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A Daedra Lord (Battlespire)
A Daedra Lord (Daggerfall)

A Daedra Lord is a greater Daedric being who maintains great power and hierarchy over Oblivion matched only by the Demiprinces,[1] and exceeded only by the Daedric Princes.[UOL 1] The powers of the Daedra Lords are varied in scope, with some embodying their own individual spheres, and others being servants of the Daedric Princes who help maintain sub-spheres.[UOL 1] Some of the more powerful Lords also rule over their own realms and demi-planes.[1]

Daedra Lords are one of the most powerful Daedra to be commonly seen in Tamriel, and are to be feared by all but the most experienced adventurers. They are known to be powerful fighters and spell casters, and can only be harmed by mithril or better weapons.[2]

Known Daedra Lords[edit]

  • The Crow Mother, Nocturnal's "Nether-Niece" that has taken the form of a Hagraven, who rules over the Crow's Wood pocket realm.[3][4]
  • Hollowjack, a Pumpkin Spectre, is the Daedra Lord of mortal fears who rules over the demi-plane Detritus.[1]
  • Bad Man is a minor Daedric Lord of Bad Man's Hallows, a pocket realm centered around a tree that channels dark energy.[5] He is a Dremora Lord masquerading as the Breton God Sheor, who is the real Bad Man.[5][6]
  • Imago Storm is the leader of the Dremora Clan and served under Mehrunes Dagon for a time.[7]
  • Faydra Shardai is the leader of the Shardai Clan and served under Mehrunes Dagon for a time,[7] who considers her his adoptive daughter.[8]
  • Sumeer Jabran was a Daedra Lord who served under both Mehrunes Dagon and Molag Bal for a time.[7][9]
  • Xivilai Moath is the leader of the Xivilai's Clan who served under both Mehrunes Dagon and Molag Bal for a time.[7][10] Mehrunes Dagon considers him his adoptive son.[8]
  • The Daedric Lord of Fishing is a scarcely known Daedra Lord, save that they are a servant of Hircine, and have a distinctive aroma.[UOL 1]
  • Menthyx is a powerful Daedra Lord who was defeated by the Dremora Xynaa and the Ambition Sombren. After his defeat, his essence was bound and he was imprisoned in a dungeon in the Deadlands known as the Spidernest. The Vestige and Sombren used the skull of Menthyx to recharge his power which undid the curse Xynaa placed upon him, allowing him to reform.[11]


  • The term "Daedric Lord" is a phrase with connotations of "nobility", denoting the Daedroth in question as a power of importance. However, the usage of this term may lead some to conflate the Princes with Daedra Lords,[12][13][14] which are a separate kind of Daedra.[15] All Daedric Princes are Daedric Lords, but not all Daedra Lords are Daedric Princes.
    • Demiprinces are also called Daedra Lords,[16] but like Daedric Princes, All Demiprinces are Daedric Lords, not all Daedra Lords are Demiprinces.

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