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Find out if Chief Ogzor was actually murdered.
Zone: Wrothgar
Quest Giver: Rogzesh
Location(s): Shatul Range
Prerequisite Quest: A Question of Succession
Reward: Gauntlets of Clan Shatul
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Rogzesh, the hearth-wife to Chief Ogzor, believes he was murdered. She suspects Glagosh, Chief Ogzor's hunt-wife, conspired to kill him.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Search for evidence of Glagosh's Daedric worship.
  2. Talk to Rogzesh and decide what to do.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

"So now we have a new chief. Everyone is ready to forget Chief Ozgor. To ignore his murder."
What are you talking about?
"Urgkail the Cleaver robbed me of my husband's mind, but Glagosh is to blame. She secretly worships Boethiah - the Daedric Prince of murder.
Her prayers brought about Chief Ozgor's death. I just... I haven't found the proof."
And you want me to find it?
"I am no longer hearth-wife of Shatul. My husband's life was stolen from me by his hunt-wife... my own clan-sister.
I want justice."
Tell me what you need.
"Try the giant's camp where Chief Ozgor fell. Or Lugbagg - ask what he heard the night before the attack. And search Glagosh's tent.
Confront her with anything you find. I want to know what she has to say for herself."
What kind of evidence do you need?
"I don't know... poison, ritual sacrifice, time when she slipped away from the clan. Anything that connects her to Boethiah."
What if I find something? How will she be punished?
"Shatul travels with the echatere. We have no prisons, just the Code of Malacath.
If you wrong another in the clan, you have two choices - pay in gold, or pay in blood."

Lugbagg is just nearby.

"You're the one who helped Scamper find the snow truffle. Everyone calls him lazy, but they just don't know how to motivate him."
Rozgesh said you heard something the night before Chief Ozgor died.
"It's nothing. Well... Stubbs went missing that night. When I caught her out in the snow, I heard someone singing.
It sounded like Glagosh, but I didn't stay to listen. If the chief's hunt-wife wants to sing alone at night, that's her business."

At the giant's camp, you will need to kill two giants to safely obtain the Poisoned Hunting Blade.

Inside Glagosh's tent, you will find a copy of Boethiah's Glory.

You can now confront Glagosh.

"I should have been at my husband's side. He'd still be alive and I'd still be his hunt-wife."
I had some questions.
"Oh? About what?"
I found this sword at the giant camp. / What about this sword I found at the giant camp?
"That's my hunting blade! Chief Ozgor must have grabbed it on his way to the giant camp.
Careful how you handle it. The blade has a paralyzing poison on the edge."
Why would Chief Ozgor use your hunting blade?
"His sword jangles - lots of little buckles on the scabbard - but mine is quieter than a thief. I bet he didn't want to wake me, the morning he was injured.
Damned fool, trying to prove himself. Didn't want his hunt-wife along to fight the giant."
I found this book in your tent. Can you explain it? / Can you explain this book I found in your tent?
"You rummaged through my tent? If you weren't blood-kin, I could gut you for that.
Not that my things are your business, but it's a book of battle poetry. I read them occasionally."
The book is about Boethiah betraying Trinimac.
"It's what they preach in Orsinium, isn't it? Always wise to keep in touch with the king's politics.
Better the know the old myths than sound like a bumpkin."
Lugbagg heard a woman singing the night before Chief Ozgor's injury.
"We're a clan that travels the range. It gets boring at night. Sometimes we sing to keep up our spirits."
Lugbagg was away from Shatul. He said it sounded like you.
"Oh, that. I wasn't singing, I was chanting. I was out hunting when I nearly stumbled into a mammoth.
They have poor night vision. If you chant the way the giants do, sometimes you can fool them into thinking you're not a threat."
All right, I see.
"Well, I don't! What is the point of your questions?"
Rozgesh thinks you're behind Chief Ozgor's death.
"Ah. The poor girl is still young. She can't accept that our husband fell in fair combat.
There is no conspiracy, just a good man who fell before his time. Tell her that."

When you go back to Rozgesh, she will be less than convinced.

"So? What did you find? What did she have to say for herself?"
I found Glagosh's hunting blade at the giant camp and a book of Boethiah in her tent.
"I knew it... her hands are red with my husband's blood!"
Actually, Chief Ozgor took her hunting blade to the giant camp.
"Well... I don't know why he would. But you're right, his own blade was still in the tent.
That means nothing. She's still a Boethiah cultist, I'm sure of it."
She also admitted to chanting outside the village.
"You see? A cultist chants to her Daedric Prince, just like in the stories.
I bet she was cavorting in the moonlight. Perhaps she was chanting to ensorcell Urgkail the Cleaver!"
She said she was trying to calm a mammmoth.
"We've all seen her do that before - of course she would say that! Followers of Boethiah live only to deceive. It was Boethiah worship, no matter what she says.
Chief Ozgor deserves justice. Something must be done about Glagosh!"
All right. What do you propose?

You will have three choices: Persuade Rogzesh that she must support Glagosh for the good of Shatul, agree to help her punish Glagosh, or tell her you will not help her as Glagosh is innocent.

If you persuade Rogzesh, she will admit that she was just looking for someone to blame in her grief, and that she and Glagosh both have lost someone they loved.

If you choose to help Rogzesh, you can Intimidate Glagosh, offer to pay for her, or tell her to pay with her life. If you do decide to fight her, you do not kill her. She surrenders and leaves, wondering what she will do with her life now.

Quest Stages[edit]

Blood Price
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Rogzesh asked me to find evidence of this Daedric connection. She suggested searching Glagosh's tent, as well as the giant camp where Chief Ogzor was struck. I should also ask Lugbagg if he noticed anything suspicious the night before the chief was wounded.
Objective: Talk to Lugbagg.
Objective: Search the giant camp.
Objective: Search Glagosh's tent.
I found a copy of Boethiah's Glory in Glagosh's tent, as well as Poisoned Hunting Blade in the giant camp where Chief Ogzor was wounded. Lugbagg and Stugbrulz heard her moving around the night before the chief was wounded. I should see what Glagosh has to say about this.
Objective: Confront Glagosh.
Glagosh claims she had nothing to do with Chief Ogzor's death. I should speak with Rogzesh and see what she thinks of Rogzesh's explanations.
Objective: Talk to Rogzesh.
(if agree to help) Rogzesh has demaded Glagosh pay the blood price for causing Chief Ogzor's death and named me her champion in the matter. I should speak with Glagosh about Rogzesh's demands.
Objective: Extract the blood price from Glagosh.
I agreed to extract the blood price from Glagosh through honorable combat. I should meet her by the river.
Objective: Defeat Glagosh.
☑Finishes quest I extracted the blood price from Glagosh through honorable combat. I should speak with Rogzesh to make sure the grudge is settled.
Objective: Talk to Rogzesh.