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Morphoid Daedra

Morphoid Daedra are similar to Scamps and Hernes, and are relatively easy to defeat. Their attacks deal a moderate amount of damage, but they can be defeated fairly quickly in melee combat. It is possible to have a conversation with a Morphoid Daedra, but it will attack you when you finish talking.

100 100 75 60 65 45 65 35 50 65
Location Level 3
Spells Medium Fire



  • Come here, little manling. I won't hurt you. I just want to tell you a... secret.
  • What are you? And what are you doing here. Come closer, so I can talk to you.
  • Hmm. Welcome. I am very happy to see you. I have a present for you.
Player Response Result
Report, you fool. What are you doing here? And who do you serve? Reply 1
You're just the person I wanted to see. I was supposed to give you this.... Now, what did I do with that package. Wait a second while I look in my bag.... END MONSTERWAIT_30
[&PCFemale] Don't be tedious. I'm here searching for Josian Kaid. I've taken the form of a manling to trick him. Now go about your business as if you never saw me. Reply 2
[&PCMale] Don't be tedious. I'm here searching for Vatasha Trenelle. I've taken the form of a manling to trick her. Now go about your business as if you never saw me. Reply 2
Among my kind I am accounted a great warrior and master of spellcraft. Come. Let us parlay first, take one another's measure in words, and then, if we must fight, let us fight with dignity and honor. Reply 3

Greeting 2[edit]

Well. It IS you, manling. I hear you are quite the little fireball. They say for us to capture you alive. I tend to get excited in a fight, so please remind me about the ALIVE part if I seem to get too excited.

Player Response Result
Look. Are you SURE you're supposed to capture me alive? That's not what I heard. Who told you that? Reply 8
I make it a policy not to beat up on poor, helpless idiots. Do you qualify? END &MorphMad
[&WearAmuletH] OR [&WearAmuletO] OR [&WearAmuletU] Look here, you pea-brained lummox. I got this amulet. That means I am NOT a manling. I am a very-well respected daedra, and you are going to get in a LOT of trouble if you so much as breathe on me. Reply 4


  • [[It doesn't seem to be in a mood to chat.]] &MorphNoTalk
  • [[Apparently it has nothing to say at this time.]] &MorphNoTalk
  • [[It doesn't say a word or respond in any way.]] &MorphNoTalk

Greeting 3 [&MorphMad][edit]

Oh. You come back for some more, huh? You LIKE me a lot, huh? Yuk, yuk, yuk. Well, you come here and I put a pretty little kiss on you.

Player Response Result
You may be two of the most repulsive things I've ever seen. The only thing you are going to be kissing, my fat friend, is the end I sit on. END MONSTERATTACK &MorphMad
Hah, hah, hah! You slay me! Hah-hah-hah. I can't stand it. You are one funny hunk of blubber. Hah-hah-hah. Hah-hah-hah. Wait a minute. Have you heard the one about the dragon and the coach seat? Lemme tell you. It's a doozy.... END MONSTERWAIT_30

Reply 1[edit]

Grr. You want to talk to me, you show some respect. Or maybe I'll pound you.

Player Response Result
You have to earn my respect, mallethead. END MONSTERATTACK &MorphMad
Sorry. I'm a little irritable. It may have something to do with all the dead things shambling about. Okay. Where I come from, warriors have a little chat before a fight, get to know each other. Then, if you want, we can beat the brains out of each other. Reply 3

Reply 2[edit]

I have to make sure you aren't the manling. So I'm going to beat on you a little. So if you really are a daedra, you can show me while I'm pounding on you.

Player Response Result
Come on. I'm a DAEDRA. Anybody can see that. No manling could wade his way through an army of daedra and show up here, fresh as a daisy. END MONSTERATTACK &MorphNoTalk
Okay, okay. Just a little joke. Sure. I'm the manling. Can't blame me for trying. You're so big and tough, I don't have a chance in a fair fight. So. Might as well have a little chat first. Right? Reply 3

Reply 3[edit]

Okay. We talk a little. Then I have to pound on you. And catch you. Alive. Can't forget the alive part. So. What you want to talk about?

Player Response Result
Who is your boss, and what are you doing here? Reply 5
I just came from the Battlespire. Nice work. How did it go? Those Battlemages are supposed to be real tough. Reply 6
Where are you supposed to take me after you capture me? Alive. Remember. Reply 7

Reply 4[edit]

Hah. You think I fall for that old trick? You wear amulet? That don't mean NOTHING. Except you hurt one of my good friends. And that just makes me mad.

Player Response Result
Alive. Capture. Remember? END &MorphMad

Reply 5[edit]

Xivilai Moath. He's my boss and he's very important. Mehrunes Dagon likes my boss a lot, because he's so smart and tough. He sent me here to guard this place and look for the manling. He wants the manling. Alive, he said. Okay. We talked. Now we wrestle.

Player Response Result
No. You should talk. Makes you feel better. Good exercise for the mind. END MONSTERATTACK &MorphNoTalk
Sure. I love wrestling. END MONSTERATTACK &MorphNoTalk

Reply 6[edit]

Battlespire was a cinch. Traitor opens a gate, we go in, mop things up. Catch Battlemages and guards asleep. Some are pretty tough for manlings, but just a couple. Hundreds of us. Bang, bang bang. Job's done. So rest of troops head home, leave Scamps and Vermai to clean up. Okay. Nice talk. Fun. Now we wrestle.

Player Response Result
No. You should talk. Lovely voice. I could listen to you for hours. END MONSTERATTACK &MorphNoTalk
Sure. I love wrestling. END MONSTERATTACK &MorphNoTalk

Reply 7[edit]

Oh. When I capture you, I wait here a while, and someone opens a gate. I don't know how to open gates. So then we take the gate to Shade Perilous, then we take another gate to the Chimera and then home to the Wellhead. Okay. We talk enough? Now we wrestle?

Player Response Result
No. Wait. I haven't had a chance to talk yet. It's my turn, isn't it? END MONSTERATTACK &MorphNoTalk
Sure. Let's wrestle. END MONSTERATTACK &MorphNoTalk

Reply 8[edit]

Capture the manling. Alive. That's what Xivilai Moath said. Capture ALL the manlings alive. So they talk. Just like the three Battlemages. They talked and talked and talked about all sorts of things. Xivilai Moath MAKES them talk. They were HAPPY to talk. Tell lots of secrets. Xivilai Moath MAKE you talk, too, you bet. Tell all your secrets. So. Now it's pounding time. Ready?

Player Response Result
Sure. I'm ready. But don't forget. Capture. Alive. Very important. Wouldn't want to upset your boss. END MONSTERATTACK &MorphNoTalk