Lore:Cold-Flame Atronach

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A Cold-Flame Atronach

Cold-Flame Atronachs are a powerful Elemental Daedra native to a pocket realm of Oblivion called the Fourth Sinus of Takubar.[1] The cold-flame atronach summons an essence of cold fire, and has a freezing ambiance that notably drops the temperature nearby, the same way the flame atronach gives off heat.[1]

Cold-flame atronachs came to serve Molag Bal after an incident involving a flame atronach which led to their banishment from Coldharbour.[1] A concerned denizen wanted a hovering sentry that possessed the flame atronach's same expressionless violence to fill the void they left behind.[1] After searching over 37,000 planes and realms, he found a suitable replacement on the Fourth Sinus of Takubar.[1] Cold-flame atronachs served as sentries in Coldharbour during the Planemeld.[1][2]

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