Daggerfall:Ancient Lich

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Ancient Lich
DF-creature-Ancient Lich.gif
Level: 21
HP: 30-170
AC: -12
Damage: 70-100
Spell Points: 310
Strength: 110 Intelligence: 200
Willpower: 95 Agility: 90
Endurance: 95 Personality: 50
Speed: 100 Luck: 50

Ancient Liches are undead beings of immense power; stronger, smarter, faster, and tougher to destroy than their lesser brethren. They are one of the most dangerous monsters any adventurer will ever face, though this danger is mitigated by their tendency to blow themselves up with their own spells (albeit less frequently than ordinary liches). Ancient Liches can be hit by weapons of mithril quality or higher.


  • None


Fighting Strategies[edit]

Due to the extreme danger of the Ancient Lich's spellcasting abilities, the use of Spell Reflection, Spell Resistance, or Spell Absorption is a definite must when fighting one.

Your safest bets are to attack with ranged weapons or have plenty of healing potions and spells on hand. Ancient Liches will sometimes use area affect damage spells at too close a range and harm or even destroy themselves.

Unlike a normal lich, an Ancient Lich cannot detect camouflaged or invisible foes, so use these spells to your advantage.


  • At level 21, the Ancient Lich is the highest-leveled non-humanoid enemy in Daggerfall, and also the creature with the lowest Armor Rating.
  • Ancient Liches appear in the first and second demos.