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Xivilai Moath
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Xivilai Moath
Race Daedra Lord (Xivilai) Gender Male
Appears in Battlespire, ESO

Xivilai Moath (or simply Moath) is a Xivilai Daedra Lord, and the leader of Xivilai's Clan that is in the service of Clan Dagon. He along with Faydra Shardai are Mehrunes Dagon's adoptive children.[1] Faydra and Imago Storm are his oathkin. His incantory neonymic was once Wegerohseh-chehkohieu.[2]

The Constrictions of Moath are named after him, which is a procedure known to some Xivilai where a subject is crushed by a conjured hand. Mortals may die from the experience, but those that survive report feeling a relieved body.[3]


Circa 2E 582, as part of the machinations of Septima Tharn, the Bangkorai Garrison was targeted as a point of interest to aid in Seventh Legion's annexation of the region. The regiment managed to open a Dark Anchor into Molag Bal's realm of Coldharbour above the garrison for Daedric reinforcements. Moath appeared to lead the invasion; however, he was swiftly banished by the combined might of the Lion Guard and the Knights of Saint Pelin, and the Anchor was destroyed.[4][nb 1]

After his father's numerous failed attempts at invading the Battlespire in the past,[5] Moath took it upon himself to engineer Jagar Tharn's involvement in the Spire's fall.[6] Indeed, Mehrunes Dagon and his forces were free to invade this war college thanks to the resulting bargain,[7] and in exchange they were to slay the five mighty battlemage administers who governed it. Jagar hoped this would free him from the competition for his position as Imperial Battlemage of Tamriel, as these administers were traditionally selected for it.[8]

Moath's clan served alongside the Shardai and Dremora Clan during the occupation of the Battlespire. At this time, the Morphoid Daedra and the Frost Daedra were retainers of Xivilai's Clan.[9][10] On the orders of Faydra Shardai, the Frost Daedra helped to invade the Shade Perilous along with their hated enemies, the Fire Daedra. To prevent infighting, Moath made a pact with Faydra, forcing them to work together.[11][10] This relationship did not hold, as an apprentice from the Battlespire, following the retreating Daedric armies, brought the Elemental Daedra into conflict over control of the realm.[12]

Moath's Clan was blamed for failing to stop the liberation of Shade Perilous, leaving Faydra's Clan with a higher status,[10] at least momentarily. After escaping the Shade Perilous, the apprentice made it into the Chimera of Desolation, where they thrust into the middle of a ritualistic hunt known as the Ritual of the Innocent Quarry. Here, Faydra's forces took the forefront of attempting to slay the hero (with Moath's forces providing additional support), though this attempt failed despite Faydra's Hernes cheating, which gave the apprentice the opportunity to add both the Armor of the Savior's Hide and the Spear of Bitter Mercy artifacts to their arsenal to use against Dagon's forces.[13]

The apprentice subsequently traveled to the Havoc Wellhead, a provincial governmental center housing Moath and other Dagonic lieutenants. The increasing rivalry between Faydra and Moath displeased Grand Vizier Imago Storm of the Dremora Clan. Indeed, Imago saw this sibling conflict as a cause for disaster, such as Moath instigating the conquest of the Battlespire[6] which may attract the attention of the other Daedric Princes (Nocturnal in particular),[14] and Faydra's failure to mend the situation.[13] As a result, Imago made ​a deal with the Battlespire apprentice in an attempt to restore order to Clan Dagon.[15] Xivilai Moath was tricked into aiding the apprentice and brought his clan into open conflict with Shardai Clan, and Faydra was banished using her neonymic. It is unknown if Moath himself was banished with his neonymic, or if he was coersed into granting the apprentice safe passage into through the Havoc Wellhead.[16]



  • ^  Moath's relationship to Molag Bal is vague, though there is precedence for Dagon's reputable troops being hired out to other Daedric Princes to accomplish infeasible missions.[17]
  • Xivilai Moath's first name was later adopted as the species name of the daedra known as the Xivilai in their introduction in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. In his subsequent appearance in The Elder Scrolls Online, he is simply known as Moath.

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