Daggerfall:Iron Atronach

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Iron Atronach
DF-creature-Iron Atronach.gif
Level: 16
HP: 25-130
AC: 6
Damage: 5-15
Spell Points: 0
Strength: 140 Intelligence: 78
Willpower: 80 Agility: 90
Endurance: 95 Personality: 100
Speed: 55 Luck: 50

Iron Atronachs are powerful metal golems that possess an electricity-based damage aura. They can be hit by weapons of any material.



  • None

Fighting Strategies[edit]

Some people never experience the damage auras of atronachs[verification needed — needs confirmation], so melee attacks are recommended. Lower level characters who wish to avoid melee may use poison-based spells.


  • Iron Atronachs should not be confused with constructs such as the Dwemer Centurions in Redguard, Morrowind, and Skyrim, nor with Sotha Sil's Fabricants from Tribunal. While some may be artificially created[1], others may be Daedric beings, such as those seen in ESO.[2]


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