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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Obligate the clan chiefs to attend King Kurog's Great Moot.
Zone: Wrothgar
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Talviah Aliaria in Orsinium;
King Kurog in Scarp Keep
Location(s): Orsinium, Graystone Quarry, Morkul Stronghold, Shatul Range
Prerequisite Quest: A King-Sized Problem
Next Quest: To Save a Chief
Concurrent Quest: Quarry Conundrum, The Hand of Morkul, A Question of Succession
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard XP
ID: 5458
You are summoned to the Scarp Keep by King Kurog
I received another message from King Kurog. He requested that I come to the throne room at Scarp Keep. Apparently, he has a new mission he needs me to deal with.
King Kurog has asked me to perform favors in his name for the clans that still haven't accepted his authority. In this way, he hopes that their chiefs will feel obligated to attend his Great Moot.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to King Kurog.
  2. Convince the chiefs of Clans Tumnosh, Morkul, and Shatul to attend the moot. (Complete Quarry Conundrum, The Hand of Morkul, and A Question of Succession).
  3. Return to King Kurog.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Talviah Aliaria will seek you out again once you re-enter Orsinium. While he is fed up of playing messenger to King Kurog, he nevertheless sends you back to Scarp Keep to see the king. (You can also head straight to the keep and accept the quest directly from Kurog.)

Upon your arrival at the Keep, King Kurog praises you for your actions in the Temple of Ire, but voices his concerns about the reported involvement of Chief Bazrag in the attack. In order to ensure Bazrag is unable to gain additional followers, Kurog sends you out to the lands of Tumnosh Clan, Morkul Clan and Shatul Clan to convince their chiefs to attend an upcoming Great Moot.

Clan Tumnosh runs Graystone Quarry, the primary source of building materials for Orsinium. Chief Ramash has fallen behind on deliveries, and you will need to resolve the Quarry Conundrum to get them back on track.

Clan Morkul has some of the finest smiths in the region at Morkul Stronghold, but Chief Abzug has been reluctant to send any experts to the city due to family troubles. Investigate the legend of The Hand of Morkul to convince him to attend the moot.

Clan Shatul herds echatere at Shatul Range. Chief Ogzor was supposed to be sending some to feed the city, but has become embroiled in A Question of Succession which you will need to resolve first.

Once you have recruited all the chiefs, return to King Kurog at The King's Cornerclub in Orsinium.


  • If you have already completed A Question of Succession before accepting this quest, the quest marker to recruit the chief of Shatul Range will only show up on your map and compass, and not on the overworld. Once you've talked to the new chief, the quest marker will still be on your map, but the objective will be marked off in your journal regardless. ?
    • The quest marker will be properly removed once you've talked to all three chiefs.
  • Since the Feb 2020 patch, The Morkul Clan chief's house has a large unwalkable invisible collsionbox above the wooden platform outside. The Name of the King quest requires you to get into that collision box. One way is to attack a town guard, kite them over to the stairs, and have them knock you up into the collisionbox. A bash while duelling may accomplish the same thing in a less deadly manner: not tried. A fix is expected in 2.3.5. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

In the Name of the King
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should go to the throne room and speak with King Kurog.
Objective: Talk to King Kurog
I should talk more to King Kurog to find out more about what he wants me to do to facilitate his Great Moot.
Objective: Talk to Kurog
The clans I need to aid include Tumnosh, Morkul, and Shatul. Once I help them in the king's name, Kurog believes their chiefs will be obligated to attend the Great Moot.
Objective: Recruit the Chief of Clan Tumnosh
Objective: Recruit the Chief of Clan Morkul
Objective: Recruit the Chief of Clan Shatul
The clan chiefs have all agreed to attend the Great Moot. I should report back to King Kurog at his cornerclub in Orsinium and give him the news.
Objective: Report to King Kurog
☑Finishes quest The clan chiefs have all agreed to attend King Kurog's Great Moot. I should talk to King Kurog.
Objective: Talk to King Kurog