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An Auroran is an idealized humanoid Daedra in the service of Meridia, these beings wield powerful axes infused with lightning. They are resistant to both magic and lightning, and use some shock-based magic. Their armor usually appears golden in tone, but since they come from the Colored Rooms, Aurorans can be of any hue.[1][2] When an Auroran knight manifests on Tamriel, they can summon Daedric warhorses from the Colored Rooms of various hues,[3] made out of pure light.[4] Aurorans choose their allegiances very carefully,[5] and when the White-Gold Tower was stormed during the Alessian Slave Rebellion, the Ayleids made a pact with the Aurorans and summoned them, appointing the golden-hued "half-Elf" Umaril the Unfeathered as their champion.[6]



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