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Flame Atronachs are Elemental Daedra native to Infernace, a collective realm full and made of lava and fire. They apparently have an enmity for Frost Atronachs, though they are able to put this aside when serving mutual masters. [1] Seemingly made entirely of flame, they can be found unbound in the wild or can be conjured by those with magical aptitude to serve as guards, laborers, or otherwise obey their conjurers. Summoning of Flame Atronachs is usually performed through Koron's Peremptory Summons, a spell which usually summons Flame Atronachs in their conventional forms but which can be altered by conjurers to alter the minutiae of the summons (such as plane to summon from, daedra to summon, and form in which the daedra can be conjured).[2] They are a source of Fire Salts, an alchemical ingredient which has varied utility. They are conventionally summoned and found in the form of vaguely feminine flaming floating humanoids; however they do appear in other forms—including a smaller form called the Flame Pixie. Their summoning was first perfected by the Direnni, especially Corvus Direnni and Peregrine Direnni, who discovered that they could be bound into different forms by their conjurers.[3] Flame Atronachs as a collective were apparently employed by Clan Shardai during the Third Era, and were heavily involved in the Battlespire invasion. Their inversions, Cold Flame Atronachs, originate in Fourth Sinus of Takubar, an inversion of Infernace where all flame is cold.[4] Flame Atronachs are found in many Daedric Realms, including those of prominent princes and minor planes. While possessing some intelligence, Flame Atronachs are largely an unorganized and chaotic group, with individuals being largely indistinguishable from one another. Hearthfire Kagouti, which can be found in the Grazelands of Vvardenfell, are suspected to be the product of a Telvanni wizard's experimental melding of the reptile and a flame atronach.[5] Flame Atronachs can be shaped by their conjuror to take the form of common animals to serve as mounts. Known varieties include bears, horses, guar, camels, senche-tigers and wolves.[6]


Infernace, the collective realm of the Flame Atronachs, is described as mundane and repetitive, apparently being the aggregate of all of its inhabitants. It, much like the Flame Atronachs, is largely constructed of magma and flame, and is apparently the plane where most Flame Atronach summonings call. It has an inversion known as the Fourth Sinus of Takubar, which is apparently much like Infernace except totally devoid of heat.[4]


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