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Mod author for Skyrim and, to a lesser extent, Oblivion, specializing in Papyrus scripting, reverse-engineering by way of disassembly (given a suitable foothold e.g. offsets in script extender source code), and OBSE/SKSE DLL authorship.

As of this revision, my edits typically center on engine-level functionality for Skyrim and Oblivion (especially in talk pages) and on documenting quest content for ESO.

Categorized contribs[edit]

Reverse-engineering and investigation:


Notable off-site works[edit]

CobbDialogueLogger (ESOUI; Github)
An Elder Scrolls Online add-on which logs all subtitles and menu-based dialogue to a LibAddonMenu-2 panel, formatting content in UESP-suitable wiki-markup.
Oblivion file-handling research
A comprehensive examination of how Oblivion handles files, including overrides between loose files and BSAs. This includes a full translation of all program code related to ArchiveInvalidation and a full examination of what BSA redirection is, what it isn't, and what it fixes.