Daggerfall:Orc Shaman

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Orc Shaman
DF-creature-Orc Shaman.gif
Level: 13
HP: 18-74
AC: 7
Damage: 2-20 or by Weapon
Spell Points: 230
Strength: 90 Intelligence: 70
Willpower: 80 Agility: 50
Endurance: 75 Personality: 50
Speed: 50 Luck: 50

Orc Shamans are the spellcasters of Orsinium. They attack with powerful destruction spells, and make frequent use of their Invisibility spells in combat. Orc Shamans can be hit by weapons of any material.


  • None


Fighting Strategies[edit]

Use ranged attacks to avoid the damaging spell effects encountered in melee. The use of Spell Reflection, Spell Resistance, or Spell Absorption is advised. The Orcish language skill can sometimes render an enemy non-hostile.


  • Orc Shamans appear in the first and second demos.