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This page documents the default controls settings for Arena.

Control Mouse Keyboard Notes


Move Left Click while Cursor is an Arrow Arrow Keys Forward/Back The closer the arrow is to the edge of the screen, the faster you'll move.
Turn Arrow Keys Left/Right While moving backward, the directions of turning are reversed.
Sidestep Ctrl + Arrow Keys Left/Right
Jump Right Click while LMB is pressed J Will jump straight up.
Standstill Jump Shift+J Jump forward from standstill.


Attack Moving the mouse while holding down the RMB Aim at the target to get maximum effectiveness.
Cast Clicking the Sunburst Icon AR-icon-CastSpell.jpg C Left clicking the icon will cause your spellbook to appear. You may pick the spell you wish to cast, and the target of that spell. To recast the same spell, right click on the Sunburst Icon.
Draw/Sheath Weapon Clicking the Crossed Swords Icon AR-icon-ToggleWeapon.jpg A You will not be able to attack unless you have drawn your weapon.

General Gameplay[edit]

Interact Left Mouse Button while cursor is X The interaction depends upon whether you are in talk, cast, or attack mode.
Identify Right Mouse Button while cursor is X Identifies the object if it is non-generic.
Use Item Clicking the Grabbing Hand Icon AR-icon-UseMagicItem.jpg U This will bring up a menu of items you can use. Things like potions can only be used via this menu.
Steal Clicking on the Steal Icon AR-icon-Pick.jpg P If it is a person, there will be an attempt to pickpocket them. If it is a barrier, you will attempt to unlock it.
Open Logbook Click the Parchment Icon AR-icon-ViewLog.jpg L The Logbook records quests, however, it can only record 16 at a time.
Rest Clicking the Campfire Icon AR-icon-Rest.jpg R During rest you will slowly regain lost hit points, spell points, and fatigue.
Automap Left clicking on the Map Icon AR-icon-ViewMap.jpg M The automap shows the places you have already visited, and on a more local scale.
Continental Map Right clicking on the Map Icon AR-icon-ViewMap.jpg Shift+M The continental map from which you travel to other cities or villages.
Player Status Clicking on the Snake Staff Icon AR-icon-GetStatus.jpg S Shows the current status or your character, such as time of day, diseases, and current poisons/spells.
Toggle pixelation F4 Toggles pixelation on and off. This is the "pixel-fade" that some menus have. Turning it off makes menus transition faster.
Toggle Compass F8 Toggles compass on and off.


Select Click with the LMB Selected items are highlighted
Equip Double Click Unequipable items are red. Equipable items are tan. Equipped items are yellow. Unidentified magic items are cyan. Unidentified equipped magic items will be displayed in bright cyan.
Drop Highlighting item and clicking Drop D Drops an item to the ground.
Character Sheet Click on the picture of your character F1 Shows your character and his/her current attributes. The spellbook and inventory are subset menus of the character sheet.


Rename Character Click on the character name Allows you to rename your character once per level. Does not work from the normal character sheet.
Select Attribute Click on the attribute S, I, W, A, D, E, P, L For keyboard use, selects the attribute starting with that letter (D for Speed).
Increase/Decrease Attribute Click on the up/down arrow Space For keyboard use, if the mouse cursor is above the attribute arrows, the attribute will be increased; if it's below, it will be decreased.


Artifact Quest None Alt-F5 Activates the Artifact Quest.
Minimap None Q+B+X Displays the player position and the active monsters and NPCs. Note that due to using keyboard scan codes, this may not work on all keyboards.


To save your Arena game, press the "Esc" button and then click "save". Select a slot for the save game file, give it a title, and press "Enter" or right-click to save the game.