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(lore page)
Home City Mournhold
Location Mournhold Outlaws Refuge
Store Creeper's Trading Post
Species Scamp
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Outlaws Refuge Merchant

Creeper is a scamp merchant who runs Creeper's Trading Post in the Mournhold Outlaws Refuge.


He is incapable of speech, but will perform several actions when spoken to:

"<The creature narrows its eyes. As it notices your belt pouch, it seems to relax.>"
"<The creature mutters unintelligibly beneath its breath. It sniffs the air, then snorts.>"
"<The creature eyes you warily. A thin line of drool forms at the corner of its mouth.>"
"<The creature flicks its tongue rapidly along the back of its teeth. It rubs its forefinger against its thumb.>"


  • Creeper was probably summoned by Zagrugh; his dead body can be found in the Refuge as well. Near his body there is a journal in which he describes his plans to summon a scamp in order to help him with running the shop. Clearly it did not end well, and the creature took his place instead.