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This page lists Crown Crate information from the Crown Store Showcase.

Akaviri Potentate Crown Crate Season[edit]

Conceived in treachery and secured by bloodshed, the Akaviri Potentate ushered in the Second Era, along with a new chapter of Imperial rule. For four-hundred years, the Tsaesci, Versidue-Shaie, and his heirs ruled a fractious continent. Over time, the snakemen's classical refinement merged with stubborn Reman values to create something completely new—a civilization built on the fault line of Tamriel and Akavir, blending the virtues of both into an unlikely whole.

Despite the roiling chaos of the Interregnum, Potentate relics still find their way into hands of collectors. Will you herald the Second Empire's return? The grace of Akavir and pride of Cyrodiil are yours for the taking!

Ayleid Crown Crate Season[edit]

Before the coming of the First Empire, Elves reigned supreme. The Ayleid sorcerer-kings held dominion over Tamriel's heartlands, harnessing the power of Divines and Daedra alike. Now, within the Wild Elves' bleached stone ruins and crystal-lit crypts, ancient treasures still lay buried, waiting for brave adventurers to claim them… or die trying.

So, lift your torch and descend the alabaster stairs. The wealth of the Ayleids awaits!

Baandari Pedlar Crown Crate Season[edit]

The rattle of trinkets, the hiss of a tambourine, and the creak of a wagon's wheels can mean only one thing: Baandari! These famed Khajiiti nomads travel the width and breadth of Tamriel, reveling in the freedom of the open road. While some regard these colorful wanderers with suspicion, others know that there's no better place to find unusual treasures than the back of a Baandari cart. So, step right up, walker, and have a look at these exotic wares!

Dragonscale Crown Crate Season[edit]

Dragons! These ancient creatures, once locked away in the Halls of Colossus, have returned with a vengeance. Driven by an unquenchable thirst for conquest, they will stop at nothing to reclaim their place as the rightful rulers of Tamriel. While few mortals can match the strength of a raging Dragon, the contents of these mysterious crates might give you a taste of their awesome power!

Dwarven Crown Crate Season[edit]

The ancient and long-lost race of the Dwarves delved deep beneath the surface of Tamriel, where they created subterranean cities of metal and stone maintained by mechanical constructs, automata that still work today millennia after their masters mysteriously disappeared. In the vaults below Arcane University, the Mages Guild collected thousands of rare Dwarven artifacts. When the city was sacked by the forces of Molag Bal, these items were smuggled out, and are now appearing on the open market.

Flame Atronach Crown Crate Season[edit]

It was the master summoners of the Direnni who first discovered that a conjurer could impose any desired shape on a Flame Atronach. For centuries the conjurers' standard spell for summoning Flame Atronachs has been Koron's Peremptory Summons, which is easily modified to change both the duration of the summoned atronach's binding and its form—for example, into that of a Senche-Tiger.

Gloomspore Crown Crate Season[edit]

Few adventurers ever tread the damp and oppressive darkness of Blackreach. Those that do find timeworn Dwarven ruins glowering over seas of shimmering geodes and grand fungal forests that shed ghostly clouds of luminous spores. These vistas inspire awe, but terror soon follows.

Chitinous monstrosities scuttle behind each glowing mushroom, and eyeless horrors lurk in every dark corner. Do you dare to peer into this eerie gloom? Lift your torch and behold these treasures … if you dare!

Hollowjack Crown Crate Season[edit]

Lord Hollowjack, the Lord of Mortal Fears! Once a year the portals open between Nirn and Hollowjack's demi-plane of Detritus, and items ghastly and gruesome come on to Tamriel's markets. Though merchants and mountebanks jest about the possible contents of their Hollowjack Crates, their jokes can’t hide the terrible truth. Dare you open these haunted crates to reveal and release their dreaded contents?

New Moon Crown Crate Season[edit]

Not all threats to Tamriel sail overhead on leathery wings. Some lurk in the crime-ridden alleys of Senchal and the charred remains of villages long forgotten by those in power. Beware, people of Elsweyr. The New Moon Cult rises!

This army of embittered outcasts pledged their lives to the ancient scourge, Laatvulon. In exchange, they received dark gifts in abundance. Now, you too can reap the spoils of this vile bargain!

Nightfall Crown Crates[edit]

In the eternal night of Blackreach, the thirst for blood is rivaled only by the thirst for power. Within their gothic fortresses, vampires plot and conspire—seeking the ruin of meddlesome mortals and undead rivals alike. Through intrigue, murder, and worse, these dark sovereigns gather spoils beyond counting. Only the bravest (or most foolhardy) adventurers try to claim these treasures for themselves.

Do you dare gaze upon their blood-soaked plunder? Gather your courage and cunning. Nightfall draws near!

Psijic Vault Crown Crate Season[edit]

The Psijic Vaults: for millennia the mages of the monastic order have been storing items rare and mysterious in their subterranean strong rooms, some strange, some dangerous, all valuable. Now, it seems a time breach was open in these vaults for an unknown period, spilling Psijic Vault Crates out into the wider world, and their weird contraband is beginning to appear on Tamriel's open market. They're going fast, because a Psijic Vault Crate might contain almost… anything.

Reaper's Harvest Crown Crate Season[edit]

Tamriel's covens of witches and warlocks spent all year crafting necromantic objects of dark delight for the season of the Witches Festival. The sale of these occult oddities and twisted treats are usually restricted as contraband goods, but in honor of the Witches Festival they may be freely sold or given as gifts. (Please note that the merchants of Tamriel will not accept responsibility for curses bestowed or injuries sustained through the use of these arcane artifacts.)

Scalecaller Crown Crate Season[edit]

The dark secrets of Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair have remained undisturbed for untold centuries, but now their gates have been opened and their grim denizens have burst forth upon the wider world of Tamriel. Do you have the strength of will to master these sinister creations and use them for your own purposes?

Sovngarde Crown Crate Season[edit]

A noble death is not the end. Beyond the crash of steel and final cries of glory lies a realm unlike any other. Sovngarde! The immortal realm of heroes where mead flows like a mighty river and great adventures wait behind every windswept hill.

Luminous beasts, king-forged weapons, and other aethereal wonders await you beyond the veil. Now, summon up your warrior spirit and seize them for your own!

Wild Hunt Crown Crate Season[edit]

In the Beginning Times, Y'ffre's Naming gave all the creatures of Nirn their shapes. When the Wood Elves invoke the Wild Hunt, creatures forget their Y'ffre-taught shapes and shift into unnatural forms. It's a dangerous power, because once unleashed, it's almost impossible to control, and the effects may spread beyond what was intended. Wild Hunt-affected creatures revert to the shapeshifting chaos of the Dawn Era, becoming part plant and part animal, as wonderful as they are abominable.

Xanmeer Crown Crate Season[edit]

Xanmeers! Those mysterious Argonian step pyramids of the deep swamp. Made from stone as if intended to last thousands of years, but then largely abandoned due to—what? No one in Black Marsh seems to know, nor do they seem to care that many Xanmeers are packed with old relics others find valuable. Somehow those abandoned relics, enchanted and mundane, get smuggled out of Black Marsh, crated up, and then made available—to you!