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Race Hist Gender No Gender
Resided in Mazzatun
Appears in ESO

Tsono-Xuhil was the mad Hist of Mazzatun, kin to the Xit-Xaht tribe.[1]

Tsono-Xuhil was obsessed with maintaining the pre-Duskfall way of life. The Hist and its last known tree-minder, Na-Kesh, were not keen on the lifestyle shown to the Saxhleel by Sithis.[2] While the rest of Black Marsh accepted the idea that change is inevitable and altered their practices to adapt accordingly,[1] Tsono-Xuhil sought order in the city of Mazzatun.[2][3] Tree-Minder Na-Kesh viewed the modern Argonian way of life with disgust, regarding the use of impermanent materials like reeds,[1] mud, and wood in construction and craft as "savage". Believing that their people were above such things, the tree-minder, guided by her Hist, conspired to impose its will upon all of Black Marsh.[2]

The Hist's obsession with stone seeped into the Xit-Xaht and affected the soil in which its roots clung to.[3] For ages, the other tribes avoided the Puzzle City, regarding the Xit-Xaht as a tribe afflicted with heart-sickness borne from a "crazy" tree.[1] They could feel that something was wrong with the city on an organic level.[4]


Tsono-Xuhil resided atop the pinnacle of Mazzatun, its shadow looming over the vast stone halls. Its sprawling roots stretched over the xanmeer and the surrounding cliffs, arching over the communal uxith, where new Xit-Xaht were born. The nest extended around the tree on the outer edges of the xanmeer, and rested on several cliffs shaded by the roots. Glowing red fruit hung from its boughs, and a mysterious substance known as amber plasm seeped from its bark, dripping to the earth below.[5][6]


The Xit-Xaht have lived in Mazzatun for longer than anyone can remember, and in all that time, the city has been perpetually under construction.[1]

Tsono-Xuhil sought to have a shining city of stone built to house its children—one that would rival even the glory of the Imperial City. To this end, the Hist called to its people, instructing them to build a winding stone xanmeer upon the ruins of old Mazzatun.[2] The Xit-Xaht raided other villages for slaves to hasten the city's construction.[1]

In the Second Era, Tsono-Xuhil advised Tree-Minder Na-Kesh, in her attempt to manipulate its strange sap to empower the Xit-Xaht. Ingesting amber plasm or immersing oneself in it can drive an Argonian mad. The tree-minder made use of the amber plasm in accordance with the will of her Hist, and was able to mitigate the maddening effects of the substance, granting her tribe great speed and strength.[2][7][8] This, as well as the sheer strength provided by the Xit-Xaht's behemoth, made them dangerous foes.[9][10]

In 2E 582, the Xit-Xaht tribe's raiding was put to an end by the Undaunted at the behest of a member of the Su-Zahleel tribe after the Xit-Xaht raided their village and enslaved the inhabitants. The adventurers managed to save at least one of the Su-Zahleel's elders from an agonizing death by being drenched in amber plasm, and the Xit-Xaht tree-minder was slain. The mad Hist was subsequently lulled into a deep slumber by the surviving elders, who hoped that clean water and plenty of rest would help to alleviate the tree's pain.[9][11]



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