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A Winged Twilight (ESO)

Winged Twilights are a type of semi-intelligent winged Daedra with claw-like limbs, black horns, bluish-purple skin, glowing blue eyes, and spiked tails. They are known to operate as messengers of Azura.[1] In appearance they have a beautiful feminine form similar to that of Harpies with bat-like wings, though the feminine aspects of the winged twilights are more "ravishing", and their long, sharp, hooked tails are immeasurably more deadly.[1] When working together, they follow a matriarch.[2][3]

Winged twilights are resistant to fire, frost, poison, and shock and can reflect spells.[4] In combat they fight using their wings, tails, and a scream ability that hinders those who hear it.[3] Some twilights become infatuated with mortal men and abduct them, keeping them hostage until they return their affections.[2][5][6] Their personalities have been viewed as lascivious,[7] insistent,[8] sarcastic, rude,[9] and unruly.[10] Void Salts, ichor, and membranes are reagents that can be collected from their corporeal remains.[4][11] Ichor extracted from a winged twilight smells similar to eucalyptus or mint and can be used to brew potions of levitation.[12] Twilights summoned as familiars by mortals can aid them by functioning as healers.[3]

Though typically found in service to Azura, they also appear in the service of other Daedric Princes such as Mehrunes Dagon,[13] Molag Bal,[13] Nocturnal,[14] and Vaermina.[15] To the misfortune of some mortals they have been known to ensorcell and deceive them, sometimes under the guise of serving a more trustworthy Prince,[16] resulting in their deaths or imprisonment.[10][15] Molag Grunda is a winged twilight referred to as the daughter of Molag Bal.[17][9]



  • Early concepts for Morrowind suggested that they were initially going to be "Winged Seducers", playing off the winged Daedra Seducers encountered in Daggerfall, but were later altered into a different more bestial type of Daedra and seducers later became equated with the Mazken.

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