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The Fire King Hadhuul
ON-npc-Hadhuul the Fire King.jpg
The Fire King Hadhuul
Race Ayleid Gender Male
Died 1E 243
Resided in Cyrodiil
Appears in ESO

The Fire King Hadhuul (or Hadhuul the Fire King) was an Ayleid leader who ruled before and during the Alessian Slave Rebellion.[1] He is remembered as a particularly cruel slave master; tales from his realm say the slaves were subjected to tormenting drugs, and children were set aflame for nighttime tiger sport.[2] Shortly before the fall of the White-Gold Tower in 1E 243,[3] he was slain by Pelinal Whitestrake on the granite steps of Ceya-Tar (later called Ceyatatar)[1] in the Great Forest of Cyrodiil.[4] It was his first and last defeat.[1] In 2E 582, Hadhuul's spirit returned to the ruins of Ceyatatar, along with bound flame atronachs and the ghosts of his army. The atronachs posed a threat to the nearby town of Vlastarus, although the Fire King was banished before he could cause any harm.[5]

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