.[3]

For Daedra native to the Shivering Isles, such as the Aureal and the Mazken, this process takes place at a Wellspring after their soul is guided back from the Void, but the chaotic creatia used in the process is unknown. For the Aureal, their wellspring flows with a golden liquid; for the Mazken, this liquid is bright teal in color.[4]

The process is identical for mortals whose soul is under the protection of a Daedric Prince, such as Soul Shriven and Umaril the Unfeathered; the creatia coalesces around a vestige and forms a corporeal body with the semblance of the shape it wore in life.[1] Should this individual die, the nature of the vestige is such that their body simply reforms upon death and the cycle repeats itself.[1][5]

The Hist are known to produce an orange sap-like substance known as Amber Plasm. Despite its appearance, this material is not sap, and is in fact a form of chaotic creatia from Oblivion which leaks into Mundus through the Hist like blood from a wound. It can sometimes be found pooling at the roots of certain Hist trees. Drinking it or bathing in it can drive an Argonian mad and it is usually associated with Sithis.[6] The Xit-Xaht tribe of Mazzatun once attempted to harness the Amber Plasm from the Tsono-Xuhil Hist tree to achieve great power and order, although this dangerous alchemy was stopped by a group of Undaunted circa 2E 582.[7]



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