Online: A Question of Succession

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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Help the Shatul clan choose a new chief and avoid civil war.
Zone: Wrothgar
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Objective: Shatul Range – Help the Shatul clan resolve their crisis of leadership.
Quest Giver: Laurig
Location(s): Shatul Range, Bloody Knoll
Next Quest: Blood Price
Concurrent Quest: In the Name of the King
Reward: Barbute of Clan Shatul
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High
Duel at the Bloody Knoll
A mortal wound to Chief Ogzor has thrown Shatul clan into crisis.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Kill Urgkail the Cleaver with Laurig.
  2. Find a Snow Truffle with Ulghesh.
  3. Decide who to support for chief.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


  • You can choose to tell Yazara that Ushruka is really the contender, or lie and continue the pretense that it is Ulghesh.
  • If you are an Orc you can become chief yourself by telling Yazara that you want to contend and then killing the winner of the duel.
  • The choice you make will not adversely affect future events. Either chief will attend the King's moot - Ushruka is already a firm supporter of King Kurog, whereas Laurig is open to new ideas and is willing to listen.

Quest Stages[edit]

A Question of Succession
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Laurig, one of Shatul's warriors, wants me to help him track down the giant responsible for the chief's injuries. Laurig thinks this will both pull the clan together and show him as a good candidate to become the new chief.
Objective: Kill Urgkail the Cleaver
Objective: Return to Chief Ogzor's Tent
Laurig has something to say about the fight with Urgkail the Cleaver. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to Laurig
Yazara, Chief Ogzor's mother, wants to speak to me.
Objective: Talk to Yazara
Yazara sent me to meet Ulghesh, one of Shatul's warriors. I should find him near Shatul.
Objective: Find Ulghesh
Ulghesh needs some help wrangling Scamper, one of Shatul's prized echatere. Once I wake it, I need to work with Ulghesh to guide Scamper as it hunts for a snow truffle.
Objective: Wake the Echatere
Ulghesh and I guided Scamper to dig up a snow truffle. I should take it.
Objective: Find a Snow Truffle
Objective Hint: Guide Scamper to a Snow Truffle
With the snow truffle in hand, Ulghesh and I should return to Shatul.
Objective: Return to Shatul
Ulghesh asked me to bring the snow truffle to Yazara.
Objective: Talk to Yazara
Yazara asked me to inform Ulghesh that he is a contender for chief. He will oppose Laurig in the Bloody Knoll.
Objective: Find Ulghesh
Objective Hint: Talk to Ushruka
"Ulghesh" is really Ushruka, the exiled daughter of Chief Ogzor. She posed as Ulghesh so she could be named a contender, and wants to be the new chief of Shatul. She asked me to tell her grandmother Yazara that she is headed to the Bloody Knoll to fight Laurig.
Objective: Talk to Yazara
According to Yazara, Shatul will have a difficult time accepting Ushruka or Laurig as chief. She asked me to slip a flawed blade to the weakest contender.
Objective: Replace Laurig or Ushruka's Sword
I placed the flawed blade. I should hide and see who is victorious.
Objective: Hide Before the Duelists Arrive
Shatul has a new chief. I should speak with Yazara about what I witnessed in the Bloody Knoll.
Objective: Talk to Yazara
(If you replaced Ushruka's blade) Laurig is the new chief of Shatul. I should inform Yazara.
Objective: Talk to Yazara