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Ritemaster Iachesis
(lore page)
Location Ceporah Tower
Race High Elf Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Psijic Order
Ritemaster Iachesis

Ritemaster Iachesis is the Altmer leader of the Psijic Order who can be found at the Ceporah Tower on Artaeum. He is one of the oldest and wisest mages in history, rivaling the power of even that of Sotha Sil.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Queen's Decree[edit]

"We'll find him, Val. Now go check on the pearl while I speak to our new guest."

Upon arriving to Artaeum, Ritemaster Iachesis can first be encountered beneath the Ceporah Tower:

Valsirenn: "And there was no sign of Leythen. I don't know whether to be grateful or concerned."
Ritemaster Iachesis: "We'll find him, Val. Now go check on the pearl while I speak to our new guest."

Valsirenn will leave, and you must then speak to Iachesis:

"What a rare honor Valsirenn bestowed upon you. Only a select few not of our order have ever walked upon this sacred island.
Val tells me your aid was indispensable in uncovering the false Aldarch's plot on Summerset."
We discovered that newcomers to Summerset were being murdered to power the abyssal pearls.
"Unfortunate, certainly. The magic you describe sounds familiar, though I can't quite recall where I've heard of it before.
I fear the pearls may be a harbinger of the threat Sotha Sil warned us about."
Sotha Sil? What threat? I don't understand. (this option is the same even if you have already completed the Clockwork City story)
"Sotha Sil, one of the living gods of the Dark Elf Tribunal. He's an honorary member of our order. After an attack on his Clockwork City, he warned us about a Daedric threat to Summerset and Artaeum. I sent Valsirenn to investigate."
Is there anything more I can do to help?

If you exit dialogue and speak to him again, he will say:

"Strange magic. Life-stealing pearls. Unknown sea creatures. It all relates to Sotha Sil's warning, but we still don't know what form the real threat will eventually take."
Is there anything I can do to help deal with this threat?

Regardless of what dialogue option is taken, he will say:

"Indeed, but not until we finish studying the pearl Valsirenn brought us. There are mysteries to unravel and Val believes you will be instrumental to our success.
We can get started immediately, unless you want to explore our island first."

A Pearl of Great Price[edit]

"The next step involves a thorough examination of the strange pearl you and Valsirenn recovered from beneath the Shimmerene monastery. Hopefully, we can learn more about the false Aldarch and the source of the pearl's magic."
You can use magic to get the pearl to reveal all that?
"We are the Psijic Order, friend of Valsirenn. There is very little we cannot accomplish through the application of the Old Ways.
Every object remembers its history. The trick involves selecting the correct ritual to reveal those buried memories."
Can I do anything to help?
"While I head inside to begin the augury ritual, I'd like you to go to Sotha Sil's study in the tower. Find my acolyte, Oriandra, and ask her for Sotha Sil's amplification elixir. We may need it if the pearl proves to be resistant to our magic."
I'll find Oriandra and get the amplification elixir.

In the Ceporah Tower:

"Oriandra should be in Sotha Sil's chambers, cataloging his old research and experiments. Tell her I need the amplification elixir to strengthen our augury ritual.
That should help us determine what the pearl is and where it came from."
Valsirenn called you the Ritemaster. Does that make you the leader of the Psijic Order?
"Leader implies command and a level of structure more suited to an army than an order of mystic monks. That said, I oversee the Psijic Order and our Conclave of the Eleven Forces. Someone must steer the ship, after all.
Is there something else?"
Where is this place, exactly?
"You have traveled across the mystic realms to reach the island we call Artaeum.
As an uninitiated, this may sound confusing, but the Psijic Order changes the location of its headquarters on occasion. And by that I mean we move the entire island."
So we're not in Tamriel?
"Tamriel? My friend, you left the boundaries of Nirn behind you when you stepped through that portal.
Only a select few not of our order are ever granted this honor. Luminaries such as Sotha Sil and yourself. To everyone else, Artaeum remains sealed."
Can't you use magic to summon the component you need?
"The ritual has reached a critical stage. If we stop now, we'll have to start all over again. Besides, such a trivial sue of magic is beneath members of the Psijic Order.
Find my acolyte, Oriandra. She's the only Imperial currently in the Order."
Aren't the members of the Psijic Order all High Elves?
"While the majority of our order falls under the Altmer persuasion, we sometimes invite those of other races who possess powerful magical talents to join us. Oriandra is one such individual.
Now, if you would, we really need that ritual component."
There was a prophecy about Summerset, Artaeum, and three dark princes.
"The Wyress oracle's prophecy. Yes, she informed me of her vision. That's why I agreed to Valsirenn's request to involve you in this matter.
Summerset, Artaeum, and the Daedric Princes that Sotha Sil warned us about. Coincidences, perhaps. Or …."
Or what?
"Or there's a greater threat facing us than what we have so far been made aware of.
I don't sense Daedric magic in the pearl, but there is a stronger presence that I can't quite identify. That's why I need that component form Oriandra."

After you retrieve the elixir from Oriandra:

"Was Oriandra able to direct you to the proper elixir? Without something to amplify the magic, our ritual is going to fail."
Here's the amplification elixir you requested.
"Just in time! For the next stage of the ritual, if you have no objections, I'd like you to join us. Your experiences alongside Valsirenn might help reveal what has so far eluded our efforts."
How can I help with the ritual?
"We'll handle the magic. You pour the elixir into the scrying pool and stand close. As the ritual's power amplifies, your experiences with the pearl and the false Aldarch should help the augury do its job."
And what is the augury's job exactly?
"We want to discover the origin of the pearl and its strange magic. In addition, anything we can learn about the false Aldarch and his connection to the pearl would be helpful.
Otherwise, we're stepping blindly into Oblivion's maw here."
All right, tell me what you need me to do.
"Pour the elixir into the pool. That should provide the final boost we need to trigger the augury."

After witnessing the vision of the Earls:

"That ... was unnerving. It seems the false Aldarch belonged to an alliance of Daedric cultists called the Court of Bedlam. Imagine, the faithful of Clavicus Vile, Mephala, and Nocturnal working together.
This is more serious than I anticipated."
Have you ever heard of the Court of Bedlam?
"No, but I'm hardly an expert on the Daedric cults of Tamriel. The magic I sensed in the pearl, though. It doesn't contain the taint of Oblivion. We're missing something, but what?
I suppose we'll need to find out what's going on in Rellenthil."
I can travel to Rellenthil.
"I hoped you'd say that. Rellenthil sits to the west of Shimmerene, just across the mountains. I'll send Valsirenn with you to talk to the Canonreeve.
The false Aldarch may be dead, but Mephala's and Nocturnal's agents remain as well as the pearls."
I have a few questions before I head to Rellenthil.
"I may not be a natural prognosticator, but I had a feeling you might. Go ahead. I'll answer what I can."
Do the Daedric Princes always work together?
"From what I've experienced, an alliance isn't just unusual, it's contrary to their very nature. Oh, they'll work together from time to time, but something as complex as what Sotha Sil hinted at is unheard of.
Makes me interested to learn more."
What can you tell me about Rellenthil?
"Very little, I'm afraid. The last time I passed through that area was more than three-hundred-and-fifty years ago. They made an exquisite wine, as I recall, and the House of Reveries theater troupe always put on an entertaining show."
Did you learn anything more about the pearl?
"The augury ritual extracted a vision of the false Aldarch and the Court of Bedlam, but nothing specifically about the pearl. Its magic isn't Daedric, though. How they can steal life energy and use it to summon those sea creatures remains a mystery."

Speaking to Ritemaster lachesis after returning from Rellenthil:

"Ah, friend of Valsirenn. I've been informed that you encountered a Sea Sload in a sinkhole beneath Rellenthil. That bodes ill for Summerset. Perhaps all of Nirn.
I fear there are difficult days ahead."
The Sea Sload called itself K'Tora.
"I'm familiar with that particular Sea Sload and its renegades. Call themselves the Abyssal Cabal. I thought I defeated them long ago, but it appears I was in error.
What about the pearls? Valsirenn mentioned you encountered more in the sinkhole."
K'Tora used abyssal pearls to summon yaghra to attack Rellenthil.
"Val described those seaborne monstrosities. I have a vague recollection of K'Tora utilizing such creatures in the past, but for some reason the memories refuse to snap into focus.
I suppose that's another mystery I'll need to look into."
Why would the Daedric Princes require the aid of the Sea Sloads?
"The Daedric Princes require minions to carry out their will, and the Sload have always had an interest in the green and pleasant island. It isn't hard to see why they might work together.
For now, you have my thanks for assisting Valsirenn."

Buried Memories[edit]

Once you finish speaking to Iachesis and leave his office, the following exchange occurs as the members of the Psijic Order see projections in a scrying pool:

Oriandra: "Ritemaster! The abyssal pearl. It's gone!
Ritemaster Iachesis: "Gone? How? I set the protections personally!"
Iradal: "See what the scrying pool reveals! There's something happening on the beach!"
Valsirenn: "It's the yaghra, they're invading Artaeum!"
Ritemaster Iachesis: "The pearl! Somehow it was used to summon the yaghra! We need to defend the beach!"
Valsirenn: "Wait! Is that a sword?"
Golden Knight: "That would be mine. I'm on my way to help. Eventually.
Ritemaster Iachesis: "The Golden Knight and his sword can wait. The yaghra are our primary concern."

Once they are done talking, you can go talk to Ritemaster Iachesis about what's going on.

"The Sea Sload have always been envious Artaeum and its secrets. From the beach, they can reach the ruins of College of Psijics, where we store relics and other items of arcane significance.
If the Sea Sload acquire any of those artifacts...
If the yaghra are attacking by the beach, how did the pearl get down there?
"That's a mystery after we solve after we deal with the immediate problem. We need to get down to the beach, destroy the pearl, and close the yaghra's portal.
Will you aid me in these endeavors?
I'll help you destroy the pearl.

After finishing the conversation, Ritemaster Iachesis runs to the portal to head towards the beach.

Valsirenn: "Follow the Ritemaster. I'll portal myself and meet you there."
Iradal: "My word, the vision showed us the Dawnbreaker! I'm almost positive."

Upon reaching the sealed door in the Psijic Relic Vaults, two Spiderkith will be guarding Mephala's Barrier before the Golden Knight arrives to smite it:

Ritemaster Iachesis: "Mephala's Daedra! They sealed the chamber. We'll need to go through them."
Spiderkith Venifex: "Mephala has sealed this place, mortal flea!"
Ritemaster Iachesis: "The barrier of webs. Burn it away so we can enter the rotunda.
Another Daedric intrusion?"
Golden Knight: "My apologies. Daedric interference and Artaeum's own defenses delayed my arrival.
Mephala's webs? I hate those things! Allow me.
Damn it, they found me again! I'll return when I can—"
Ritemaster Iachesis: "A champion of Meridia? At least he was helpful."

When you enter the central rotunda to find out who is behind the attack, K'Tora will appear at the pool in the middle of the room:

Ritemaster Iachesis: "K'Tora! I killed you! I remember our battle as clear as day!"
K'Tora: "You remember exactly what I want you to remember."
K'Tora: "And thanks to the Orbs of B'Raken Drel, your deepest memories will be mine!"
K'Tora: "Back, worm! This does not concern the likes of you." (He pushed you aside)
Valsirenn: "Out here, quickly! We need to hurry if we're going to help the Ritemaster!"

Viewing the second memory in K'Tora's Mindscape, you will see K'Tora and a defeated Iachesis, whom K'Tora will use the Orbs of B'Raken Drel at the end of the vision:

K'Tora: "I lured you here for one purpose, worm."
Ritemaster Iachesis: "Your Abyssal Cabal may … defeat me … but you'll never stand against … the entire Psijic Order."
K'Tora: "Once again you fail to grasp the obvious. When the time is right, you will do exactly as I command. Until then, forget …."
Ritemaster Iachesis: "No, no … arrgh!"
Valsirenn: "The Ritemaster's waking up. You need to press on!"

When you defeat Dissonance, the rest of the memory will play:

K'Tora: "Repeat my words, worm. Tell me what you must do."
Ritemaster Iachesis: "I will … enter the Crystal Tower. I will … take the Heart of Transparent Law."
K'Tora: "Yes, yes. Hide it away until I call for you to give it to me. Not even the Princes must know where it is."
Ritemaster Iachesis: "Hide … the Heart …."

When you return to Ritemaster Iachesis in Ceporah Tower:

"I owe you a debt of gratitude, friend of Valsirenn. What the two of you did to help me, that was a step beyond. Thank you."
"And it seems you accomplished what I failed to do. You ended the threat of K'Tora."
I saw K'Tora's memories, but I'm not totally clear on what happened to you.
"K'Tora tricked me in the past. Made me remember a victory I never won. Then he planted a compulsion. Forced me to steal the Heart of Transparent Law from the Crystal Tower.
Apparently I hid it and forgot about it. He sought that memory."
What's the significance of the Heart of Transparent Law?
"The Crystal Tower stands as a mystical protection for Summerset. Transparent Law, a crystal at the top of the tower, serves as its source of power.
With the Heart removed from the crystal, the protection provided by the tower slowly weakens."
So the Heart is part of a larger crystal?
"Yes, a smaller gem that had been embedded in the larger crystal. If the Daedric Princes acquire the Heart, they could take control of the Crystal Tower.
Valsirenn and Oriandra will warn Summerset while I try to remember where I hid the Heart."
Is there anything I can do to help restore your missing memories?
"You helped me remember my true encounter with K'Tora and his Abyssal Cabal. I remember how they defeated me three hundred years ago. Compelled me to do their bidding. Made me forget.
For now, I need solitude to seek the memories that still elude me."

The Tower Sentinels[edit]

Greeting before accepting quest in Ritemaster's Study:

"Perhaps the Psijic sages can help me remember where I hid the Heart of Transparent Law. At least you stopped K'Tora before the Sea Sload gained that knowledge.
In the meantime, we must warn the Sapiarchs of the threat to the Crystal Tower."
Who are the Sapiarchs?
"The Sapiarchs are Summerset's foremost scholars. They are the keepers of the Crystal Tower and the custodians of the College of Sapiarchs. Among their many responsibilities, they have trained every heir who ever sat upon Alinor's throne."
Do you need me to warn the Sapiarchs?
"I sent Valsirenn to Lillandril, where the College of Sapiarchs is located, to scout the area and see if the Court of Bedlam has made any moves against them.
I need you to travel to Alinor to secure the Proxy Queen's permission to enter the college."
I'll go to Alinor immediately.

After accepting the quest:

"My actions have weakened the Crystal Tower and endangered Summerset. I hate to think what else that foul creature forced me to do with its powerful mind magic.
Forgive my musings. I'll send word to Alinor so that the Proxy Queen knows to expect you."
Does the Proxy Queen know who you are?
"While we have never been formally introduced, the Proxy Queen is quite familiar with the reputation of the Psijic Order and its Ritemaster. She will adhere to the ancient dictates and provide the assistance we need in this matter."
So K'Tora has been controlling your actions for all these years?
"No, I doubt K'Tora's magic could reach to Artaeum once I removed it from the world. I think that's why I hid the island. A sort of preservation instinct.
If not for the abyssal pearl, K'Tora would never have been able to exert its influence again."
Where did you send Valsirenn and Oriandra?
"I sent Valsirenn to Lillandril to scout the area around the College of Sapiarchs. She'll meet you there once you get the Proxy Queen's permission.
As for Oriandra, I sent her to warn Razum-dar, the Eye of the Queen. He needs to be informed."
And who is the Proxy Queen?
"Queen Ayrenn's regent while she's away. Proxy Queen Alwinarwe oversees the governance of Summerset from the Royal Palace in Alinor.
I've never met her, but all reports indicate that she's fair if a bit set in her ways."
Tell me more about the Sapiarchs.
"The Sapiarchs are the sages of Summerset. A college of scholars and teachers showcasing the finest minds in Altmer society. Each Sapiarch is devoted to a single area of expertise, and together they maintain our age's greatest collection of knowledge."
And what do the Sapiarchs have to do with the Crystal Tower?
"The Sapiarchs serve as the curators of the Crystal Tower. A pair of Sapiarchs called the Tower Sentinels protect the two keys needed to open the way into the tower. We'll need their help eventually.
First, though, the Proxy Queen."
Why is the Crystal Tower so important?
"The Crystal Tower is a manifestation of ancient and powerful magic, as well as a symbol for the Altmer. Its presence protects Summerset. The Sea Sload used me to weaken that protection, making their invasion possible.
Beyond that, there are rumors."
What kind of rumors?
"The kind that make me wary of allowing either the Sea Sload or the Daedric Princes to possess its power.
Legends say the Crystal Tower exists in every planar realm at the same time. It literally connects every reality."

After a rather lengthy adventure, you can return to the Ritemaster on Artaeum and relay your findings:

"Thank you for returning so promptly. Before we get to other matters, tell me about your search for the tower sentinels. Valsirenn recounted the events at the College of Sapiarchs after she returned with Leythen, but I'm eager to hear your report."
One of the sentinels is under the protection of Razum-dar. The other one was slain by Mephala.
"Mephala, curse her name! Along with her cohorts, Clavicus Vile and Nocturnal, she corrupted Leythen and threatens all of Nirn!
But the Sapiarchs no longer have an attuned pair of key bearers. That will make it harder to access the Crystal Tower."
Mephala dragged the Golden Knight into her realm after he dropped this gem.
"That Golden Knight is one of Meridia's champions, I believe. It seems that one Daedric Prince is trying to help us. That gem is the Dawnstar, from the Dawnbreaker sword.
Why take the knight prisoner, though? What are the Princes playing at here?"
You said it will be harder to access the Crystal Tower now?
"Hmm? Oh, yes. Without two attuned tower sentinels, the Sapiarchs can't use the diamond keys to open the way to the Crystal Tower. The attuning process usually takes a year and a day, and I have no idea if they can hasten the process."
Remind me, who's Meridia again?
"Meridia is the Daedric Prince of Life and Light and the matron of the Colored Rooms. She isn't part of the triad of Princes. Indeed, it seems that she has specifically sent her champion to oppose them.
We'll need to keep that in mind as we proceed."
Let's talk about the matter you summoned me to discuss.
"It involves my missing memories. I've recalled an important detail and I need to show it to you.
For now, let me compensate you for your efforts so far. I appreciate your help in all this."

The Dreaming Cave[edit]

"While you were gone, I have been scrying through my own memories, trying to find the missing events that will remind me where I hid the Heart of Transparent Law.
I believe I have discovered something significant."
You remember where you hid the Heart of Transparent Law?
"Not exactly. While scrying through my memories I saw half-formed thoughts and splintered recollections. I saw myself enter the Dreaming Cave beneath Ceporah Tower. And I held the Heart of Transparent Law in my hands."
Tell me everything you remember.
"I opened a portal, but I can't recall where it went. Something intentionally blocked the destination from my sight. I entered the portal and time passed. Then I was back in the cave and the Heart was gone.
Will you accompany me to the Dreaming Cave?"
I'll meet you in the Dreaming Cave.

Once you've accepted the quest, he'll divulge more information:

"The answer to where I hid the Heart of Transparent Law resides in the Dreaming Cave. Or, more precisely, through the portal I opened and once traversed. Therein lies the problem.
It's best if I showed you. Meet me in the cave beneath this tower."
Tell me more about the Dreaming Cave.
"The Dreaming Cave lies beneath Ceporah Tower, where the various threads of magicka and other energies come together and pool like water running down a chain.
Trained Psijics can use that energy to open portals to anywhere in Oblivion—and beyond."
So you opened a portal to an Oblivion realm?
"Perhaps. I honestly can't remember. If not for the success of my scrying spell, even this minor memory would still elude me.
There's more to explain, but words fail me. I'll show you what I mean when we go down to the Dreaming Cave."
What was that projection you were looking at?
"Just the result of my scrying spell. It allowed me to project images from my mind for further study. To look for details my memory alone may have missed.
I watched one particular sequence over and over. The one where I took the Heart into the cave."
That's how you remembered using the Dreaming Cave to hide the Heart?
"As I explained, the scrying allowed me to see myself take the Heart into the Dreaming Cave. To watch as I opened a portal and stepped inside. Then the image faltered and skipped a beat. It ended with me back in the cave, but the Heart was gone."
Where's Valsirenn right now?
"Valsirenn refuses to leave Leythen's side. She's trying to get him to explain how he could forsake our order and pledge himself to a Daedric Prince.
I hope she can see her way through this. We're going to need her before all is said and done."
What happened between Valsirenn and Leythen?
"That's not my tale to tell. They both rose through the ranks of our order together. Fell in love. Had a child. The rest … that's personal.
I still find it difficult to believe that the Leythen I know could betray us."

Inside the Dreaming Cave, you'll find the Ritemaster casting:

Ritemaster Iachesis: "Welcome to the Dreaming Cave. Here, we can open paths to other realms."
Ritemaster Iachesis: "This particular path is blocked by Daedric magic."
Ritemaster Iachesis: "I have an idea, though. Take the Dawnstar gem from your pack and hold it up to the barrier."

Do as he asks:

Ritemaster Iachesis: "Just as I surmised. The barrier—it withdraws from the Dawnstar's power."
"Dawnbreaker's gem contains a portion of Meridia's power, but on its own it isn't strong enough to dispel this barrier. We need to find the Dawnbreaker sword and make it whole once more."
But the sword and the Golden Knight were pulled into Mephala's realm.
"We know that at least one Daedric Prince has attempted to help us against the triad of Vile, Mephala, and Nocturnal.
I think it's time to approach Meridia and solicit her help in this endeavor."
How do we get in contact with a Daedric Prince?
"We need to locate a true believer, one of Meridia's cultists. If anyone can direct us toward Daedric activity on Summerset, it's Leythen.
Talk to Leythen. See if you can convince him to help us find one of Meridia's priests."
Why can't we use the Dreaming Cave to contact Meridia?
"As we've seen, the triad of Daedric Princes was able to interfere with the Golden Knight's efforts to reach us. If I attempt to use the Dreaming Cave to contact Meridia, chances are they'll notice and stop us. We can't risk tipping our hand just yet."
And that barrier blocks access to the portal anyway, right?
"The barrier doesn't block every possible path. Only the one that I saw in my scryed memory, the path that leads to where I hid the Heart of Transparent Law.
As K'Tora's magic continues to fade, I believe my memories will return in time."
What about the other Sea Sloads? Can't the Abyssal Cabal replace K'Tora's magic?
"I don't think so. Each member of the cabal possesses a unique talent. K'Tora dealt in mind magic. When you killed him, that magic was lost to the cabal.
No, now we must concern ourselves with the triad of Daedric Princes."
Where can I find Leythen?
"Just as you were attuned so you could travel to and from Artaeum, we used the same magic to prevent Leythen from leaving the island. He is free to wander where he will, but he can't leave.
I believe he's outside, talking to Valsirenn."
Do you really think Leythen will help us?
"Leythen was a good man. I have to believe he still is, despite pledging his allegiance to Mephala and the Court of Bedlam. Besides, we need to contact Meridia. He's our best chance for getting in touch with one of her priests."
Remind me. What's the triad of Daedric Princes again?
"Clavicus Vile, Mephala, and Nocturnal joined forces to threaten Nirn. It appears their ultimate goal is to take control of the Crystal Tower for a reason we haven't yet determined. Leythen is part of the Court of Bedlam, their mortal servants."
"Talk to Leythen. See if he'll be willing to provide us with the name of a priest of Meridia we can call upon. If he won't cooperate, perhaps you can goad him into revealing what we need.
Unfortunately, that's the best idea I've got at the moment."

Return from Summerset and you'll find the Ritemaster and Valsirenn trying to scry:

Ritemaster Iachesis: "I see signs of the Court's work throughout Summerset, but nothing of the Court itself."
Valsirenn: "I think the Court of Bedlam has fewer members than we imagined."
Ritemaster Iachesis: "Enough of this for now. Let's see what our friend has learned."

Speak to him:

"You return, but without the Dawnbreaker. Weren't you able to make contact with Meridia?

Forgive my impatience. This inability to remember has me on edge. Go on, tell me what you learned."

The Court attacked the cults of Azura and Meridia, but I was able to speak to Meridia.
"The Court of Bedlam is eliminating the cults of the other Princes? To what end?
You said you were able to make contact with Meridia? Then why didn't she give you a restored Dawnbreaker?"
We can use the Dawnstar gem to find the Golden Knight. He can restore the Dawnbreaker.
"I suspected that might be the case. I'll send Valsirenn with you into Mephala's realm to rescue the Golden Knight."
Meridia said her realm was being invaded. I think the triad of Princes attacked Meridia.
"A disturbing development to be sure, but we'll have to hope Meridia can protect herself.
I'll open a portal to Mephala's Spiral Skein when you're ready. Then you can use the gem to find the Golden Knight."
I'm ready.
Ritemaster Iachesis: "Remember to stay focused on your destination at all times. Otherwise you could get lost in myriad pathways of the Dreaming Cave."
Ritemaster Iachesis: "And whatever you do, don't lose that gem."

Return with Darien (the Golden Knight) and Valsirenn:

Ritemaster Iachesis: "Valsirenn, take the knight to the healers. We'll deal with the sword later. In the meantime, I need to speak with our friend."
"You and Valsirenn entered Mephala's realm and rescued Meridia's Golden Knight. I couldn't ask for more, my friend.
I assume Darien believes he can repair the Dawnbreaker?"
Darien said he could repair the Dawnbreaker sword.
"I hoped that would be the case. The Golden Knight will need to recover some of his strength first, though. Who knows what tortures Mephala and her creatures inflicted upon him? That's not a fate I'd wish on my worst enemy."
What do the three Daedric Princes hope to accomplish?
"Who can say what drives such beings as these? To work with the Sea Sload. To pit their followers against the cultists of other Princes. To launch attacks into rival Oblivion realms. Such actions boggle the mind."
How long before we can attempt to breach the barrier?
"Knight Darien needs to recover his strength first and restore the Dawnbreaker. Then we can attempt to unblock the path and see where I took the Heart of Transparent Law.
For now, take this with my thanks."

Lost in Translation[edit]

(If quest is started via Iachesis) (If quest is started via Valsirenn)
"While the Golden Knight recovers, we must make preparations for breaching the Daedric barrier. Since I can't remember where that particular pathway goes, we'll have to be ready for any contingency.
I also need to tell you about another memory."
You remembered something else?
"I see Valsirenn found you. Good. I've been making preparations while the knight recovers. Since I can't remember what's on the other side of the barrier, we'll need to be ready for every contingency."
Valsirenn said you remembered something.
"My memories return slowly, a little at a time. While you searched for the knight, a memory came back to me. A woman's voice, barely a whisper. Beautiful but speaking in a language I can't understand. Repeating the same words over and over."
What do you think the memory means?
"I suspect that the language is ancient. It may actually predate the languages of Tamriel. I feel that the memory is connected to the barrier in the Dreaming Cave and where I hid the Heart.
My friend, we need to discover the meaning of these words."
I'll help you in any way that I can.
"I hoped you'd say that. I sent Oriandra to my study to review my memory and see if she could translate the ancient words. I even suggested a scholar she could contact. An expert in ancient languages and obscure dialects.
Go. Check on her progress."
You have no idea what language the voice is speaking in?
"No. I just feel that the words contain the key to where I hid the Heart of Transparent Law. I do know the language is not native to Tamriel. Or to anywhere on Nirn, for that matter. It feels ancient, alien.
I hope the expert recognizes it."
Who is this expert?
"Forte, the Grand Maestro of the House of Reveries. We've shared research in the past and he thinks the language could be related to tablets he once studied in Ebon Stadmont.
Now go and see if Oriandra has made any progress by reviewing my memory."

Upon returning from Ebon Stadmont, you'll find the Ritemaster irritated:

Ritemaster Iachesis: "Oriandra, you should have consulted me beforehand."
Earl Leythen: "She saw an opportunity and she took it, Iachesis."
Ritemaster Iachesis: "Silence, Leythen! Need I put you in chains to remind you of your status here?"
Oriandra: "I'm sorry, Ritemaster. We should have asked permission. It won't happen again."

When you talk to him:

"This escapade of yours could have been disastrous. What were you and Oriandra thinking, trusting Leythen to help us translate the ancient language?
Now nothing you discovered can be trusted. We're back to square one!
Nocturnal's earl says the words you remember are a spell that will reveal the Heart's location.
"I observed what I could through Leythen's connection, but it seems to me that the Court of Bedlam is just trying to confuse us.
What do you think? Should we trust Nocturnal's earl or not?"
We need to be cautious. I wouldn't take anything the Court of Bedlam tells us at face value.
"Then we're no better off than we were, except now we have the Golden Knight. Let's proceed and hope for the best. Perhaps I'll remember more after we use the portal.
Go outside and retrieve Darien, then meet me in the Dreaming Cave."
I'll go and talk to Darien.
They want you to find the Heart of Transparent Law. I think the earl told me the truth.
"As much as it pains me, I must concur. We'll just have to make sure that once we recover the Heart, it isn't allowed to fall into the hands of the Court of Bedlam or their Princes.
Darien's outside. Talk to him, then meet me in the Dreaming Cave."
I'll go and talk to Darien.
"No matter whether Nocturnal's earl spoke truth or lies, we need to recover the Heart of Transparent Law. I'm sure I hid it somewhere beyond the Daedric barrier.
Was there anything else before you go and check on Darien?"
Do you remember anything else about this supposed spell?
"I remember I tried to resist the Sea Sload's compulsion and was able to maintain a sliver of control. But as for a revelation spell, where would I acquire something in such an obscure language? And whose voice do I hear echoing in my mind?
You don't remember anything else?
"I remember … I remember using what control I still possessed to foil K'Tora's plans. I recall forging a bargain with someone … someone I have no memory of.
I remember that it was the only way to assure the Heart's safety."
Maybe we should leave the Heart of Transparent Law hidden away.
"That, my friend, would be a mistake. Summerset's ancient defenses have withered since the Transparent Law crystal was broken and the Heart removed.
Every moment the Crystal Tower remains incomplete, another protection falls away."
But what if this is all just an elaborate trap to get you to reveal the hiding place?
"I'm sure that it is. But in that certainty we gain an advantage. You'll be at my side when we locate the Heart. And you'll be there to help me defend it from the Court of Bedlam and their Princes."

After talking to Darien:

"We're as prepared as we can be without knowing exactly where this pathway leads. I've even set wards that will help protect me from the Daedric Princes.
Remember, though, our primary goal is to recover the Heart of Transparent Law."
How do we activate the portal?
"The Golden Knight must wield the reforged Dawnbreaker to breach the barrier. Then we simply step through the portal and see where it takes us.
I expect we may call upon your fighting skills before all is said and done. Are you ready to proceed?"
Not yet. I need to take care of something else first.
"Of course. Do what you need to do. I have no idea how long it will take us to find the hiding place once we step through the portal.
I just appreciate that you have agreed to aid me in this effort. Return as soon as you can."
I'm ready.

When you're ready:

Ritemaster Iachesis: "Sir Darien, deal with this barrier, if you please."
Darien Gautier: "My pleasure!"
Ritemaster Iachesis: "The way is open. Let's go!"

After you enter the portal:

Ritemaster Iachesis: "I'll be alright, Valsirenn. Manipulating the Dreaming Cave always exhausts me."
Valsirenn: "We'll take it slow. Let the others clear the path for us."

When you talk to him:

"I expected the pathway to lead to some obscure corner of Oblivion, but this is Nocturnal's realm!
I wish I could remember what compelled me to hide the Heart here."
You hid the Heart of Transparent Law in Nocturnal's realm?
"The Heart is here. I'm positive. Now that I think about it, this location has a familiar feel. I've been here before. I just need to remember where I placed the stolen crystal."
How do we find the Heart?
"Take Darien and scout the path ahead. Look for any signs that might indicate where I hid the Heart. Valsirenn will assist me and we'll follow behind you.
As much as it pains me to admit, my many years are finally catching up with me."
Darien and I will scout ahead.
"Be prepared for anything. This is Nocturnal's realm, after all."

Upon encountering a Blackfeather Crow, you'll hear:

Blackfeather Crow: "The featherless one walks the path once more. But where is the pretty crystal he carried last time?"
Darien Gautier: "Did that bird just talk? You heard that, right?"
Ritemaster lachesis: "Pay the crows no mind. They're nothing but an annoyance."

Talk to him:

"The crows serve as Nocturnal's eyes. She watches us through these annoying little creatures.
There's nothing to do about it except to keep moving forward until we find the hiding place."
What did the crow mean by "the featherless one walks the path once more"?
"I remember carrying the Heart of Transparent Law along this path and up toward the mountain above. I remember Nocturnal's creatures moved aside to let me pass. Obviously, they aren't as accommodating as last time I was here."
Should we keep going?
"I don't see any alternative, do you? Perhaps more memories from when I was last here will return as we continue along the path.
Clear the way ahead, if you please."

Encountering a Blackfeather Crow again, the following exchange will play:

Blackfeather Crow: "The featherless one couldn't resist the Sea Sload, not on his own."
Ritemaster lachesis: "What nonsense is this?"
Blackfeather Crow: "He doesn't remember! So desperate he was, he leaped at our Mistress's offer!"
Ritemaster lachesis: "Speak plainly, crows! Come back here!"
Valsirenn: "lachesis, calm down. Their words mean nothing."
Darien Gautier: "This is getting stranger and stranger."

Talk to him after this exchange:

"The crows … their words stir the echoes in my mind."
So you did accept an offer from Nocturnal?
"I remember fighting the Sea Sload's compulsion with every fiber of my being. And I was... losing. I remember searching for something, anything, to keep me from giving K'Tora the Heart."
Do you remember anything else?
"I remember Nocturnal appearing before me. Offering to help me hide the Heart away in a place that no one would ever find it. Then …
Let's keep going. Clear the path ahead while I try to recall the rest of the memory."

As you start to reach the apex:

Darien Gautier: "Be ready for anything!"
Darien Gautier: "The path ends here."
Ritemaster lachesis: "I remember this."
Valsirenn: "lachesis, what are you saying?"
Ritemaster lachesis: "I'm saying I remember taking the Heart through that portal."

Talk to him again:

"With every step along this path, my memory grew clearer. This portal, it leads to where I had my fateful meeting with Nocturnal. Where she offered to aid me in my struggle against the Sea Sload K'Tora."
What kind of aid did she offer you?
"Nocturnal offered me a spell that would hide the Heart from everyone. The Sea Sload. Nocturnal. Even from me. As soon as I hid it away, my memory of even possessing the crystal faded like a distant dream."
So the Heart is on the other side of this portal?
"I assume so. Some of the details still elude me. I remember entering the portal with the Heart, then returning here without it in my hands.
Since I cast the spell with those ancient words, only I can use it again to unseal the hiding place."
What about Nocturnal?
"My preparations included numerous wards of protection. They should allow me to resist even the magic of a Daedric Prince, at least for a short amount of time.
Through the portal, I remember an ancient ruin. Head for that and we'll meet you there."
Then open the portal and let's go find the Heart.
"Step cautiously. I remember very little about what lies on the other side of this portal."

Speak to him before entering the portal:

"Step through the portal when you're ready, but be prepared to face our most dangerous battle yet.
Head for the ancient ruin and we'll meet you there."

Talk to him at the mountain top through the portal:

"I remember the words, but I don't know exactly what they mean. Once I begin the spell, be ready for anything."
I'm ready. Cast the spell and reveal where the Heart is hidden.
Iachesis being tugged between two Daedric Princes

He will then cast the spell only to have its' location be much closer than previously thought. Also some unexpected guests will arrive.

Ritemaster Iachesis: "My friends, the Heart of Transparent Law will soon be back in our hands.
Heart, reveal yourself! Gah Noro berrin, vo rah Larow e javeel!"
Valsirenn: "Iachesis—your chest, it's glowing!"
Ritemaster Iachesis: "Of course! I put the Heart inside myself. It was the perfect hiding place!"
Clavicus Vile: "Look, Mephala. The mortal hid the Heart inside his own body. How clever!"
Darien Gautier: "Uh oh. Mephala and Clavicus Vile. This could be bad."
Mephala: "But why did Nocturnal keep this from us? No matter. I'll take the crystal now, Ritemaster."
Ritemaster Iachesis: "My wards … shall … protect me!"
Clavicus Vile: "Impressive, for a mortal. But the wards won't hold long against our power!"
Mephala: "Stop struggling, mortal. You're only delaying the inevitable."
Valsirenn: "Fight, Iachesis! Just hold on!"
Darien Gautier: "Where do all these Daedra keep coming from?"
Mephala: "Hold still, mortal, and I'll make this quick."
Ritemaster Iachesis: "Val … promise me … you'll lead them … if …."
Valsirenn: "Don't even say it, Iachesis! Just keep fighting!"
Ritemaster Iachesis: "They're … tearing me … apart …"
Iachesis moments before his death at the hands of Nocturnal
Clavicus Vile: "Mephala, stop that! I've got him! Wait, what's—"
Mephala: "Nocturnal? How dare you interfere!"
Nocturnal: "Get out of my realm, Princes. You are no longer welcome. The Heart belongs to me. We made a deal, didn't we, mortal?"
Valsirenn: "Iachesis?"
Ritemaster Iachesis: "I did what I had to. I hid the Heart, even from you. The only way to retrieve it is to kill me."
Nocturnal: "Very well. I accept those terms."
Valsirenn: "No!"

The Ritemaster is then ripped apart as Nocturnal takes the Heart.

Old Life Observance[edit]

The spirit of Ritemaster Iachesis

After his death, the spirit of Ritemaster Iachesis may return from Aetherius and appear to you during the New Life Festival event quest Old Life Observance when you perform a remembrance ceremony at one of the Old Life shrines.