Daggerfall:Daedra Lord

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Daedra Lord
DF-creature-Daedra Lord.gif
Level: 20
HP: 35-210
AC: -10
Damage: 15-50
Spell Points: 300
Strength: 150 Intelligence: 110
Willpower: 70 Agility: 100
Endurance: 95 Personality: 90
Speed: 120 Luck: 50

With weapons and magic at their disposal, Daedra Lords are powerful and dangerous opponents. Like all daedra, they are able to detect camouflaged or invisible foes and can only be hit by weapons of mithril quality or higher.



Fighting Strategies[edit]

One of the most dangerous foes in the game, the Daedra Lord possesses formidable fighting abilities in close combat. When fighting a Daedra Lord, close in quickly to prevent him from using magic too frequently, and backpedal after striking to avoid his attacks. Spell Reflection, Spell Resistance, or Spell Absorption is a must, especially when fighting at distance as he will use his area effect Fireball spell. A Daedra Lord will sometimes use this spell too close, resulting in his own harm or destruction from its blast.

The Daedric language skill can sometimes render an enemy non-hostile.


  • Daedra Lords appear again in Battlespire, though with a much different appearance. However, the Dremora that appear in the game use the same sound effect as and use a similar graphic to the Daedra Lord. Thus, Daedra Lords can be considered to essentially be Dremora.