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A hackwing

Hackwings are described as both large birds and flying lizards with saw-like beaks, both expressions which are often interchanged. They travel in large flocks and have the tendency to swarm when they feel threatened. They strike quickly in an attempt to wound or knock down their prey. They will fly off after wounding their victim, only to come back when the victim is almost dead from blood loss. Their victims are then ripped apart with the hackwings' saw-like beaks.

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A hadolid

Hadolids are a race of amphibious, bipedal crablike (or lobsterlike) beastfolk native to the Abecean Sea. Due to traits they share with crustaceans, they have also been referred to as crabfolk. There are two distinct types of Hadolids, those more crablike, with wide flat heads and four claws, and those more lobsterlike, with elongated heads as well as two claws and two hands. They are visually comparable to Dreugh, and their shells are somewhat similar to mudcrabs. Hadolids are migratory, and can stay underwater for a period of a decade or more before returning to land for a similar length of time. Hadolids are capable of diving underwater to depths that surpass even the ability of Argonians, leaving a major part of their lifecycle a mystery to researchers. Their odor is reminiscent of rotting meat. They travel in hunting packs and are capable of using powerful magic and weapons. They are commonly seen venturing onto land on the Systres.

For more information, see the main lore article.

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A hag

Hags are immortal witches who have been corrupted by dark nature magic. At least some hags can produce an aphrodisiac known as Hag's Breath.[1] They are not to be confused with the homonymous hags, which are a class of ordinary witches who often serve hagravens.[2]

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A hagraven

Hagravens are creatures of corruption and decay that appear as a horrific cross between an old woman and a bird. They were once witches, but have undergone a ritual, trading in their humanity for access to powerful magic, and the transformations they undergo infuse their entire beings with some element of that power. Hagravens consume people alive, and especially love eating fresh eyeballs.

Few creatures match the cunning, depravity, and repulsiveness of the hagravens. They will take through savagery what they cannot win through guile. They are usually extremely hostile to outsiders, but they retain the ability to communicate. They are equally dangerous up close or when casting spells from afar. They are known for their foul stench. They possess an ability to turn into a murder of crows and attack their foes from a hundred directions at once.

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Haj Mota[edit]

A Haj Mota

Haj Mota (nicknamed "devil-tortoise") are large amphibious creatures with a jagged shell and a powerful webbed tail. They are ambush predators, and wait patiently in concealment until their prey comes into their attack range. They spew poison and are known to burrow underground. Haj mota mostly inhabit Black Marsh, but they can also be found in the marshes of Hammerfell's Hew's Bane peninsula. The beasts are exceptionally hard to tame, although hatchlings are sometimes kept as pets. The verdigris haj mota hides in Black Marsh's algae-covered pools, where its color acts as camouflage.

A female haj motas is called a "doe". Haj motas lay eggs (around three to a clutch), and are extremely protective of their nests. The shells of their eggs are mottled and brittle. Argonians sometimes use these shells to craft bowls, but they're hard to work with, as they're bound to crack unless the artisan works with utmost care and expertise. When a mated pair produces a clutch of eggs, both parents will tend to the nest. One parent can stalk the marsh safely while the other stays with the nest.

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Hamsters are small rodents. The imagery of hamsters on treadmills was not uncommon.[3] Echateres have been likened to a cross between a hamster and a crab.[4]

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A pale pass mountain hare

Hares are small, long-eared animals similar to rabbits that are often hunted.[5][6] Herma Mora is sometimes depicted as a hare.[7]

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A harpy

Harpies are a race of fierce, carnivorous, feminine humanoid beast-women with the wings of a bird. They are common nuisance around the Iliac Bay area, particularly in Lainlyn, but are found wherever there are rocky cliffs and crags suitable for their nests. They also build their nests in abandoned ruins. While their maniacal nature makes them somewhat less-than-brilliant tacticians, their sharp talons and frenzied behavior often force kingdoms to abandon lands to their use. Mercenary groups like the Fighters Guild are sometimes hired to clear out harpy nests for groups that pass through their territory, such as traveling merchants. Harpy feathers are very valuable, prized by tailors and quill merchants alike. Harpy down can be spun with fine sheep's wool to make a sturdy material for mages' robes. Harpies tend to smell foul.

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Harrowing Reaper[edit]

A Harrowing Reaper

Harrowing Reapers (or simply Reapers) are ethereal daedric beings summoned through the Harrowstorm ritual conducted by the Icereach Coven witches using Gray Host reliquiaries. These entities possess claws and are capable of executing magical attacks in shades of purple, including beams and conjuring singularities. Birthed in the shadowy pits of Oblivion, these spectral creatures can be compelled into servitude. They were employed as training partners to assess one's skills, and, according to some, no creature surpasses the Reaper when it comes to training.

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A Harvester

Harvesters are intelligent, four-armed Daedra who primarily serve Molag Bal. Their duty among his servants is to preside over sacrifices or the stealing of souls. They are known to feed on souls and magicka. They act alone, and care little for concepts such as societal rank, unlike the Dremora. Harvesters have the torso of a woman and the body of a serpent. They have piercing blue eyes just like their master. Barbed gauntlets adorn their wrists, matching the harsh spikes running down their backs and the frilled crown of horns atop their heads. Dark plates of ebony are fused to their skin. Though they do have some measure of intelligence, their lack of culture or language places them below the Dremora in Daedric hierarchy.

Despite having many arms, their hands are not as suited for wielding blades as one might think. Instead, Harvesters opt to utilize the arts of conjuring and illusion. They possess the ability to tear a mortal's soul straight from its body. Harvesters feast on mortal vitality using their powerful sorcery. Said vitality appears in the form of dark orbs that emerge from their victims and gravitate towards the Harvester. When broken, these orbs will return the victim's strength.

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A Havocrel

Havocrel are a blind, giant, and ill-tempered Daedric race that serve as mercenaries in their quest to find their purpose. Thus they do not have loyalty to any Daedric Prince, and instead take up contracts in hopes of gaining something they desire. Some among them carry titles of nobility, such as Duke and Baron, though it is unknown if they were granted these ranks through their clients. Havocrel are a solitary race that is rarely seen, and have no sense of kinship, ultimately resulting in them detesting others of their own kind.

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A hawk

Hawks are birds found throughout Skyrim. They are hunted for their beaks, feathers and eggs, which can be used as alchemy ingredients. They are territorial animals who rarely venture far from their nests. Though predatory, they only hunt smaller birds and vermin. Trained hawks have been used to convey orders during battle. Skeletal undead hawks are known as Bone Hawks.


Hedgehogs are small mammals that were the namesake of various inns and taverns in the late Third Era.[8] They were among the many creatures used as ingredients in the kitchens of Umbriel.

Hell Hound[edit]

A hell hound

Hell Hounds are demonic canines from the nether planes, usually summoned by some powerful being to perform a service. They can attack with their powerful jaws or fire breath.[9] They can be found near lava.[10] Despite superficial similarities, they bear no relation to Nightmare Animals.[11]

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A Hemonculous

A Hemonculous is a blood wraith associated with profane blood ritual sacrifices. They are sometimes summoned by vampiric Sangiin cultists.They are not to be confused with the similarly named homonculus.

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A Hemoptera

A Hemoptera is an imp-like creature summoned by blood magic. Resembling an ethereal red imp and sometimes bound in chains, Hemopteras are usually associated with vampires.

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Hermit Crab[edit]

A Hermit Crab

Hermit Crabs are small orange crabs that hide in mollusk shells for protection. They are most commonly seen along the sandy coasts of High Isle in the Systres archipelago.[12] They are considered a delicacy by the Hee-Tepsleel tribe of Argonians. Hermit Crabs are sometimes kept as pets.[13] Mulberry Hermit Crabs are a variety that possess a deep purple coloration as opposed to the usual orange.[14] Giant Hermit crabs can be found in the Inner Sea.

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Hermitage Servitor[edit]

A Hermitage Servitor

The Hermitage Servitor is a strange Daedric monstrosity from Apocrypha that can be summoned by conjurers and used as a mount. Although its body plan is generally equine in appearance, the Servitor possesses many tentacles and unblinking eyes, as well as a hideously wide mouth that stretches down its neck.[15]

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A Herne

Hernes (also called Mastema,[UOL 1] and not to be confused with the island of Herne) are a race of hoofed hunter-oriented Daedra that have been seen in service to Mehrunes Dagon and Clavicus Vile.[16][17] Fitting to their nature, some have been seen participating in the Ritual of the Innocent Quarry.[18]

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A heron

Herons are large, long-necked birds that commonly wade through rivers to hunt for fish. They can be found in Anequina, Blackwood, Hew's Bane, Murkmire, Pellitine, The Reach, and Summerset Isle. The coat of arms of Taneth depicts a gold heron.[19]

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Hippogriffs were creatures that inhabited the forests of Valenwood prior to the Aldmer's arrival to the province.[20]

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A hoarvor

Hoarvors are giant ticks that drink large amounts of blood to survive. They can generally be found among dense foliage and in damp locations. Riverbeds and filth-ridden areas are a good place to find them. Hoarvors are not quick to strike a lone enemy. However, in groups or in the presence of abundant food, they are known to strike swiftly and with ferocity. They don't hunt so much as they come upon their prey. Hoarvors will commonly feed on sleeping, injured, dead and dying creatures. They are skilled at locating areas of strong blood flow from which to feed, where they drink from using a proboscis.

Hoarvor infestations are notoriously difficult to stamp out. Simple things like a drunkard left passed out in the streets at night or a pet left uncared for is enough to attract an infestation. It is said that placing frost salts in a circle around one's home is useful when trying to deter hoarvors from approaching. Jagga is known to drive them into a frenzy. Pickled hoarvor is a common snack for road-bound travelers. Hoarvor skin and bloat sacs can be used to create a variety of goods. Some Bosmer admire hoarvors and keep them as pets. Hoarvors are associated with Namiira, and can cross from the Dark Behind the World to Nirn in areas ravaged by the Dro-m'Athra.

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Hoarvor Daedra[edit]

A hoarvor daedra

Hoarvor Daedra are grotesque Daedra somewhat similar to Spider Daedra. They are native to the Spiral Skein and serve the Daedric Prince Mephala. As their name suggests, they bear the features of hoarvors. They attack by biting, spitting bile, or summoning explosive hoarvors.

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Hobs are a race of hairless monkey-like creatures of unclear origin, who inhabited the floating island Umbriel. They have long arms and legs, and very long, thin, delicate fingers. Their faces are described as goblinesque, with huge toothless mouths and large green eyes. Their exact origins are unclear as many of the species that inhabited Umbriel came from Tamriel and Oblivion alike. It was unknown whether the Hobs of Umbriel were creatures that reproduced or grew in a normal way, or if they were grown from proforms like the other people of Umbriel.

Hobs can speak very simple Tamrielic, though they seem to have their own language as well. They were used as assistants by chefs in the kitchens of Umbriel, and were usually tasked with fetching specific ingredients. Troops of them could sometimes be found harvesting bloodball fruit in the Marrow Sump. Supposedly, some chefs would train their Hobs to perform "unconventional" favors for them.


The Hollow

The Hollow are magical stone-constructs created by the Wilderking that live in the province of Valenwood, specifically in the great plains of Greenshade, the Wilderking Court. Their sole purpose is to protect the court and to enact the absolute will of the Wilderking and the forest of Valenwood, only rising from the ground when they are needed. Once their purpose is fulfilled, they remain dormant underground or reside in the Hollow Den, directly north of Greenheart. While the Hollow have a free conscious, they do not possesss autonomous will, and act entirely on the Wilderking's orders. The exception to this is Sumiril, the Hollow used as the original template.

Found in:


A homonculus

Homonculi are strange beings created by a high level wizard who has somehow combined the properties of certain spells with parts of various demons. They are, therefore, a type of golem. These creatures are often set to guard areas, using their ability to fly to patrol corridors.[21] Imps are theorized to be creatures of similar origin to them.[22] In one account of Vivec's birth, Sotha Sil was said to have commanded multitudes of homonculi.[23]

They are not to be confused with the similarly named hemonculous.

Found in:


"Another of the All-Maker's wondrous creations. These creatures provide a great deal for our people. They are strong swimmers and fierce fighters, on land and in the sea." — A Skaal

Horkers are aquatic mammals with three tusks, two long flippers and a strong tail. They are native to Solstheim, Skyrim, and northeastern High Rock. Although usually passive, they will attack when provoked or during mating season. Lake Fjalding is the mating grounds for the horkers of Solstheim.

Found in:


Hornets are naturally aggressive yellow stinging insects found throughout Tamriel.[24][25][26][27] Spriggans can command swarms of hornets.[28] Hornets construct nests to live in.[29][30][31][32][33] They are present in Dunmeri religious texts.[34]

Found in:


A herd of horses

Horses are domesticated quadrupedal animals used for travel. They may occasionally be eaten, but this is considered in bad taste, and their hides can be tanned into leather.

There are many different varieties of horses found across Tamriel, but cannot adapt to Vvardenfell's harsh climate.[35] They are bred for many purposes, including combat, sport, and labor. Horses can be outfitted in armor.[36][37] As with many creatures, horses can be reanimated by necromancers.[38]

Hulking Fabricant[edit]

A hulking fabricant

Hulking Fabricants are horrid creatures created by Sotha Sil, resembling a cross between an undersized dragon and a chaurus with six limbs and a tail stinger. Unlike most Fabricants they seem to have no direct equivalent species on Tamriel. They seem to be more strong than fast and attack with their claws, fangs, and tail.

Found in:


A hunger

Hungers are ferocious Daedra known for their long tongues, demonic appearance, and their taste for mortal flesh. The Hunger uses its long tongue to siphon the life out of its prey. It also makes use of its razor-sharp claws and can spew poisonous bile. They possess a paralyzing touch and have the uncanny ability to quickly destroy their opponents' armor and weapons. Hungers can also teleport. In Morrowind, they are typically associated with the Daedric Prince Boethiah, who is also known as Hunger by the Dunmer. They are also known to roam the Shivering Isles as servitors and guards. They are described by some as perfect representation of Sheogorath's darker side. They are also found in the realms of Apocrypha and the Gorge.


A Huntsman

Huntsmen are a humanoid Daedric race primarily associated with the Daedric Prince of Hunt, Hircine. They were also found in the service of Demiprince Fa-Nuit-Hen. Huntsmen are known to be highly intelligent beings, and make capable hunters, warriors and mages.

These mysterious humanoid servants of Hircine from the Hunting Grounds were described as "spear-shakers, fewterers, and whippers-in of the Lord of the Hunting Grounds". The appearance of Huntsmen was believed to evoke Hircine's Aspects. Mortal followers of Hircine honored him by emulating Huntsmen apparel. They follow Hircine and pursue great beasts, people, and even their own kind. Little is known of their goals and desires, though they have said that they can only feel "alive" through killing mortals.

Huntsmen appear to resemble Men and Mer, but these daedra make references to wearing the skin of their mortal prey to live as them, leaving it ambiguous as to what their true forms look like. Like other Daedra, they have daedric hearts. They are also typically seen wearing masks resembling bird's faces.

Found in:


A Hushed

The Hushed are the remnants of mortals who have been consumed by Daedric knowledge in the realm of Apocrypha. The realm is haunted by the ghosts of mortals forever searching for knowledge. Most Hushed ignore mortals who encounter them. Hermaeus Mora uses these creatures to guard locations he wishes to keep private, such as the Infinite Panopticon, where they wander the halls as guardians of sorts. It is advised to not interfere with the Hushed as they attend their duties, and that they may turn on unsuspecting mortals with no warning at all.

Mora resides "everywhere and nowhere" but takes glee in tormenting mortals from his realm in Oblivion. Apocrypha is "incomprehensible" to mortals who have been lured into its unseen and unspeakable depths. It is said that this is partially because laws of the mortal world hold no power in Apocrypha. Most mortals who gain access to the secrets within Apocrypha are driven insane by unending revelations. However, those who successfully journey through Apocrypha are known to discover powerful knowledge.

Found in:


Hydras were creatures that inhabited the forests of Valenwood prior to the Aldmer's arrival to the province.[20] They are mentioned in Mankar Camoran's commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes.[39] "Lopping off the heads of the hydra" is an Altmer expression suggesting they have multiple heads.[40]

Found in:


Hyenas are animals found within Grahtwood.[41] They are known for their vicious cackle, a description sometimes used as an insult.[42]

Found in:


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