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A scamp

Scamps are one of the lesser sentient Daedra of Oblivion, who often enter into the mortal world to cause mischief and carry out errands for their Princes. They are weak, rather dull (described as semi-intelligent),[1] and cowardly, and are easily defeated except in large numbers. For the greater Daedra, scamps are useful minions, as their nimble hands can carry and manipulate objects, and they are just tricky enough to be cunning opponents in combat.[2] They are most commonly associated with Mehrunes Dagon,[3] though they also serve Molag Bal, Sheogorath,[4] and Sanguine.[5]

Many varieties of scamps exist, including the weaker Stunted Scamps and fiery Magma Scamps of Mehrunes Dagon, the Stonefire,[6] Mind-Shriven,[7] Trove, and Cunning Scamps of Molag Bal, and familiars summoned by mortals. The Undaunted also trained scamps to wear packs to carry their valuables.[8]

Scamp skin is an ingredient that can be removed from scamps while it is still bound on the mortal plane. It is a rare ingredient and alchemists have trouble keeping the substance in stock. It is used for straining in alchemy and cooking.[9][UOL 1] Scamp skulls may be carved with strange glyphs and arcane symbols for use in unlawful ritualistic purposes.[10]



  • Though scamps could initially speak fluently in Battlespire and Morrowind, they were mostly limited in later games to simplistic grunts and snarls.[11] Even Creeper, who spoke in Morrowind, had no lines in his ESO appearance. However, Scamps are still shown to have the propensity to write in broken Tamrielic.[12]

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