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Icon Item Description Value Type
ON-icon-style material-Molybdenum.png Fabricant Bait Chunks of fabricant flesh used as fish bait. Some metallic bits still cling to the flesh. 00000100100 Gold Fishing Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Token.png Fabricant Brands Those who presume to lay claim to a tamed fabricant sometimes affix a metal badge to its chassis as a mark of ownership. 00000100100 Gold Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Case.png Fabricant Bug Collection This small shadowbox frame has several varieties of small clockwork insects nailed to the backboard. Many still operate. 00000100100 Gold Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Dwarven Tuner.png Fabricant Flenser An adjustable aperture stop with razor-sharp edges. Highly effective in stripping flesh from endoskeletons of all kinds. 00000100100 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Sling.png Fabricant Leather Apron This patchwork rawhide apron comes from the various fabricants which live in Clockwork City. 00000100100 Gold Smithing Equipment
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png Fabricant Leather Chimera A fantastical, or horrifyingly inaccurate, stuffed animal patched together from assorted fabricant skins. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Decanter.png Fabricated Blood
(datamined – confirmation needed)
This alchemical concoction was created by a passionate young apostle. Nauseating to consume, it smells and tastes of blood. 00000250250 Gold Magic Curiosities
ON-icon-stolen-War Toy.png Factotum Anatomy Miniature This doll-sized replica factotum opens to reveal many of the inner workings for study. 00000100100 Gold Devices
ON-icon-stolen-War Toy.png Factotum Figure This model has many available poses, and even plays recorded messages at the press of a button. 00000250250 Gold Children's Toys
ON-icon-stolen-Wooden Juggling Clubs.png Factotum-Finger Sinkers These broken-apart bits of rusted factotum fingers are used to sink fishing lines. 00000100100 Gold Fishing Supplies
ON-icon-quest-Plans 01.png Faded Wanted Poster A wanted poster from a distant city with exceptional artwork. A fence may purchase this as decoration for an Outlaws Refuge. 0000004040 Gold Wall Décor, Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Male Portrait.png Fahara'jad Coronation Portrait This rare painting depicts the coronation of King Fahara'jad. Its frame is made of orichalcum. 00000250250 Gold Wall Décor, Artwork
ON-icon-book-Scroll 04.png Fahara'jad Decree of Mercy Signed by King Fahara'jad, this document can get a criminal released from jail. 00000250250 Gold Writings
ON-icon-stolen-Tapestry.png Fahara'jad Lineage Plaque This golden plaque is engraved with the names of King Fahara'jad's ancestors. 00000250250 Gold Wall Décor, Writings
ON-icon-style material-Dwemer Scrap.png Fahara'jad's Nostril Spacers Snoring runs in Fahara'jad's family, so he had hundreds of these ebony nostril spacers made to use at night. 00000250250 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Letter Opener.png Fahara'jad's Rod Replica A replica of the royal staff carried by King Fahara'jad, this rod is often given as a gift by Forebear nobles to their children. 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Quill.png Falcon Feather Stylus A writing stylus made from the sharpened plume of a falcon feather. 00000100100 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Clothing.png Falconer's Glove A heavy leather glove fitted with restraining straps, used by hunters with trained falcons. 00000103103 Gold Wardrobe Accessories, Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Harness.png Falconer's Harness A high-quality leather harness designed to fit over the head of a trained falcon. 00000100100 Gold Tools
ON-icon-misc-Tree.png Falinesti Idol A small carving of the mysterious moving tree of Falinesti. 00000250250 Gold Ritual Objects, Statues
ON-icon-stolen-Seal.png Fallowstone Hall Signet Stamp A metal sealing wax stamp bearing the official seal of Fallowstone Hall. 00000100100 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-quest-Book 02.png False Book Jacket A cover for a generic manners novel. Used to disguise the book covers of more salacious reading materials. 00000100100 Gold Writings
ON-icon-stolen-Drum.png False Drum
(datamined – confirmation needed)
This muted guar-skin drum contains a large hidden compartment useful for smuggling in bulk. 00000100100 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Trinkets.png False Eye Made of roughly carved glass, this garishly painted eye could never be mistaken for the real thing. 0000004040 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Tooth.png False Teeth Collection A small collection of false teeth, in a mixed assortment of brass and iron. Some are still flecked with dried blood. 0000004040 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Trinkets.png Fan of Chilled Air Tired of the desert heat? Just give this magical fan a wave! Guaranteed to cool you off in the hottest weather. 00000250250 Gold Magic Curiosities
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Fanciful Map of Rivenspire This map from the time of King Ranser is notable for its extended borders, displaying Ranser's intentions at the time. 00000250250 Gold Maps
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Fanciful Map of the Rift This map from the time of King Einar is notable for its depiction of fantastic creatures along the edges of the parchment. 00000250250 Gold Maps, Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Inkwell.png Fancy Desk Blotter A fancy version of a common desk blotter, perfect for absorbing excess or spilled ink. The ivory handle is made from whalebone. 00000250250 Gold Scrivener Supplies, Oddities
ON-icon-food-Glass Bottle.png Fancy Filigreed Spice Rack Spice rack of filigreed copper tracery containing blown-glass bottles, labeled "Chef Obgurob's Selection." 00000250250 Gold Utensils
ON-icon-stolen-Cup.png Fancy "I Hate Morndas" Kaveh Mug Insulated mug for hot beverages, made of turtle shell inlaid with a mother-of-pearl epigram. 00000250250 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Decanter.png Fancy Mazte Pitcher A fancy pewter pitcher designed to hold a favorite Dark Elf beverage, such as mazte or sujamma. 00000100100 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Wraps.png Fancy Negligee
(datamined – confirmation needed)
This lacey bedtime garment hasn't been laundered for some time to preserve its lingering floral scent. 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Bowl.png Fancy Porridge Bowl An extravagant and finely decorated bowl that seems almost too fancy for serving simple porridge. 00000100100 Gold Dishes and Cookware
ON-icon-stolen-Bowl.png Fancy Redoran Porridge Bowl This is one of a dozen silver-inlaid porridge bowls that once graced the Redoran feasting halls throughout Morrowind. 00000250250 Gold Dishes and Cookware
ON-icon-stolen-Cloth.png Fancy Royal Tablecloth Most households don't usually fuss with such things, but when they use a tablecloth, one depicting favored royalty is preferred. 0000004040 Gold Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Wraps.png Fancy Skald-King Tablecloth Nords don't usually bother with such things, but when they decide to use a tablecloth, one depicting King Jorunn is a favorite. 00000250250 Gold Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Furniture.png Fancy Waving Octopus Jewelry Stand Jewelry and ring stand, a taxidermied octopus waving all eight tentacles aloft, with jeweled eyes and silver beak. 00000250250 Gold Furnishings, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Cloth.png Fancy Windhelm Pommel Cozy No one who's anyone walks the streets of Windhelm without a cozy to keep their weapon pommel warm and comfy. 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories, Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Monocle.png Fang of Azurah In ages past, it is said that Azurah would gift her golden fangs to those most loyal to her. Could this truly be such a fang? 000015001500 Gold Relic
ON-icon-minor adornment-Horn Amulet.png Fang Charm A carefully-made plaster cast of a humanoid fang attached to a simple chain. 00000100100 Gold Wardrobe Accessories, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Wraps.png Fang Polishing Kit A kit of specialized tools for cleaning, sharpening, and polishing vampire fangs. 00000250250 Gold Grooming Items
ON-icon-stolen-Tools.png Fang Rippers
(datamined – confirmation needed)
This cruel looking pair of silver pliers was designed to tear through the gums and pull a vampire's fangs out from the root. 00000250250 Gold Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Sextant.png Fang Sharpening Kit
(datamined – confirmation needed)
This wicked-looking device can be fitted over fangs to shave them down to a terrifying point. 00000100100 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Fang.png Fang of Krahjotdaan Faded inscriptions cover the surface of this prodigious yellow fang. They depict the slaying of the high dragon Krahjotdaan. 000015001500 Gold Artwork, Oddities, Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Purse.png Fang-Resistent Bat Leather Muzzle
(datamined – confirmation needed)
This muzzle covers a vampire's mouth, preventing any fanged attack. Frequently used by family members seeking a cure. 00000250250 Gold Oddities, Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Bloody Sack.png Fangs of Sacrifice Various bloody fangs, pulled from the mouths of Saxhleel who wished to honor Sithis. 00000100100 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-food-Guar Eggs.png Fanisea Kwama Egg A kwama egg of porcelain and gem stones, crafted by the artist Fanisea. Not one of her fancy works, but beautiful all the same. 00000250250 Gold Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Jar.png Faralel's Night Cream Imported from distant Alik'r, this expensive moisturizing cream is believed to keep Dark Elves looking young and beautiful. 00000250250 Gold Cosmetics
ON-icon-quest-Plans 01.png Fargrave Inspirational Posters A sheaf of small posters with inspirational quotes. "Bathe in Blood," "Carnage is Peace," Be Violence," and so on. 00000100100 Gold Writings
ON-icon-food-Guar Eggs.png Farziseh's Harpy Egg A harpy egg of porcelain and gem stones, crafted by the artist Farziseh. Not one of her fancy works, but beautiful all the same. 00000250250 Gold Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Inkwell.png Fashionable Mudcrab Inkwell A hollow, blown-glass inkwell, shaped like a mudcrab. A blown-glass Colovian fur helm screws into the top to preserve the ink. 00000250250 Gold Trifles and Ornaments, Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Vial.png Fast Forge Fire Salts Vial When sprinkled amidst the coals, the forge can be fired to its hottest temperature in less than a minute. 00000250250 Gold Smithing Equipment, Lights
ON-icon-stolen-Hourglass.png Fast-Running Hourglass A common time-keeping device. This one's sand runs a bit fast. 0000004040 Gold Trifles and Ornaments, Devices
ON-icon-stolen-Toy.png "Fata Morgana" Crystal Fairy Castle Fanciful and mildly-enchanted cut-glass crystal castle, hovers twinkling in the air one foot above whatever surface it's over. 00000250250 Gold Children's Toys
ON-icon-stolen-Fork.png Faun Antler Dowsing Rod
(datamined – confirmation needed)
This twitchy appendige guides the user to bodies of fresh water, usually by way of sinkhole or over a cliff. 00000100100 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Coronation Decanter.png Faun Feast Decanter Small figurines of fauns dance around the bottom of this decanter, the top is stopped tightly and cannot be opened. 00000250250 Gold Drinkware, Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Flute.png Faun Flute
(datamined – confirmation needed)
This simple flute crafted from water reeds and bound in twine is believed to have been made by the Fauns of High Isle. 00000100100 Gold Writings [sic]
ON-icon-stolen-Empty Bag.png Faun Hoof This dried hoof almost certainly came from the leg of a faun. Good luck or just gross? Who can say? 00000100100 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Jar.png Faun Hoof Powder
(datamined – confirmation needed)
This container is tightly corked since powdered Faun's hoof is good for many potions but smells worse than rotting fish 00000100100 Gold Magic Curiosities
ON-icon-stolen-Treethane Nirel Book.png Fauna of Murkmire Manuscript A manuscript of scribbled notes and drawings of various Murkmire fauna. Water damage has made it impossible to read. 00000100100 Gold Artwork, Writings
ON-icon-stolen-Cloth.png Faux Fennec Flesh Handkerchief Yahiri the Tailor in Belkarth makes and sells these simulated Fennec hide kerchiefs—far less expensive than the real thing. 00000100100 Gold Wardrobe Accessories, Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Cloth.png Faux Fox Fur Handkerchief Josee Maviniele, the tailor in Windhelm, sells these simulated fox fur handkerchiefs—far less expensive than the real thing. 00000100100 Gold Wardrobe Accessories, Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Cutlery.png Favored Shears A pair of clothing shears, well worn from use. A name was once inscribed on the handle, but work has worn it away. 0000004040 Gold Utensils, Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Mirror.png Feast of Dibella Centerpiece Many Nord families display this silver mirror in the shape of a moth for the annual Feast of Dibella celebration. 00000250250 Gold Trifles and Ornaments, Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Painting.png Feast of Souls Miniature Painting Vampires of all races encircle a group of willing blood-friends, some already offering necks or naked limbs. 00000250250 Gold Artwork, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Pillow.png Feather Pillow This long, fluffy pillow looks brand new, like no head ever rested upon it. 0000004040 Gold Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Cape.png Feathery Finery Shawl Wood Elves consider this shawl made of blue-bunting feathers to be stylish, while most everyone else think it looks ridiculous. 00000100100 Gold Wardrobe Accessories, Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Stein.png Fell's Run Champion Mug A pewter tankard awarded to the weekly winner of the Fell's Run Drinking Competition. 00000250250 Gold Drinkware, Oddities
ON-icon-weapon-Staff Rootmender.png Felt "Cheese" Scepter A stout piece of oak topped with yellow felt in the shape of a block of cheese. 00000250250 Gold Ritual Objects, Magic Curiosities
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png Felt Vvardvark The button eyes of this twisted creature stare back at you. What force of nature allowed this thing to exist? 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Poison.png Fend-Em-Off Insect Repellent A bottle of extremely potent insect repellent. The label claims, "Keeps even kotu gava away for hours!" 00000103103 Gold Medical Supplies, Cosmetics
ON-icon-food-Brown Bottle.png Fermented Snake Rum An incredibly pungent alcohol made from snake bile and diluted venom. It is said to knock even the hardiest on their tails. 00000250250 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Jar.png Fermenting Jug A jug used to ferment homemade alcohol, usually decorated with animals native to specific parts of Tamriel. 0000004040 Gold Drinkware, Dishes and Cookware
ON-icon-stolen-Glass Bowl.png Festival of Blades Bowl This porcelain bowl depicts the events celebrated by the Festival of Blades: a Redguard fights against a race of giant Goblins. 0000004040 Gold Dishes and Cookware, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Pipe.png Festive Fingerbone Mouth Harp Musical instrument, a set of reeded pipes of varying lengths carved from fingerbones and painted with bright festival hues. 00000100100 Gold Musical Instruments, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Blanket.png Festive Snow Blanket One side is a brightly patterned linen, the other a waterproof rubber to keep clothes dry when picnicking in the snow. 00000100100 Gold Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Trinkets.png Fetcher Fly Pin Cushion The desiccated husk of a fetcher fly stuffed with sea sponge. This one is skewered with many needles and fetcher fly stingers. 00000100100 Gold Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Fishhook.png Fetcherfly Fly Lure The bristly husk of a dead fetcherfly with a metal hook in place of its stinger. Popular among Ashlander anglers. 00000100100 Gold Fishing Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Tin.png Fetcherfly Lotion This smooth thick cream is made from straining a puree of crushed fetcherflies. The hazards of harvesting keep it in low supply. 00000250250 Gold Cosmetics
ON-icon-quest-Bone Knife.png Fetish Knife Cruel barbs ensure this knife doesn't just cut, it hurts. 00000100100 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Satchel.png "Field Guide to Lava" Pumice Cube Light stone cube, painted on all six sides, depicting the six most common kinds of lava in Stonefalls. 00000250250 Gold Statues, Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-quest-Egg 03.png Fiendroth Cocoon Dark sorcerers speak of foul rituals that use this silken shell as a way to draw the hive to Nirn. 00000100100 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Contraption.png Fig Slicer An unnecessarily complicated contraption. Almost certainly a wedding gift. 00000250250 Gold Utensils, Devices
ON-icon-stolen-Cat Doll 01.png Fighters Guild Bear Doll A brown-furred children's toy dressed in the red armor of a Fighters Guild warrior. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Urn.png Filigreed Ash Urn with Portable Altar Ancestral ash urn, pewter with gold filigree, with folding altar stand to enable worship on one's travels. 00000250250 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Plant.png Filigreed Falinesti Acorn A fist-sized acorn preserved with a coat of dark lacquer and trimmed with gilt edging around the cap. 00000100100 Gold Trifles and Ornaments, Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Spoon.png Filigreed Serving Spoon A spoon for serving very fancy puddings, stews, soups, or casseroles. 00000100100 Gold Utensils
ON-icon-stolen-Jar.png Fin Polish A lacquered wooden jar filled with a smooth, waxy substance. Guaranteed to enhance the appearance and health of Argonian fins. 00000100100 Gold Cosmetics, Medical Supplies
ON-icon-style material-Dwemer Scrap.png Finds' Whiskey Distiller A device for making potent almost-a-poison whiskey in the comfort of your own home, it has Finds-Fine-Drinks' stamp of approval. 00000100100 Gold Devices, Utensils
ON-icon-stolen-Plate.png Fine Altmer Dishware These extravagant porcelain plates look very out of place in Stros M'Kai. 00000100100 Gold Dishes and Cookware
ON-icon-stolen-Talisman.png Fine Arkay Talisman This golden talisman may have been worn by Frederique Lynielle. The clasp is broken, but it remains a beautiful piece. 00000100100 Gold Ritual Objects, Artwork, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Decanter.png Fine Ceramic Leviathan Pitcher Enameled pitcher in the shape of the legendary leviathan Ithguleoir, said to haunt the seas beyond Northpoint. 00000100100 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Bowl.png Fine Ceramic Wash Bowl Heirloom personal wash bowl painted with scenes from "The Naming Story of Y'ffre" around the rim. 00000100100 Gold Dishes and Cookware, Grooming Items, Furnishings
ON-icon-stolen-Decanter.png Fine Crystal Pitcher Light striking this crystalline pitcher breaks into myriad directions and a spectrum of colors. 00000250250 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Decanter.png Fine Direnni Decanter This delicate vessel dates back to the Direnni Hegemony. Some kind of ancient glamour must be keeping it intact. 00000100100 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-book-Scroll 01.png Fine Echatere Vellum This vellum is aromatic and smooth to the touch. Perfect for writing both poetry and death-threats. 00000100100 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Net.png Fine Fishbone Head-Spine Snood Semi-rigid snood worn while sleeping to prevent disarrangement of an Argonian's head-spines. 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Satchel.png Fine Leather Coin Purse Someone spent a great deal of gold here. Judging by the state of the linens, it's best not to think about what they spent it on. 00000100100 Gold Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Pouch.png Fine Leather Tooth-Purse This fine silken purse contains a handful of tusks and molars—likely extracted as part of a blood price. 00000100100 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-food-Brown Hooch.png Fine Leather Waterskin An empty waterskin made of supple leather and stoppered with a cork. 00000100100 Gold Drinkware, Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Cloth.png Fine Linen Hammock A luxury item for wealthier seamen--likely to be ripped or stolen by the end of a long voyage. 00000250250 Gold Dry Goods, Furnishings
ON-icon-stolen-Wraps.png Fine Patterned Winter Blanket Romantic winter blanket of echatere cashmere, patterned with red hearts intertwined with the word "REVENGE." 00000250250 Gold Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Glass Bowl.png Fine Porcelain Chamber Pot A prime example of High Elf craftsmanship, this pot appears to have been recently cleaned. The only scent you detect is roses. 00000100100 Gold Furnishings, Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Wraps.png Fine Silken Ascot Neckerchief Red and green silk neckerchief with elaborate cursive praises of the Tribunal, and a tag, "Steamfont Laundry." 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories, Dry Goods
ON-icon-achievement-Wormcrusher.png Fine Steel Paper Opener A small, dull sword-shaped opener for cutting open envelopes and untrimmed books; engraved "The Fighting Edge, Shornhelm." 00000100100 Gold Utensils, Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Pen Knife.png Fine Steel Skinning Kit An imported Khajiiti skinning kit, only lightly used. 00000100100 Gold Utensils, Tools
ON-icon-food-Brown Bottle.png Fine Tusk Wax According to the bottle, "Uncle Boorg's Tusk-Shine" will make your tusks shine brighter and bite harder. 00000100100 Gold Grooming Items, Cosmetics
ON-icon-stolen-Bowl.png Fine Washbasin with Sload Soap Gilt-edged redware washbasin with bar of sload soap, unused and inscribed "Dhalmora Fine Goods, Davon's Watch." 00000250250 Gold Dishes and Cookware, Furnishings, Grooming Items
ON-icon-stolen-Riding Crop.png Fine Waterproof Stilt-Boots Waterproof snakeskin stilt-boots for fishing in the shore-swamps, crafted at Vineshade Lodge. 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories, Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Comb.png Fine Wire Brushes The brushes of these various makeup brushes are created with extremely thin wire. 00000100100 Gold Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Blanket.png Fine Woolen Bedroll A plush woolen bundle, dyed a deep blue. 00000100100 Gold Furnishings, Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Lute.png Finely-Crafted Violin Crafted from the finest spruce and maple and stained to a luxuriant reddish-brown, this is a fine instrument. 00000100100 Gold Musical Instruments
ON-icon-stolen-Monocle.png Finger Bone Charm A calcified finger bone hangs from a simple wrist chain. There is no indication of its original owner. 00000100100 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Staff.png Finger File A severed finger with a sharp nail that continues to grow. Used by some Wood Elves to file their teeth. 00000100100 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Royal Carpet.png Fire Ribbon A popular toy among young kinladies, this long satin ribbon flashes like a flame in the wind with each flick, throw, and spiral. 00000100100 Gold Children’s Toy
ON-icon-stolen-Lantern.png Firebrand Lantern A wrought iron lantern bearing the heraldry of the Knights of the Flame. 00000100100 Gold Lights, Tools
ON-icon-quest-Book 02.png Firebrand Prayer Book A small book of prayers collected by the Knights of the Flame and gifted to the head of their order. 00000250250 Gold Writings, Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Seal.png Firebrand Sealing Wax The Knights of the Flame use this specific type of wax to seal their correspondences. 00000250250 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Paperweight.png Firesong Druidic Lodestone This rough-hewn compass always points in the direction of Y'ffelon. 00000250250 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-food-Fondue.png Firesong Magma Censer
(datamined – confirmation needed)
The exterior of this egg-shaped censer is reminiscent of magma-like vulk'esh markings. It is unnaturally warm to the touch. 00000250250 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Flacon.png Firesong Soaking Salts Harvested from one of the Systres' many hot springs, these therapeutic salts put both mind and body at ease. 00000250250 Gold Medical Supplies, Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Pouch.png Firestarter Kit in Waterproof Pouch Waterproof pig-bladder pouch labeled "Oldgate Meat Hut" containing flint, steel, and a quantity of tinder. 00000100100 Gold Tools, Smithing Equipment
ON-icon-food-Fondue.png Firesteel of the Immolant One A ritualistic pyrite and flint firestriker, embossed with the likeness of Saint Vorys. 00000250250 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Token.png First Auridon Marines Medal A sterling silver veteran's medal presented to those who have served in the First Auridon Marines. 00000250250 Gold Trifles and Ornaments, Oddities
ON-icon-book-Generic 211.png First Edition Fjokki A rare copy of the first edition of "The Art of Love and Swordplay" by Fjokki the Bard. 00000250250 Gold Writings
ON-icon-stolen-Tableware.png First Era Dunmeri Tea Service An antique tea service from the First Era, obviously a Dark Elf family heirloom. 00000250250 Gold Drinkware, Dishes and Cookware
ON-icon-quest-Book 02.png First Era Illuminated Manuscript A gorgeous illuminated manuscript from the First Era, decorated with gold and silver leaf, containing prayers to the Divines. 00000250250 Gold Artwork, Writings
ON-icon-stolen-Seal.png First Era Imperial Seal An ancient seal bearing the image of Saint Alessia. She's depicted cradling the mythical Amulet of Kings. 00000250250 Gold Scrivener Supplies, Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Cross.png First Era Rank Insignia A rank insignia bar from the First Era, when a now-forgotten king tried to fancify and standardize Nord military wear. 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Tableware.png First Era Replica Tea Service A tea service modeled after one from the First Era, obviously a family heirloom. 0000004040 Gold Drinkware, Utensils
ON-icon-stolen-Tableware.png First Era Riften Warm Milk Service An antique service from the First Era for preparing and serving warm milk, obviously a Nord family heirloom. 00000250250 Gold Drinkware, Utensils
ON-icon-stolen-Tableware.png First Era Rivenspire Tea Service An antique tea service from the First Era, obviously a Breton family heirloom. 00000250250 Gold Drinkware, Utensils
ON-icon-stolen-Pouch.png First Teeth Pouch A satin draw-string "First Teeth" pouch, in the Imperial tradition. It could be resold once the teeth inside are discarded. 0000004040 Gold Oddities, Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Painting.png Firsthold Painting A richly textured oil painting of the first settlement of Auridon. 00000100100 Gold Wall Décor, Artwork
ON-icon-food-Fondue.png Fish Ephemera Counter-Censer Nautilus-shaped silver incense burner, used on fishing parties by Thalmor Canonreeves to mitigate piscine odors. 00000250250 Gold Fishing Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Jar.png Fish Glue A jar of glue chips derived from fish bones and skin, used primarily in binding and preserving manuscripts. 00000100100 Gold Smithing Equipment
ON-icon-stolen-Bloody Sack.png Fish Gut Stink Bag A bag magically treated to reduce odor, currently full of fish effluvia. Occasionally confused by pickpockets for a coin pouch. 00000103103 Gold Fishing Supplies, Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Tools.png Fish-Bone Shears This pair of fish-bone shears are remarkably light and very, very sharp. 00000100100 Gold Fishing Supplies, Tools
ON-icon-book-Scroll 01.png Fish-Skin Parchment The pages of this catfish-skin parchment are remarkably wide. The beast must have been massive. 00000100100 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Case.png Fisherman's Tackle Box A hinged wooden box carved with images of fish and other marine creatures, with a set of nested storage trays inside. 00000103103 Gold Fishing Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Fishhook.png Fishing Hook A heavy fishing hook. 0000004040 Gold Fishing Supplies, Utensils
ON-icon-stolen-Rope.png Fishing Line Wire This extremely thin and durable wire is perfect for reeling in a big catch. 00000250250 Gold Fishing Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Whistle.png Fishle Tamriel's first and only brand of fish call. Its only saving grace is it makes a useful nautical signal. 0000004040 Gold Fishing Supplies, Musical Instruments
ON-icon-stolen-Seal.png "Fists of Thalmor" Seal Stamp A bronze seal stamp embossed on its face with a "Fists of Thalmor" symbol. 00000250250 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Chess.png Five Claws Cards An ornate set of Khajiiti playing cards, used in a variety of games in which the highest hand is a Five Claw Flush. 00000100100 Gold Games
ON-icon-stolen-Trinkets.png Five-Coast Snuff Box Containing inhalants from the five most popular beaches in the Summerset Isles, this is a prized companion for long voyages. 00000100100 Gold Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Dice.png Five-Sided Die
(datamined – confirmation needed)
An irregular ivory die. Created by a follower of Sanguine, if the sigils acting as numbers are any indication. 00000100100 Gold Games, Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Cup.png Flagon from the Bearer's Rest This tin vessel is stamped with the sigil of Fargrave's tavern. Teeth marks pit its surface all around the rim. 00000100100 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Stein.png Flagon from the Withered Tree The famous tavern in Riften distributes these souvenir flagons featuring an engraving of a withered tree to favored customers. 00000250250 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Imperial Coin.png "Flaming Ways" Commemorative Plate Gold plate commemorating Prince Hubalajad's accidental burning of the Abah's Landing shipyard. 00000250250 Gold Dishes and Cookware, Oddities
ON-icon-food-Ale.png Flask from the Dead Wolf Inn The famous tavern in Shornhelm distributes these souvenir flasks featuring an engraving of a dead wolf to their best customers. 00000250250 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-food-Ale.png Flask from the Flaming Nix The famous corner-club in Mournhold distributes these souvenir flasks to all their best customers. 00000250250 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Bronze Lamp.png Flat Bottom Ship Kettle This kettle is flat all the way around the bottom in order to keep it from tipping when on rough seas. 00000100100 Gold Dishes and Cookware
ON-icon-stolen-Sundial.png Flat Brass Rotating Lunolabe Device with rotating brass rings for figuring the phases of the moons on any day of the year. 00000100100 Gold Devices, Devices
ON-icon-stolen-Rabbit.png Flattened Skeevaton This once three dimensional skeevaton has been pneumatically pressed paper thin and fitted with a hook for wall mounting. 00000250250 Gold Artwork
ON-icon-misc-Diamond.png Flawless Black Pearl A large and well-polished swamp pearl from the heart of Black Marsh. 00000100100 Gold Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Yellow Flag.png Flayed Flag of Camlorn A fragment of the flag of Camlorn, said to have been carried into war during the Battle of Granden Tor. 000015001500 Gold Oddities, Dry Goods
ON-icon-food-Ale.png Flin Flask A pewter hip flask filled with strong blended flin, typically sold to Necrom mourners to aid in discreet drinking. 00000100100 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-quest-Wrothgar Armlet.png Flint-Steel Finger Caps
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A pair of snug fitting caps meant for the thumb and middle finger. Great for lighting ovens and party tricks. 00000250250 Gold Smithing Equipment, Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Vase.png Floral Vase Form follows function. This vase is used to hold flowers and it has flowers painted on it. 00000100100 Gold Trifles and Ornaments, Dishes and Cookware
ON-icon-furnishing-Fishing Rod.png Flowers of Love Fishing Rod Practicing druids carve petals and flowers into the twisted wood of their fishing rods to pay homage to Y'ffre. 00000250250 Gold Fishing Supplies, Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Tools.png Folding Calipers A pair of brass folding calipers for a traveling smith. The grips lock on place when unfolded, nearly doubling its size. 00000100100 Gold Utensils, Smithing Equipment
ON-icon-stolen-Tent.png Folding Lean-To A small, portable shelter with three cloth walls and a roof, used to create a quick camp in the wilderness. 0000004040 Gold Furnishings, Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Tent.png Folding Leather Tent This leather tent has been folded carefully to make it easy to transport. 00000100100 Gold Furnishings, Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Flute.png Folding Pocket Rule A stack of hinged, hand-length, hash-marked metal rectangles. They form a leg-length rulestick when rotated and locked in place. 00000100100 Gold Utensils, Smithing Equipment
ON-icon-stolen-Tube 02.png Folding Rule Foldable tool used for measuring lengths in woodworking. 00000100100 Gold Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Needle.png Folio-Binding Kit with Head-Needle Fine snakeskin sewing kit for binding folios of parchment, with an Argonian head-spine needle. 00000250250 Gold Utensils, Scrivener Supplies, Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Case.png Foot of Many Toes A severed Orcish foot with the toes of other mortals sewn on at awkward angles. It inspires a simple question: Why? 00000250250 Gold Odditiesf
ON-icon-stolen-Satchel.png Footwear Repair Kit A folded leather kit with tools for repairing sandals, shoes, and boots. It could be useful for traveling forgers. 0000004040 Gold Tools
ON-icon-quest-Book 02.png Fore-edge Painting Traveler's Journal When its pages are fanned, this leather-bound journal reveals a painting of the Colossus of Gonfalon Bay. 00000250250 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Dice.png Forebears Prayer Dice Odd dice designed to aid in prayers to the Eight of the Forebears, but mostly used in games of chance in Glenumbra. 00000100100 Gold Games, Ritual Objects
ON-icon-misc-Tree.png Forest Wraith Finger Puppet A small representation of the unsettling horned figure used to scare small children into staying away from the forests. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Tube 02.png Forest Wraith Offering
(datamined – confirmation needed)
An assortment of bones, quills, and feathers bound by a strip of hide. Unknown if it attracts or repels forest wraiths. 00000100100 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Tin.png Forester's Balm An ointment to treat a wide assortment of stings, bites, and irritants likely to occur in the wilds of Western Skyrim. 00000100100 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Measures.png Forge Mark Stamps A set of personalized stamps used by smiths throughout Tamriel. A forger with a forge might find this valuable. 0000004040 Gold Scrivener Supplies, Smithing Equipment
ON-icon-stolen-Potion.png Forge-Blind Drops A vial of grayish liquid with a small dropper. Said to protect one's vision from bright forge fires when dripped onto the eyes. 0000004040 Gold Smithing Equipment, Medical Supplies
ON-icon-book-Generic 211.png "A Forge-Mother's Wisdom," 1st Edition A picture book of affirmations and avenged transgressions by Forge-Mother Targak. Reprints are wildly popular in recent years. 00000250250 Gold Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Jar.png Forgeburn Unguent A jar of lime-green paste to be rubbed upon one's face after a busy day in the forge. Smells faintly of mudcrab effluvia. 0000004040 Gold Smithing Equipment, Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Token.png Forged Artificer Badge This badge is a replica of those given by artificers legally recognized by the Clockwork Apostles. 00000100100 Gold Writings
ON-icon-stolen-Painting.png Forged Painting A very good forgery of a very famous Aldmeri painting. 00000100100 Gold Wall Décor, Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Forgemasters Medallion.png The Forgemaster's Medallion A Daedric talisman said to be associated with Mehrunes Dagon. 000015001500 Gold Ritual Objects, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Tent.png Fort Morvunskar Tent A small, portable tent bearing the symbol of Fort Morvunskar. 00000250250 Gold Furnishings, Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Tent.png Fort Zeren Tent A small, portable tent bearing the symbol of Fort Zeren. 00000100100 Gold Furnishings, Dry Goods
ON-icon-quest-Knock Out Powder.png Fossilfoam Lather A soap product made from ground fossils. Excellent for exfoliation and troublesome skin conditions. 00000100100 Gold Grooming Items
ON-icon-stolen-Case.png Fossilized Centipede A piece of shale impressed with the remains of an ancient Black Marsh centipede. 00000100100 Gold Trifles and Ornaments, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Skull.png Fossilized Draugr Skull This ancient, fossilized skull of an undead creature has a horned helm covered with runes permanently fused to it. 00000103103 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Hairbrush 02.png Foul Hoof Pick The handle on this metal hoof pick has several expletives etched into it. Or perhaps they're mount names. 00000100100 Gold Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Treethane Nirel Book.png Foul Waterlogged Journal This journal supposedly belonged to an adventeruer [sic] in Gideon before he went missing. It smells of excrement. 00000100100 Gold Writings
ON-icon-stolen-Parasol.png Four Imp-Repelling Pinwheels When placed in the cardinal directions around a camp, these elaborate pinwheels are said to repel imps from the area within. 00000250250 Gold Magic Curiosities, Tools
ON-icon-misc-Orc Fist.png Four Luxurious Flipper Mittens Two pairs of flawless fur-lined flipper mittens with golden wrist grommets, for playing "The Burrowing Horkers." 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories, Games
ON-icon-stolen-Furniture.png Four-Jar Spice Rack Wire rack holding four empty glass jars, each labeled a different mineral spice: sea salt, kindlepitch, verdigris, and rust. 00000100100 Gold Furnishings, Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Wraps.png Fourth Legion Blindfold These specially designed masks make dealing with captured Argonian guerillas far easier. 00000100100 Gold Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Hair.png Fourth Legion Centurion's Plume In the Xi-Tsei Massacre, Argonian warriors wiped out an Imperial legion. This horsehair crest is a trophy of that victory. 00000250250 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Blue Banner.png Fourth Legion Signum This ancient Imperial standard may have been carried by one of General Sardecus's servants during the Blackwater War. [verification needed — see talk page] 000015001500 Gold Relic
ON-icon-raw material-Leather Scraps.png Fox Fur Ear Muffs A beautifully-made pair of fox fur ear muffs, perfect for winter hunting expeditions. 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-food-Iron Peat.png Fox Fur Gutcatcher A mid-length, silk-lined hunting blanket made from the finest red fox fur, used to catch gore when gutting a caught fox. 00000250250 Gold Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Bell.png Fox-Bone Chime These hollow bone chimes sing a soothing song when blown by the wind. 00000100100 Gold Trifles and Ornaments, Musical Instruments
ON-icon-book-Generic 211.png Foxtail Book Marker A thin sliver of fine wood used to mark one's place in a book, this one also has a fox-tail attached at the top. 00000100100 Gold Scrivener Supplies, Oddities
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png Foyen Docks Bill of Lading A bill of lading for cargo delivered to the Foyen Docks, it appears the cargo hasn't been picked up as yet. 00000100100 Gold Writings
ON-icon-stolen-Stone.png Fractured True Name Glyph Smelling faintly of brimstone, this cracked glyph was once used by a mortal sorcerer to bind a Daedra to their will. 00000250250 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-food-Brown Bottle.png Fragrant Perfume Bottle The bottle says this scent is called "Brooding." It smells like rotting crabapples. 00000100100 Gold Cosmetics, Grooming Items
ON-icon-stolen-Tapestry.png Framed Butterfly Display A framed display of various butterflies, indigenous to the moors and meadows of Rivenspire. 00000250250 Gold Wall Décor, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Female Portrait.png Framed Duchess Portrait This painting features the late Duchess of Wind Keep—a beautiful woman with eyes that betray a quiet grief. 00000100100 Gold Wall Décor, Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Male Portrait.png Framed Eyeless Face The pallid skin is unsettling, but the nose, mouth, and lack of eyes bear no resemblance to either Men nor Mer. 00000250250 Gold Oddities, Artwork, Wall Décor
ON-icon-stolen-Painting.png Framed Snowflake Display A framed display of various snowflakes, lovingly mounted and catalogued by a diligent Nord—before they melted. 00000250250 Gold Wall Décor, Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Jug.png Freckled Guar Shein A limited-edition bottle of Sour Guar Shein, flavored with suspended guarana seeds that lend its freckled appearance. 00000250250 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Token.png Free Wine Chit
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A wooden token good for a free drink at a winery you're pretty sure went out of business sometime before the Empire fell. 00000100100 Gold Artwork
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Freehand Schematic Sketches The early designs of an inventor who fancies interesting concepts over precise technical specifications. 00000100100 Gold Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Pen Knife.png Fresh Catch Inspection Tool
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A curved silver tool used to inspect the insides of fish for contraband without damaging the catch. 00000100100 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-book-Scroll 01.png Fresh Vellum The pages are fresh-cut and smooth to the touch. 00000100100 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Clothing.png Freydis's Baby Clothes Freydis's possessions in Solitude were destroyed during the schism that split Skyrim, but her diminutive gowns escaped notice. 000015001500 Gold Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Sack.png Frill Clips A lukiul fashion trend taking root in Murkmire. These silver slivers provide just enough pinch to hold Argonian frills in place. 00000250250 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Fork.png Frog Gig with Folding Haft Xal Ithix-style barbed four-tined frog gig, with double-hinged folding haft made of Mud Tree bamboo. 00000250250 Gold Utensils
ON-icon-quest-Dozzen Talharpa.png Frog Metal Soles These laced plates of bouyant [sic] metal allow the wearer to walk on water … as long as the wearer weighs less than a toddler. 00000250250 Gold Magic Curiosities, Devices
ON-icon-food-Brown Hooch.png Frogskin Pouch A rare frog not often found in the outskirts of Gideon makes a fine purse with a glossy red sheen. 00000250250 Gold Smithing Equipment, Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Painting.png "Frolicking Trolls of Eastmarch" A copy of this whimsical painting depicts how Bretons imagine the frost trolls of Skyrim: smiling and dancing in the snow. 00000250250 Gold Wall Décor, Artwork
ON-icon-quest-Frost Troll Doll.png Frost Troll Ragamuffin Doll Someone in Windhelm thought these scary, raggedy dolls would be popular with children. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Tools.png Frost-Rib Traction Tools Useful for affixing to the bottom of a traveler's boots to provide peace of mind while trekking across perilous ice and snow. 00000100100 Gold Smithing Equipment, Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Vial.png Frostbite Jelly A very dilute mixture of fire salts and chaurus eyes that protects flesh from freezing. Waterproof, so difficult to wash off. 00000100100 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-food-Brown Bottle.png Frostbite Spider Musk Oil Perfumed oil distilled from the musk of a frostbite spider. Some Nords regularly apply it to their wrists and ears. 00000100100 Gold Cosmetics, Grooming Items
ON-icon-stolen-Flag.png Frozen Man Folding Fan A decorative hand fan. Unfolding it reveals a scene depicting the legend of the Frozen Man who supposedly haunts Orkey's Hollow. 00000100100 Gold Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Jar.png Fruit Jar Full of Goblin Teeth Jar for preserving fruit containing a collection of several hundred Goblin teeth. 00000100100 Gold Oddities, Dishes and Cookware
ON-icon-stolen-Jar.png Fungal Fermentation Kit A jar, cover, and sealed packet of live culture for at-home brewing of alcoholic beverages. 00000100100 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Plant.png Fungal Poppet Fashioned from dried fungal stalks, this figurine probably made a strange Telvanni child quite happy. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Pillow.png Fungal Potpourri Pillow A silky pillow filled with aromatic dried fungus. Perfect for wizards seeking inspiring and productive dreams. 00000250250 Gold Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Tin.png Fungal Spore Fabric Glister Instructions on tin: To brighten lackluster fabric, apply to garment, rub. Works well with Fungal Spore Scent Eliminator! 00000100100 Gold Wardrobe Accessories, Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Tin.png Fungal Spore Scent Eliminator Instructions on tin: To remove unwanted fungal smells, apply to garment, rub briskly. Use gloves to prevent irritation. 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories, Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Jar.png Fur Goop Despite its off-putting name, the goop within this ceramic jar allows Khajiit to remove ink from their fur with minimal fuss. 00000100100 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Comb.png Fur Grooming Kit The perfect kit for dapper cats and feline dandies. 00000100100 Gold Grooming Items, Utensils
ON-icon-stolen-Vial.png Fur-Removing Beverage Enhancer For those traveling in areas heavily populated by Khajiit, this cup is invaluable. It removes fur from all liquids placed in it. 00000100100 Gold Devices
ON-icon-stolen-Pillow.png Fusozay Cushion A Khajiit novelty cushion that, when placed on a chair and sat upon, produces an embarrassing flatulence sound. 00000250250 Gold Dry Goods, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Paperweight.png Future Telling Crystal Though an initial success, these crystals were ultimately found to be enchanted to give randomized answers to any question. 00000100100 Gold Magic Curiosities