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A Spiderkith (ESO)
"Kissed by spider, Spiderkith, Daedric legend, tale, and myth!"
Folktale rhyme[1]

Spiderkith are intelligent humanoid Daedra that serve Mephala.[2][3] They have webbed skin that appears almost desiccated. Their veins glow dull red beneath their skin.[4] Their skin can range in color from navy[5] to red.[1][6] Red-skinned spiderkith have glowing red eyes,[6] while darker spiderkith have dull, empty grey eyes.[5] Few known spiderkith have skin that is black like charcoal.[7] Some spiderkith have hair white and grey in color, but many do not.[8]

They are capable of speech,[2] and wield weapons and magic in combat as many other humanoid daedra do.[9] The spiderkith can be seen commanding Daedra of lesser intelligence in the Spiral Skein.[10] They can weave webs, and are known to raise spiders or skein spiders.[2] They treat their arachnids as a mortal might treat pets, livestock or children, and oft refer to their spider charges as their brood.[2] They are known to feed on mortal flesh.[2] Apart from raising spiders, capable spiderkith mages can also summon them from the Spiral Skein.[11] All spiderkith can project poison at their prey with a technique known as the Spiderkith Kiss.[12]

The spiderkith are cruel and observant. Unfortunate mortals may find themselves suffering a slow, painful death within a spiderkith's web.[2] Their sense of smell and touch is often more than enough to sense a mortal's presence. They can rely upon keen senses to detect the slightest movement, the smell of sweat and blood, or the feeling of one's body heat to know that prey is nearby.[2]


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