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Chub Loons
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Chub Loons (ESO)
Type Beast (Bird)
Range Atmora, High Rock, Skyrim, Systres
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Chub Loons (also called chubloons[1] or loons)[2] are small, flightless birds native to coastal regions and usually encountered in frigid environments. They are primarily encountered along Tamriel's northern shores and ice floes, specifically in High Rock and Skyrim.[3] They make an audible honking noise when startled and will run away from known dangers. They can often be found huddling in large groups in order to retain body heat. Chub Loons do not flee from danger and are often caught and eaten as food as a result.[4] Though clumsy and awkward on shore, Chub Loons fly gracefully and are nimble swimmers. Their diet consists of small sea fish of all types. They are also known to make affectionate pets.[5]

The origin of Chub Loons is unclear. According to some natural historians, not a single mention of the Chub Loon predates the beginning of the Second Era. It is hypothesized that the bird traveled or was brought from its native range in Atmora and introduced to the rocky coast of Wrothgar, where it began invading the habitat of the native horker and disrupting its food supply.[4] Unlike the typical black and white plumage and yellow beak of most Chub Loons, Atmoran Chub Loons possess snow white plumage and a blue beak. According to Nord myth, Atmoran Chub Loons used to be much larger: as tall as two warriors, and with a squawk that could start avalanches. Ysgramor is said to have spent a day and a night wrestling a Chub Loon down from Shivering Glacier in Atmora.[6]

The supposed recent arrival of Chub Loons from Atmora is contradicted by the existence of species on Tamriel prior to the Second Era. The ancient people of High Rock known as the Druids of Galen revered the Hay-Crown Chub Loon, a yellow-crested species found in Rivenspire during the Merethic Era. These dim-witted birds were viewed as omens of good harvests, until one winter in Rivenspire when hungry farmers discovered that they were delectable. The naivety of the Chub Loon endeared them to the druids, whose mission is to protect nature. As a result, the druids brought the Hay-Crown Chub Loon with them when they fled to High Isle, where they continued to survive.[7] When the Eldertide Circle landed on the nearby island of Galen, they discovered a new species of Chub Loon native to the island. The Fellbraun Chub Loon possesses russet plumage and a blue beak, and was believed by the Eldertide to be a blessing from Y'ffre. As a result, the Eldertide chose to build their villages where the Chub Loons made their nests.[2]


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