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Level: 19
HP: 28-154
AC: -2
Damage: 20-50
Spell Points: 290
Strength: 100 Intelligence: 90
Willpower: 80 Agility: 100
Endurance: 95 Personality: 100
Speed: 100 Luck: 50

Cruel, cunning, and immortal predators, vampires hunt the night, sometimes singly, sometimes in packs. Their powers and strength are certainly the stuff of legends, as is their ability to pass the curse of undeath onto unwitting victims. Vampires are able to detect camouflaged or invisible foes and can be hit by weapons of silver quality or higher.



Fighting Strategies[edit]

Spell Reflection, Spell Resistance, or Spell Absorption are recommended when fighting a vampire. Use ranged weapons if you want to avoid the chance of contracting a disease or vampirism. It is best to avoid direct melee attacks at lower levels.