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Vicecanon Hrondar
Home City Stormhold
Location Stormhold Guild Hall, Silyanorn Ruins
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact
Vicecanon Hrondar

Hrondar is one of three vicecanons overseeing the city of Stormhold. He works with Heita-Meen and Servyna, trying to keep the city's racial tensions from boiling over. He is initially found in the Stormhold Guild Hall.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Onward to Shadowfen[edit]

When you arrive in the Fighters Guild hall, he will give you the usual spiel for newcomers.

"You're a new face in Stormhold. As vicecanon tasked with today's duties of audience, it is my solemn duty to warn you of the killer loose in our fine city. Be on your way, travel in pairs, et cetera."
Ganthis sent me to look into the murders.
"Did he mention the finder's fee he receives for sending you into the swamp? Of course not.
Since he didn't, I'll provide you with his fee directly. Hand it to him the next time you see him, or use it for a pair of watertight boots."

Hushed Whispers[edit]

Speak with Vicecanon Hrondar about the Dominion Correspondence.

"Three murders and Stormhold's about to boil over like my father's fish kettle! The Dark Elves blame the Argonians they owned before the Pact outlawed slavery.
I miss the days of kicking arse. Now I'm expected to kiss them."
I found Dominion correspondence that may interest you.
"Dominion correspondence? Let me see ….
Ha! The guard's failure to protect our citizens is already the gossip of Stormhold. Why not Elven spies? Dark times, no doubt about it."

After completing the quest:

"If Dominion spies are aware of the murders, we have bigger problems than I thought."

Three Tender Souls[edit]

If you have not started the quest yet, he will say:

"Make it quick. We have a province to run."

He will have frustrations about the recent murders in the city:

"Three murders and Stormhold's about to boil over like my father's fish kettle! The Dark Elves blame the Argonians they owned before the Pact outlawed slavery.
I miss the days of kicking arse. Now I'm expected to kiss them."
Any leads on the culprit?
"That's not a question I've heard from a stranger. Fancy yourself a bloodhound, do you?
I'd never doubt Stormhold's guards in a siege, but we've seen no progress with these murders. We'll gladly pay a bounty if you find the killer."
Where would I start?
"Here's a list of the victims' families. Find out what they know about their murdered kin.
I'm almost glad the guard never got around to it. As my son says, mammoths can't dance."
Consider it done.

If you accepted the quest from Aide Diina:

One of your aides told me to speak with you.
"Aide Diina did her best to scare the leggings off you, did she?
Did she say whoever catches the murdering snowback is in for a nice pile of shiny gold coin?"
Tell me where I should start.
"Here's a list of the victims' families. They may know if their kin had enemies. If you can prove whoever's behind this, come find me for your reward."

Speaking to him again, he can give you more information on the task at hand.

"You'll likely find Dendras Indalor at home. Gethis Omobar works at the smithy.
As for Tiiril Alor, try the Mages Guild. Hold your nose when talking to that one."
Why didn't the guard question them?
"A while back, Argonians in Stormhold were slaves to the local Dark Elves. The two other vicecanons work to mend the bad blood, but it's slow to get anything done when nobody trusts the guard."
Why would this keep the guard from doing their jobs?
"Recently some Argonians went missing. We heard a nasty rumor about Dark Elf slavers in the city. False, of course.
Then the bodies showed up—all Dark Elves. The new rumor says Shadowscales are targeting Dunmer. Nearly started a riot."
Who are the Shadowscales?
"They're a pain in the fundament. An armed group of Argonians lurking in the swamps, killing enemies of their people. If you want to twist a Dark Elf's ears any more, you may as well burn an effigy of Almalexia."

Getting to the Truth[edit]

Halfway through the Silyanorn Ruins, you will hear him yell for help after being kidnapped by the Dominion.

Vicecanon Hrondar: "Is someone there? Help me! Please!"

He is tied to a post and will let you know that other prisoners need to be rescued:

"Shor's bones, it's good to see you! The Dominion, right under our noses. Damned insidious.
I have to warn Servyna and Heita-Meen. Quick, untie me!"
Are you all right?
"Yes, but I've been here less than a day. Some of Stormhold's citizens were here longer, held in the alcoves nearby.
I'll distract these Dominion snowbacks. Should buy you time to free the prisoners. Meet me on the surface!"
I'll free the prisoners.

After you freed the prisoners, he will be outside of the mortuary awaiting your return:

"Gods, it felt good to bury an axe in their throats! From the prisoners trickling out, I trust you enjoyed yourself as much as I. Did you free them all?"
Yes, they're safe. Are you all right?
"I'd be better if the damned ruins beneath my feet weren't infested with Dominion! We've posted guards until reinforcements can wipe them clean.
You kept this city from tearing itself apart. Stormhold's in your debt."

Scouring the Mire[edit]

If you have not started the quest yet, he will say:

"I will root out every cave in this swamp if I have to."

He will ask you to meet him at Ten-Maur-Wolk to attack the Dominion presence:

"If the Dominion sent a large force to infiltrate Stormhold, they must have a camp somewhere in Shadowfen. It's time we take the fight to them."
Where would that be?
"Ten-Maur-Wolk, a Daedric ruin southeast of here. It's big enough to harbor a substantial enemy force and close enough to trouble Stormhold. Besides, my scouts report signs of activity within.
I'll take a regiment to Ten-Maur-Wolk. Don't want to take any chances."
Do you need help?
"You freed me from the Dominion's clutches before those skin-stealing milk drinkers could kill me and wear my face. Of course I could use your help.
Meet my regiment at Ten-Maur-Wolk. Keep your blades sharp. I'll find a way to turn you loose on the Dominion."
I'll meet you at Ten-Maur-Wolk.

Speaking to him again:

"If my instincts are right, we'll be digging up a hornet's nest when we get to Ten-Maur-Wolk."

Meeting him at the ruins, he will reveal that his contingent got ambushed by Dominion forces:

"Just in time! We've got a mess on our hands, worse than after a dog eats a cheese wheel."
What happened?
"The Dominion ambushed us. I'd be ashamed to call it a rout, if I wasn't considering how in Oblivion they knew.
At least we've learned where they are, even if it's butcher's work to get them out of that place."

Eyes of the Enemy[edit]

If you spoke to Gerent Ittirma at the Hatching Pools instead of going to Ten-Maur-Wolk or accepting Scouring the Mire, you must go to Ten-Maur-Wolk from the Pools and speak with Vicecanon Hrondar.

"Our attack was a disaster. The other vicecanons agreed to keep our forces together. Should've known they'd peel off the moment I turned my back.
If they weren't keeping Stormhold from tearing itself apart, I'd let them boil in a fish kettle."
One of your soldiers was betrayed.
"Betrayed? Then our worst fears are realized. All the more reason to renew our assault on Ten-Maur-Wolk!"

Trail of the Skin-Stealer[edit]

If you completed Eyes of the Enemy, he will say:

"As I said, the other vicecanons broke away at the first sign of fighting. I don't know where those spineless cowards are, but we need to regroup if we're going to have a chance at this."


"Our attack was a disaster. The other vicecanons agreed to keep our forces together. Should've known they'd peel off the moment I turned my back.
If they weren't keeping Stormhold from tearing itself apart, I'd let them boil in a fish kettle."
Others? All the vicecanons are here?
"That's the mess. If they're smart, they retreated to a defensible position.
My scouts here spotted a cave in the ruins. Before I return to my regiment and order an assault, I need someone to break through enemy lines and confirm they're alive."
I'll find the other vicecanons.

Speaking to him further will allow you to grasp more context on the situation.

"The cave's smack in the middle of Ten-Maur-Wolk. The Dominion's locked it tighter than a High Elf's fundament. Might have to knock a few heads to get past them."
Why are all the vicecanons here?
"We each think the other vicecanons are incompetent. Ha! No, it's politics, plain and simple. The one who stays behind looks out of touch, so off we came to the muck.
Politics be damned. Next time we draw straws for staying dry in Stormhold."
How did you get separated?
"When the Dominion ambushed us, they made a deliberate effort to split our forces. If Heita-Meen and Servyna have any sense on the battlefield, they'd recognize that and stay together."
Why would the Dominion invade Shadowfen?
"Why does anyone invade anywhere? Those pristine towers of theirs must get boring. Maybe a good brawl in the mud beats chasing their cousins for kisses.
Truth is, I don't care why. I care to get them out."
Vicecanon Hrondar
Location Ten-Maur-Wolk
Race Nord Gender Male
Health 0 (Dead)
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact
Vicecanon Hrondar's corpse

Later on in the quest, you discover the cold corpse of the real Vicecanon Hrondar. You need to examine it.

<The corpse of Vicecanon Hrondar looks diferent than the others you've seen at Ten-Maur-Wolk.>
<Take a closer look.>
<Though recently dragged here, the body is cold and decaying, as if dead for much longer than the others. His corpse is conspicuously absent of signs of battle.>
<You notice a small hole on his chest, as well as a slight charring to his skin.>

Examining him again after speaking to Ukatsei:

<The corpse of Vicecanon Hrondar has already begun to decay. It will be unrecognizable in a few days.>

The Skin-Stealer's Lair[edit]

The one you've been speaking to this whole time was an imposter. You will need to find and defeat the imposter within the ruins of Ten-Maur-Wolk. The imposter will be cross with you when you destroy the Hist sap vats.

Vicecanon Hrondar: "Meddling fool! Your interference ends here!"

During the fight:

Vicecanon Hrondar: "Anyone could be a skin-stealer. Anyone!"

When he's close to defeat:

Vicecanon Hrondar: "You'll never find all of us. We're everywhere!"


  • After you discovered Hrondar has been replaced with an imposter, you will still find him north of Ten-Maur-Wolk even after you dealt with the imposter. ?