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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Solve a series of crimes in Stormhold.
Zone: Shadowfen
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Stormhold — Discover who's behind the murders in Stormhold.
Quest Giver: Vicecanon Hrondar, Aide Diina
Location(s): Stormhold
Previous Quest: Onward to Shadowfen
Next Quest: Getting to the Truth
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
The town of Stormhold is plagued with murders and abductions.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Gethis Omobar, Dendras Indalor and Tiiril Alor.
  2. Examine the dead.
  3. Talk to Gethis Omobar.
  4. Examine the house.
  5. Report to the vicecanons.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

When you complete Onward to Shadowfen by talking to Vicecanon Hrondar, your conversation with him will continue. He tells you where to find the victims' relatives, and sheds some light on the situation in Stormhold. Not long ago, the Argonians of Stormhold were slaves to the Dunmer, and tension between the groups still exists. At first, Argonians began to go missing, which was chalked up to Dunmer slavers being present in the area by the locals. Then several murders happened, and all the victims were Dunmer. Rumor has it that the Shadowscales are the ones responsible for the deaths, though Vicecanon Hrondar doubts that this is actually the case.

With the quest started, visit each of the victims' relatives in whatever order you like. Tiiril Alor is the closest, as he resides within the Mages Guild. He is just a short walk away from where Vicecanon Hrondar is sitting. Dendras can be found in front of Nalman's House, which lies to the north on the other side of town. It's located on the same strip of road as the bank. Both Tiiril and Dendras believe the Shadowscales are responsible for the murders, and share great vitriol towards the Argonians. They will shed light on Arilen Maralvel and Naldyn respectively. Neither Naldyn nor Arilen were popular in Stormhold for good reasons. Arilen "spoke out against" the Argonians, and Naldyn had a habit of picking on them. Gethis isn't too far from Dendras. He can be found at the smithy on the northern island, at the Riverside Markets. His tone is vastly different from his peers. He and his wife Eroni are big supporters of the Ebonheart Pact. He gives you his late wife's master key when you tell him Hrondar sent you to investigate the murders, then asks you to find the real murderer. He doesn't want to allow Eroni's death to become a symbol of hate. When the questioning is done, head to the Mortuary to examine the bodies of the deceased.

Eroni Omobar's body is directly across from the entrance. Approach it and take a look. Her corpse seems charred, but no natural flames could have caused her death. The Mages Guild couldn't figure out what happened to her. Examine Arilen Maralvel next. He died from a precise cut to the throat, and doesn't appear to have made any struggle. A small cut was made in his chest after his death. Finally, examine Naldyn Indalor. He died from a clean stab in the heart. Strangely, a small, separate cut was made near the mortal wound.

Once you've examined all three bodies, Smith Halva will run into the Mortuary and call for you. Speak to her. She tells you that Gethis Omobar saw his wife... alive. He asked Halva to get you to meet him on the other side of town, at his home. Hurry to the Omobar residence. You'll find Gethis lying on the ground, obviously wounded and clutching his abdomen in pain. Speak to him. He'll tell you that the woman he followed inside wasn't his Eroni. She tried to kill him, but an Argonian jumped in front of him and saved his life. Despite this, Gethis is still mortally wounded. He wants you to remove the imposter from his home.

Enter the Omobar residence. You'll find "Eroni Omobar" crouched over the corpse of the Shadowscale Scout that intervened. Kill her and inspect the Shadowscale's corpse. He saw the skin-stealer enter the house as well, and became suspicious knowing that the real Eroni Omobar was dead.

You'll be directed to talk to Vicecanon Hrondar. Upon arriving at the room where you received the quest from him, the quest objective will instantly complete, even though you haven't spoken to him and he isn't present. This is not a bug. Speak to Vicecanon Heita-Meen, who is standing nearby. She will reward you for your efforts.

"Vicecanon Hrondar is indisposed. He informed me you've been assisting us in our recent troubles. Are you any closer to discovering the killer?"
From what I've found, someone is framing the Shadowscales for the murders.
"Then we can concentrate our efforts elsewhere. Many will blame the Shadowscales regardless, but our concerns are greater now than scapegoats.
I fear the true culprit struck again, though I pray I'm incorrect."

Here, you may complete the quest, and proceed immediately to Getting to the Truth. Your conversation with Heita-Meen will continue.

Quest Stages[edit]

Three Tender Souls
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should check in with Vicecanon Hrondar. He's probably in the area where the Fighters and Mages Guilds are in Stormhold.
Objective: Talk to Vicecanon Hrondar
Latest start Vicecanon Hrondar asked me to speak to the families of the murder victims. I have to find out about Arilin Maralvel, Eroni Omobar, and Naldyn Indalor. If I need help, I should ask Vicecanon Hrondar for more information.
Objective: Talk to Tiiril Alor
Objective: Talk to Gethis Omobar
Objective: Talk to Dendras Indalor
Now that I've spoken to the people on Vicecanon Hrondar's list, I should enter the mortuary so I can examine the bodies. Gethis Omobar gave me a key to get inside. He said I can find the mortuary on the outskirts of Stormhold.
Objective: Examine Eroni Omobar
Objective: Examine Naldyn Indalor
Objective: Examine Arilen Maralvel
After examining the bodies, I heard a woman say she has a message for me in the mortuary. I should find out what she wants.
Objective: Talk to Smith Halva
Smith Halva approached me in the mortuary. She asked me to meet Gethis Omobar at his home. Gethis Omobar swears he saw his wife, Eroni. Smith Halva said I can find Gethis Omobar on the east side of Stormhold, and she urged me to hurry. She believes Gethis may be in danger.
Objective: Meet Gethis Omobar at His Home
Gethis Omobar told me the woman who attacked him may still be in his home. I should go inside and see what I can find.
Objective: Investigate Gethis Omobar's Home
I discovered a dead Shadowscale scout inside Gethis Omobar's home. The scout had a journal claiming the Shadowscales aren't responsible for Eroni's death. I should bring the journal to Vicecanon Hrondar. He's probably still by the guildhall in Stormhold.
Objective: Talk to Vicecanon Hrondar
Finishes quest☑ I returned to Vicecanon Hrondar, but he wasn't there. I should speak to Vicecanon Heita-Meen. She seems eager to speak to me.
Objective: Talk to Vicecanon Heita-Meen
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