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Sabertooth Tiger[edit]

A sabertooth tiger

A dangerous animal commonly found around the Iliac Bay. It attacks with its very long incisors and front paws.[1] Nobility sometimes train them as house pets.[2]

Found in:

Sabre Cat[edit]

A sabre cat

Sabre Cats are large, powerful, and fast cats that have evolved two dangerously sharp front teeth. They are very dangerous and will attack wildlife and people without hesitation, often ignoring the former in favor of the latter. They're found in the wilds of Skyrim. Khajiit legend states that the sabre cats were once the Rhojiit, Khajiit warriors who fought for Alkosh at the Battle of Red Mountain. Snowy sabre cats are found in the frosty high elevations of Skyrim, and vale sabre cats can be seen in the Forgotten Vale.

Found in:


A salamander

Salamanders are amphibians found in tropical regions such as Summerset, Murkmire and Southern Elsweyr. They can vary in size from very small to extremly large.

Found in:

Sand Kwoom[edit]

Sand Kwoom are a species native to Morrowind. They are only very rarely found outside of their home province, due to them requiring a large supply of kresh-weed to stay alive.[UOL 1]

Found in:


A Sandroach

A desert dwelling arthropod that lives in Craglorn and northern Elsweyr.[3]

Found in:


Satyrs inhabited the forests of Valenwood prior to the arrival of the Aldmer to the province.[4]

Found in:


A scalon

Scalons (or Scalon) are large aquatic humanoids native to the Shivering Isles. Naturally, they are commonly found near water, occasionally leaping from the water and attacking. They can also become invisible.


A scamp

Scamps are one of the lesser sentient Daedra of Oblivion, who often enter into the mortal world to cause mischief and carry out errands for their Princes. They are weak, rather dull (described as semi-intelligent), and cowardly, and are easily defeated except in large numbers. For the greater Daedra, scamps are useful minions, as their nimble hands can carry and manipulate objects, and they are just tricky enough to be cunning opponents in combat. They are most commonly associated with Mehrunes Dagon, though they also serve Molag Bal, Sheogorath, and Sanguine.

Many varieties of scamps exist, including the weaker Stunted Scamps and fiery Magma Scamps of Mehrunes Dagon, the Stonefire, Mind-Shriven, Trove, and Cunning Scamps of Molag Bal, and familiars summoned by mortals. The Undaunted also trained scamps to wear packs to carry their valuables.

Scarecrow Spectre[edit]

A Scarecrow Spectre

Scarecrow Spectres are scarecrows animated by a ghost. They are created by hedge wizards during the Witches Festival, a holiday that takes place on the 13th of Frostfall each year. The dark magic involved in their creation is thought to be related to the spells that transform spriggans into lurchers.

Found in:


A scorion

Scorions are large "Deadlands-touched" arachnid-like Daedra whose sole purpose seems to be collecting and transferring magical energy. They are rarely seen and were once used by the Order of the Waking Flame to collect residual torture energy for the construction of the Antecedent Cataclyst in the Dread Cellar.

Found in:


A scorpion

Common scorpions can be found in the desert. They have venomous stingers. See also: Giant Scorpion.

Found in:


A scrib

Scribs, also known as squibs or kwama scribs, are the larval form of the Kwama. They are not very aggressive, but can paralyze attackers. Pupal scribs are sometimes roasted over an open fire by Dunmer.[5] Scribs are traditionally impaled to wooden plates and eaten alive.[6]

Found in:


A scuttler

The scuttler is a bipedal reptile roughly the size of a housecat. They eat insects and groundworms. Scuttlers are not related to the guar or alit, as they have completely different reproductive systems. Oddly, they are more similar to cliff racers. They are often kept as pets throughout Tamriel.[7]

Found in:


Sea-drakes are ocean-dwelling beasts. They live in the deep waters off Lilmoth, in the Oliis Bay. Their presence makes swimming in said waters a dangerous endeavor.[8]:49:50 They are extraordinarily large. Staring at them beneath the waves from above the water, their general shape is described as being like a crocodile, but with paddles instead of legs.[8]:51

Found in: Lore

Sea Giant[edit]

A Sea Giant

Sea Giants are a species of giant with silvery blue skin that is rarely seen on Tamriel. They're perceived as smarter and more malicious than Giants that dwell on land. Sea Giants are rare enough to be creatures of legend, and have appeared in Nord maritime tales dating back to the First Era. Little is known about their culture and behavior. They are capable of speech, and have been witnessed speaking their own language as well as common dialects such as Tamrielic. Sailors have claimed to witness Sea Giant vessels in the frozen wastes of the Sea of Ghosts. These ships are the size of islands, and are armed with jagged spears. However, these accounts are considered to be widely exaggerated. They allegedly only make landfall during the coldest winters, and never stay for long. They slaughter and pillage, then vanish in the ice and fog.

Found in: ESO

Sea Serpent[edit]

A Sea Serpent

Sea Serpents are large sea monsters native to Pyandonea, capable of standing 64 feet above the water. They are tamed and ridden (or occasionally summoned) by the Maormer for use as steeds and warbeasts to support their navy, which is only possible because of the powerful snake magic of their king, Orgnum. Maormer often use serpent iconography in their weapons, armor, banners, and most notably their totems. Maormer ships are decorated with sea serpent designs and are capable of passing through the thick kelp around Pyandonea, which serves as a well-camouflaged home for the sea serpents that are Orgnum's guards and occasional mounts. Their hide and teeth are also used by Maormer to craft their gear.

Found in:


A Seagull

A bird found along Tamriel's coasts. Their feathers are used in pillows and quills.[9]


A seducer

A daedra associated with Nocturnal, often depicted as a scantily clad woman. See also: Daedra Seducer, Dark Seducer

Found in:


A seeker

Seekers are grotesque, tentacled daedra. They are servants of Hermaeus Mora, usually guarding tomes of forbidden knowledge, and are masters of illusion who use invisibility and decoy mirror images as distractions while they sap their target's strength. Seekers have the power to banish prey with sound attacks. They are rarely seen outside the Apocrypha.

Found in:


A Senche-Leopard, a type of Senche-Cat

Senche-Cats, also known as Senches, are large, quadrupedal felines most often associated with Elsweyr and Valenwood, but can also be found in other provinces thanks to breeding. During the Dawn Era, senche-cats and other creatures of Nirn were a chaotic hybrid of plant and animal, before the god Y'ffre established their forms as we know them today. Their original monstrous forms can be seen when the Bosmer invoke the Wild Hunt.

Found in:

Sep Adder[edit]

A sep adder in Abah's Landing

Sep Adders (also known as Sep Vipers) are venomous winged snakes most commonly seen with brown scales and crimson eyes. While they are commonly seen in southern Hammerfell, particularly on the Hew's Bane peninsula, they have also been witnessed in northern Elsweyr. Despite being winged, the sep adder cannot fly but can use them to glide short distances. They have also been observed to use their wings in threat displays and to shade their heads from the sun. The diet of the sep adder is varied as they have been observed to eat both insects and fish as well as small rodents, they are constantly on the hunt and are capable of pouncing on prey from a great distance. However, they are also edible and are described as being easy to skin and cook, akin to a chicken.

Sep adders are often described as having a mean temperament and short tempers, like badgers in snake-form. However, this has not stopped people from attempting to tame these reptiles as pets. Aside from the common sep adder, there are a few known subspecies; the cobalt sep adder is rarely seen in captivity but is prized amongst the Hammerfell nobility for its rumored ability to be able to detect poison in drinks and food.. Another variety, the silver-scaled infernal sep adder, is known to inhabit the high altitudes regions of Hammerfell. Some Brassilisk fabricants from the Clockwork City are created in the form of Sep Adders.

Found in:


A Shade Brute

Shades are dark, hateful, and hungry spirits that have become trapped in the Void. They have been twisted by being in contact with Namira's energy, especially that which is emitted by the Dark Heart. Namira's energy manifests as dark corruptions known as "voidstuff", which has been used by some Reachfolk witches, empowering them and turning them to Shades known as Voidmothers (also known as Void Liches), which can consume the souls of their victims. Some Reach clans may look to dark avenues to twist and abuse these dark corruptions to gain power, which when wielded, can cause great calamities.

Found in:

Shade (Skeletal)[edit]

A corrupted shade

Shades are black, skeletal humanoid ghosts that can be created through necromancy or conjuration. A large amount of Corrupted Shades were created in 4E 201 by a powerful Necromancer who operated out of Meridia's temple on Mount Kilkreath, said Necromancer became a Shade himself after his death.[10] Corrupted Shades could also be found in Vahlok's Tomb on Solstheim. Tortured Shades are created by the defeat of an Ancient Deathpriest.

  • Variations: Corrupted Shade, Tortured Shade
Found in:


Divayth Fyr's Shadow

Shadows are the creations of the Daedric Prince Nocturnal, there are two known types of Shadows associated with her. One of the known types of shadows is created is when a victim's shadow is ripped from their body and given sentience with the use of shadow magic. Victims of this process describe feeling a chill before their shadows are separated from them and the shadow often turns on its former owner and may attempt to murder them or may even take their place. Shadows are a vital part of a person's animus and the victim is severely weakened and should they not reabsorb their shadow and instead destroy it, the victim will permanently lose some of their power. Some believe that without a shadow, a person begins to lose touch with themselves, as thoughts beyond the basic facts of life dissipate until the victim is nothing but a thrall. The most powerful beings such as those of the Psijic Order, powerful mages such as Divayth Fyr, or even gods such as Sotha Sil can have their shadows ripped out of them. They have been known to show intelligence and can even assume a person's role as seen in the second era when Sotha Sil's shadow took his place. They are observed to be colder and more arrogant than their actual counterparts. Shadows have a weakness to light sources.

The artifact Shadowrend, requires a warrior who wishes to obtain it, to defeat their own Shadow.

Shadow Atronach[edit]

A shadow atronach summoned in the shape of a senche

Shadow Atronachs are a type of elemental that, like other atronach varieties, can be summoned by a conjurer.

Found in:


A shalk

Shalks are large, occasionally aggressive beetles which attack by spitting fire. They also bite attackers with their sharp mandibles, and can pack a bit more power into the maneuver by producing flames as they bite. Despite the danger, they are herded by the Dunmer of Deshaan for their prized meat, resin, and carapaces. They are native to mainland Morrowind near the base of Ash Mountain, as well as Vvardenfell. They tend to congregate near lava.

Found in:


A shambles

The Shambles appear to be some sort of undead construct made of bone and lashed together with wire or bits of cloth, often haphazardly. They detonate a magical ice bomb on death.


Shearteeth are a type of fish found in the Sump on Umbriel. They are described as having a "maw full of teeth". They can reach at least fifteen feet long and have long whip-like tails, dual swimming fins on the underside, teeth that "would shame a shark", and a tough hide. They are usually non-aggressive to Skraws but will attack if the sump considers someone an intruder.


A sheep

Sheep are domestic livestock found on farms and sheepfolds. They are very docile and produce wool. Male sheep are called rams, and have horns. People who farm sheep are called shepherds. Sheep are easy prey for bears and other predators. Occasionally, shepherds need to take precautions to protect their flock. Shepherds are known for making cheese out of sheep's milk. Sheep cheese is described as having a sharp, startling odor. They can also be raised for mutton.

Their wool can be used to make a variety of products, including blankets, carpets, flags, and clothes. Wool is an insulator, making it an excellent material for products that allow citizens to handle hot food and utensils. It is also soft, making it excellent for filling soft pillows. The Bosmer use wool in their clothing, as this is in compliance with the Green Pact. Harpy down can be spun with fine wool to make a sturdy material for mages' robes.

During an annual competition in Windhelm, horse-sized rams from the Yorgrim River are ridden by contestants up and then down a mountain at top speeds, bareback and without falling off. The rams bred for this purpose are massive, and often toss riders off their backs purposefully during the competition. Many believe that the rams choose their riders because of this.

In 3E 433, a group of pirates ran a sheep smuggling operation out of Leyawiin before being forced to relocate to Anvil.

Found in:


A shellbug

A rare giant insect found underground in the Forgotten Vale of Skyrim. They are bred by the Falmer for their hard coatings.[11]

Shellbug chitin is very hard, making it ideal for use in crafting armor. Harvesting the chitin requires the use of a pickaxe, with repeated mining of the shell causing its death.

Found in:

Shroom Beetle[edit]

A shroom beetle

Large fungus-encrusted insectoid creatures that can be found on the island of Vvardenfell and in Murkmire. Various varieties exist and among them are what seems to be the most common type of shroom beetle, the Ruby Shroom Shalk, a red shroom beetle and a popular house pet on the Telvanni Coast.[12] The Blue-Cap Shroom Shalk, a blue shroom beetle and it is said to bring calm and serenity to the Dunmeri home.[13] The Gold-Cap Shroom Shalk, a yellow shroom beetle and preferred by bankers for symbolic reasons.[14] Some historians theorize that Shroom Beetles may have originated from Black Marsh as a result of the Dark Elves raiding Black Marsh for thousands of years in an effort to bring back things they deemed valuable, such as slave labor, livestock, and critters.[15]

Found in:

Siege Crawler[edit]

Siege Crawler

The Siege Crawler was an enormous, Daedric construct capable of overtaking or leveling entire cities.[16][17] In 3E 433 it took part in the destruction of the city of Kvatch, it was later going to be unleashed through a Great Oblivion Gate outside of the city of Bruma, but the gate was closed by the Champion of Cyrodiil.[18] Inferniums were the living inspiration for the incredible Crawlers.[19]

Found in:

Silt Hopper[edit]

Silt Hopper

Giant arthropods that are smaller than silt striders, or are possibly just the young of said creature. Used as a means of transport in Morrowind by the Ashlanders.

Found in:

Silt Strider[edit]

A silt strider

Silt Striders are giant arthropods, which can be up to 60 feet tall. Used as a means of transport in Vvardenfell by manipulating exposed organs and tissues. Silt Striders are a resilient species whose tough carapace helps them survive the adverse environment of the island. Silt Striders survived the Ash Blight that exterminated many of Vvardenfell's native creatures, such as the Cliff Strider. Their numbers would however dwindle due to the coming of the Red Year, when the eruption of the Red Mountain killed most of them and destroyed their native habitat.

Found in:


A Skaafin masquer

Skaafin are a race of Daedra found in the Fields of Regret that serve Clavicus Vile. In appearance, they have yellow skin, red eyes, long black horns on their head, with blonde, brown, or bald haircuts. Physiologically, they resemble Altmer and Dunmer, having pointed ears and similar facial structure, though they come in varying sizes between three to six feet tall. The Skaafin appear to have some form of a caste system; the taller Skaafin have more sophisticated weapons and stronger armor, often serving as leaders. Skaafin smaller in stature are more feral, having a primitive vocabulary and fight using little more than their hands and magic.

When manifesting on Tamriel, Skaafin are known to corporealize rapidly out of Chaotic Creatia, sprouting from the ground in orange-colored goo. Skaafin can use a variety of spells, such as projectile flares, and masquers can create "Masques", spectral clones that explode to attack their target. They are known to communicate using mirrors, showing what is on the other side of a different mirror instead of a reflection. As shapeshifters, Clavicus Vile and Barbas are known to take the form of Skaafin outside of their domain.

Found in:


A skavenger

A small rodent. Skavengers are larger than some rats, but smaller than skeevers.[20] Cats can be kept around to cull them.[21] They are a common sight in Craglorn, Summerset, Elsweyr and some parts of Vvardenfell.

Found in:


A skeever

The Skeever is a large rat-like creature that is commonly found in Skyrim, but can be found all throughout Tamriel. Unlike the common rat, the skeever is more feral and are prone to carry more diseases, such as Ataxia. But while they are known as pests, the skeever is actually one of the largest-known food sources for the entire continent. It is a popular prey for larger creatures but it is very common to find cooked skeever in a campfire. The skeever's tail is a common alchemical recipe for poisons, all the while, a charred skeever's hide provides all sorts of solutions for a potion, such as the ability to cure diseases. The skeever is the namesake of the Skeevera order, a classification for rodents in Tamriel. Other known members of this category include the common rat and the rabbit.

  • Variations: Venomfang Skeever
Found in:

Skein Beetle[edit]

A skein beetle

Skein Beetles (also known as Skein Shalks) are Daedric imitations of Nirn's beetles. They are associated with the Daedric Prince Mephala. They are said to use their pointed proboscis to drain a victim of their blood.[22]

Found in:

Skein Scorpion[edit]

A Skein scorpion

Skein Scorpions are Daedric imitations of Nirn's scorpion counterparts. They are associated with the Daedric Prince Mephala. They are the preferred companion of Deathweavers, the Knights of the Spider Cult.[23]

Found in:

Skein Spider[edit]

A Skein spider

Skein Spiders are Daedric imitations of Nirn's spider counterparts. They are associated with the Daedric Prince Mephala, often being summoned by her Spiderkith minions. They are the most common denizen of the Spiral Skein and can be fiercely loyal pets.[24]

Found in:

Skein Wasp[edit]

A Skein wasp

Skein Wasps are Daedric imitations of Nirn's wasp counterparts. They are associated with the Daedric Prince Mephala.

Found in:


A skeleton

Skeletons are a form of Undead consisting of the reanimated bones of the dead. They're often found protecting the dungeons, forts and ruins of Tamriel. Many varieties of animated skeletons exist, some stronger than others. Skeletons have a certain resistance to edged weapons and frost spells. Though the skeletons of humans and elves are generally the same, Orcs have different skulls due to the tusks on their lower jaw, and beast races such as Argonians and Khajiit have different skulls overall.

Skinned Hound[edit]

A skinned hound

Swift, agile zombified wolves stripped of flesh and fur. They are immune to poison.[25] Bonewolves and Death Hounds are similar creatures.


A skitteris

Small creatures native to the Deadlands. They resemble small Inferniums.

Found in:


Skylamps (Left)

Skylamps are flying creatures native to Morrowind, described as big gas bags with spears for feet. They are theorized to have preyed on dragons, running them out of Vvardenfell by overwhelming their territory in numbers, despite initially having been their prey.

Found in:


Slugs are slimy creatures that are common in Black Marsh. Some special types of slugs, such as the "jassa red", produce acidic mucous. These are used by Argonian weaponsmiths in an art known as "slug shaping".

Sloads are a race of beastfolk that are sometimes referred to as slug-folk.

Found in:


A snake

Standard snakes are often seen slithering in grass. Snake charmers keep them as pets, training them to dance to their music.

They can be hunted for their meat. Pukta snake covered in honey and then roasted is a simple Argonian dish.[26] River-boas are a species that live in Murkmire and mesmerize their prey. Willow vipers are excellent at remaining hidden, and are best left alone.[27]

See also: Giant Snake

Found in:

Snow Bear[edit]

A Snow Bear

A white bear with an icy bite often found on the island of Solstheim as well as in the high mountains and icy plains of Skyrim. They are sometimes used as mounts.

  • Variations: Atmoran Snow Bears
Found in:

Snow Fox[edit]

A snow fox

A small, white furred variety of Fox that can be encountered in the colder regions of Skyrim. Rabbits are one of their favorite prey. Some are kept as pets by Skyrim's inhabitants Their pelts are often sold by hunters and are considered more valuable than those of regular foxes.

Found in:

Snow Wolf[edit]

A snow wolf

A rare, powerful type of wolf which freezes its prey with ice magic. The Nords of Solstheim can use their pelts to create frost resistant armor. See also: Ice Wolf

Snowy Sabre Cat[edit]

A snowy sabre cat

Snowy Sabre Cats are large, hostile cats with sizable teeth. They are very dangerous and will attack wildlife and people without hesitation, often ignoring the former in favor of the latter. They're found in the wilds of Skyrim. Snowy Sabre Cats carry a disease called Witbane. See also: Sabre Cat, Vale Sabre Cat

Found in:

Soul Shriven[edit]

A Soul Shriven

Soul Shriven (or Soul-Shriven) are the remnants of individuals who have their souls stolen by a Daedric power.

Daedric rituals sometimes drain a mortal's soul from their body. When this happens, the body is left naught but a shriveled husk, which is referred to as soul shriven.

Found in:

Spawn Mother[edit]

A Spawn Mother

Spawn Mothers are a type of Grummite[28] of which very little is known. They possess four limbs and rows of colorful dorsal fins along their back. Spawn Mothers are truly gigantic creatures, towering high above even a Scalon. They are amphibious but appear to spend a great deal of time beneath the surface of the water, resulting in the growth of seaweed and plate corals on her body. When a Spawn Mother emerges onto dry land, it results in a feeding frenzy from seabirds.[29]

Found in:

Spectral Mud Crab[edit]

Spectral mud crab

The spirit of a Mudcrab. Known to hoard enchanted items.

Found in:


Concept Art of the Sphinx (Right)

The Sphinx is a mythical creature that has been associated with the province of Elsweyr. The nature of these creatures is unknown, as is the time period they come from. There have been two known sphinxes in history, one of which was the Sphinx of Gazia, Agamanus, who has a temple made in their honor. The other was the Sphinx of Canus, Igon.

Found in:


A spider

Spiders are multi-legged creatures that come in a myriad of sizes. Giant spiders are dangerous foes, being incredibly aggressive carnivores. They move very quickly and deal damage with their claws and fangs. Through their abdomen, spiders are able to excrete a sticky, thin substance called spider silk. With it, spiders perfect their dwellings, sealing unwanted exits/entrances and constructing a web which they can use to quickly transverse to any space within their abode. They are known to encase their victims in silken cocoons and sometimes paralyze them so that they can feed on them later.

Spiders have associations with the Daedric Prince Mephala, the god Shagrath, and her High Priestess, Selene, who some hypothesize could be connected to Mephala.

  • Variations: Albino Spider, Cave Spider, Forest Spider, Frostbite Spider, Goldenback Spider, Tenmar Mountain Spider, Web Mother

Spider Daedra[edit]

A Spider Daedra

Spider Daedra (also called Perthan)[nb 1] are semi-intelligent Daedra who appear as giant spiders with armored carapaces and humanoid torsos. They are associated with Mephala, though they can be seen serving other Princes, such as Molag Bal. Other Daedra such as Aureals may summon them to fight. Spider Daedra are capable of speech, and some are willing to engage in relatively peaceable conversation with mortals.


A Spiderkith

Spiderkith are intelligent humanoid Daedra that serve Mephala. They have webbed skin that appears almost desiccated. Their veins glow dull red beneath their skin. Their skin can range in color from navy to red. Red-skinned spiderkith have glowing red eyes, while darker spiderkith have dull, empty grey eyes. Few known spiderkith have skin that is black like charcoal. Some spiderkith have hair white and grey in color, but many do not.

Found in:


A spiderling

A lesser Daedra that can be summoned by spider daedra to paralyze opponents.

Found in:


A spriggan

Spriggans, often called Nature's Guardians, are tree spirits that take the form of female humanoids. They possess moderate intelligence, but despite being revered they are usually hostile towards travelers. Spriggans have their own unique language, which can be learned by scholars and used to calm the creatures. They are usually found protecting secluded glades and groves all over Tamriel, often blending in with the plant life and catching trespassers unaware. Spriggans attack with their long, sharp fingers as well as with their teeth, and have the ability to poison enemies. They have incredible regenerative abilities, resulting in adventurers often having to defeat them several times before they remain dead. If threatened, they can call nearby woodland animals to aid them in battle, and some even have the ability to magically summon black bears.

  • Variations: Spriggan Matron, Spriggan Earth Mother, Burnt Spriggan


A springbok

Passive deer-like creatures that can be found bounding all across Summerset.

Found in:


A squirrel

Squirrels are harmless rodents that live in trees. The preserved paw of rare red squirrels is considered to be a good luck charm by many Khajiit.[30] They are sometimes hunted for their meat.[31] The Bosmer make jagga tarts using fermented pigs' milk and squirrel preserves.[32]

Found in:

Steam Centurion[edit]

A steam centurion

Steam Centurions (also known as Dwarven Centurions or Dwarven Mechanical Giants) are heavily armored constructs with an extendable mace on one arm. They are not as common in Dwarven ruins as the lesser Dwarven automatons. The book Ruins of Kemel-Ze implies that the constructs have a weakness to frost and magic attacks, due to the water/steam that drives them, although they are highly resistant against fire, frost and shock.

Found in:

Steam Constructor[edit]

A Steam Constructor

The function of the Steam Constructor is unknown, but its name implies that it may have been used in aiding Dwemer construction projects. Its appearance is describable as a mashup of various automaton parts, including the legs of a giant Dwarven spider, the upper body of a Dwarven centerion, and various other Dwarven parts mixed in.

Found in:

Stone Atronach[edit]

A Stone Atronach

A type of Elemental Daedra consisting of four legs and a central body with one eye, all made out of stone. Pelladil Direnni of Clan Direnni summoned an army of Stone Atronachs to build the Blackrose Prison. Stone Atronachs can seemingly be summoned from a variety of sources, including crumbling ruins.[33]

Found in:

Stone Golem[edit]

A stone golem

A moderately strong Golem made out of stone.

Found in:

Storm Atronach[edit]

A storm atronach

A powerful Shock Elemental Daedra native to a pocket realm of Oblivion called Levinace. They can be summoned, and are immune to normal weapons and shock, resistant to poison and can reflect spells and damage.

Sun-Blessed Toad[edit]

A Sun-Blessed Toad

This frog is an especially rare species found in Murkmire. They are pale green in color and dappled with gold, and are rarely seen, preferring to stay in their mud pits and only emerging to mate every few seasons. As their croaks are highly prized by Argonian vossa-satl makers, they developed a way to lure them out. This involves creating an artificial Toad Musk out of stench sedge, salt rush, and joymallow and applying it to a croak-wheel which mimics the mating croak of the Sun-Blessed Toad.[34] They are also known to be quite fragile when excited.[35]

Found in:

Swamp Jelly[edit]

From left to right are the cantaloupe (amber), mint (green), blue and plum (purple) swamp jellies

Swamp Jellies are floating creatures with elastic, gelatinous bodies that are native to Black Marsh. They are described as having a disquieting resemblance to aquatic jellyfish that natural philosophers have no adequate explanation for. They tend to live solitary lives from other swamp jelly, coming only together for spawn, but are social animals. They are extremely docile in nature and make excellent travel companions for the marsh. Their diet consists of bugs.

Found in:

Swamp Leviathan[edit]

A swamp leviathan

A reptilian creature found in the Black Marsh, it is described as a mountain of spines, with nine-foot-long claws and a jaw that juts out, exposing its tusks.

Found in:


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