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Frost Atronachs are Elemental Daedra native to Oblivion. They apparently have an enmity for Flame Atronachs, though they are able to put this aside when serving mutual masters.[1] Seemingly made entirely of ice, they can be found unbound in the wild or can be conjured by those with magical aptitude to serve as guards, laborers, or otherwise obey their conjurers. Summoning of Frost Atronachs is usually performed through Koron's Peremptory Summons, which can be altered by conjurers to alter the minutiae of the summons (such as plane to summon from, daedra to summon, and form in which the daedra can be conjured).[2] They are a source of Frost Salts, an alchemical ingredient which has varied utility. They are conventionally summoned and found in the form of bulky humanoids. Frost Atronachs as a collective were apparently employed by Xivilai Moath during the Third Era, and were heavily involved in the Battlespire invasion. Frost Atronachs are found in many Daedric Realms, including those of prominent princes and minor planes. While possessing some intelligence, Frost Atronachs are largely an unorganized and chaotic group, with individuals being largely indistinguishable from one another. Many frost atronach names begin with the word "Nomeg".


Aside from the commonly found humanoid forms, there are many other types of frost atronach found in Nirn and Oblivion.

Ancient Frost Atronach[edit]

An Ancient Frost Atronach

Ancient Frost Atronachs are a rare form of Frost Atronach whose power has been amplified by the ice around them.[3] They possess broader torsos and are significantly stronger than their standard counterparts. The only known instance of an Ancient Frost Atronach being summoned was by the Snow Elf vampire Arch-Curate Vyrthur during their confrontation with Serana and the Last Dragonborn in 4E 201.[4]

Found in: Dawnguard

Frost Atronach Bear[edit]

A Frost Atronach Bear

Frost Atronach Bears are a form of Frost Atronach conjured in the shape of a bear. Orcish spellwrights rarely call for boons from Daedric realms beyond Malacath's Ashpit, but even they are known to make an exception when it comes to possessing such an imposing mount.[5]

Found in: ESO

Frost Atronach Horse[edit]

A Frost Atronach Horse

Frost Atronach Horses are a form of Frost Atronach conjured in the shape of a horse, possessing all the strength of a Frost Atronach with the grace of the equine form.[6]

Found in: ESO

Frost Atronach Kagouti[edit]

A Frost Atronach Kagouti

Frost Atronach Kagoutis are a form of Frost Atronach conjured in the shape of a kagouti. They are notoriously difficult to control and have caused the death of many an apprentice warlock.[7]

Found in: ESO

Frost Atronach Senche[edit]

A Frost Atronach Senche

Frost Atronach Senches are a form of Frost Atronach conjured in the shape of a senche-cat. They can be hard to summon correctly due to the difficulty of imbuing a lumbering Frost Atronach with feline grace.[8] According to the notebooks of Corvus Direnni, the frost senche-panther may actually be a form of atronach summoned from the Fourth Sinus of Takubar. Why it remains in Tamriel where it willingly submits to the orders of mortals is unknown.[9]

Found in: ESO

Frost Atronach Dwarven Spider[edit]

A Frost Atronach Dwarven Spider

Frost Atronach Dwarven Spiders are a form of Frost Atronach conjured in the shape of a Dwarven Spider, a robotic construct once used widely by the Dwemer. Pressing a Frost Atronach into service and twisting it into this form requires a rare gift for sorcery.[10]

Found in: ESO

Frost Atronach Wolf[edit]

A Frost Atronach Wolf

Frost Atronach Wolves are a form of Frost Atronach conjured in the shape of a wolf. This form was originally crafted by two mages, who subsequently had a deadly falling out over whether to share their research.[11]

Found in: ESO

Frost Monarch[edit]

A Frost Monarch

Frost Monarchs are a stronger form of the much more common Frost Atronach. The Evil Archmage Almion Celmo famously created the Ice Blade of the Monarch by enchanting the claymore of a great warrior with the soul of a Frost Monarch.[12] The Celestial Mage is known to have created an Ice Monarch named Nomeg Ozal and imbued him with thought. The Celestial Serpent Malazar corrupted the Mage in 2E 582 and used her power to enslave Nomeg Ozal and his fellow Monarchs, although they were eventually banished from Tamriel and thereby freed.[13]

Found in: ESO

Night Frost Atronach Steed[edit]

A Night Frost Atronach Steed

Night Frost Atronach Steeds are a form of Frost Atronach conjured in the shape of horses, possessing most of the conventional features and structures of horses but also being constructed of ice and cold stone.[14]

Found in: ESO

Sabre Cat Frost Atronach[edit]

A Sabre Cat Frost Atronach

Sabre Cat Frost Atronachs are a form of Frost Atronach conjured in the shape of sabre cats, possessing most of the conventional features and structures of the large felines but also being constructed of ice. A Frost Mage of Clan Direnni spent her entire life perfecting a spell to permanently summon an atronach of this type.[15]

Found in: ESO


  • The little-known Frost Mare (theorized to come from the Fourth Sinus of Takubar) is a horse composed entirely of ice, though its relation to frost atronachs is unknown.