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A Daedroth

Daedroths are crocodile-headed bipedal Daedra, associated with Molag Bal[1] and other princes such as Mehrunes Dagon.[2] They are a strong, hulking,[3] reptilian type of Daedra with animalistic tendencies, but still a dangerous foe with powerful clawed arms and moderate magical ability. Though some have been known to use weapons and wear simple armor, most attack with bare claws. Some are man-sized and spit poison or shock magic, while others tend to be larger and belch firebolts instead. These larger Daedroths initiate battle by shaking themselves, invoking a protective shield. Sacs and teeth from daedroths are used in alchemy.

Linguists will point out that "Daedroth" is also the proper singular form of "Daedra", but for these creatures the common usage is Daedroth (singular) and Daedroths (plural), with Daedra (both singular and plural) being used as the generic term. The more proper, specific name for them is "Daedralings". The term "Lesser Daedra" is sometimes used (again, both singular and plural), though this appellation technically refers to Daedra of all types beneath the Daedric Princes.


  • Early Daedroth concept art reveals that they were initially based on the Egyptian god Sobek.
  • The Fire Daemons from Arena seem to have been the original design for Daedroths, as their subsequent appearance in Daggerfall retained many similar traits such as high intelligence, reptilian form, cleaving weapons, and fiery breath.

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