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Echateres are large mammals with tusks, pointed hooves and large antlers. Described as shaggy giant centipede herdbeasts, they are found mainly in Wrothgar and serve the Orcs as livestock and beasts of burden, thriving at high altitudes on alpine and sub-alpine forage.[1] They provide meat, fur,[2] vellum,[3] and milk for the Orcs.[4][5] Echateres are stubborn and ornery.[6] Those found in the wild are usually hostile, using their tusks and antlers when in battle, with capabilities to send shockwaves through the ground using their immense weight.[7]

Young echateres are called echalettes.[6] They are generally docile and fawn-like.[8] Badger Ruff Echalettes are black and white striped echalettes that are exceptionally irritable and fierce for young echateres. They've been known to chase away sabre cats.[8] During the spring, echalettes are occasionally born with temporarily spotted fur that helps them camouflage in the sun-dappled forests. This pattern fades as the echatere matures.[9]

Echateres are herbivores. They are known to eat sedge grass, snow truffles, and echatere moss.[10][11] They are also prized by Orcs for their ability to find and dig for snow truffles.[12]


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