Daggerfall:Orc Sergeant

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Orc Sergeant
DF-creature-Orc Sergeant.gif
Level: 7
HP: 15-50
AC: 5
Damage: 5-15 or by Weapon
Spell Points: 0
Strength: 90 Intelligence: 50
Willpower: 80 Agility: 50
Endurance: 75 Personality: 50
Speed: 50 Luck: 50

Orc Sergeants are Orcish fighters, but are more powerful and well-equipped than normal orcs. Orc Sergeants can be distinguished from their lesser brethren by their double-bladed axes, boots, and heavier armor. They can be hit by weapons of any material.


  • None


  • None

Fighting Strategies[edit]

Melee attacks. The Orcish language skill can sometimes render an enemy non-hostile.


  • Orc Sergeants appear in the first and second demos.