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A sheep (Oblivion)

Sheep are domestic livestock found on farms and sheepfolds. They are very docile and produce wool. Male sheep are called rams, and have horns. People who farm sheep are called shepherds. Sheep are easy prey for bears and other predators. Occasionally, shepherds need to take precautions to protect their flock.[1] Shepherds are known for making cheese out of sheep's milk. Sheep cheese is described as having a sharp, startling odor.[2] They can also be raised for mutton.[3]

Their wool can be used to make a variety of products, including blankets,[4] carpets,[5] flags,[6] and clothes.[7] Wool is an insulator, making it an excellent material for products that allow citizens to handle hot food and utensils.[8] It is also soft, making it excellent for filling soft pillows.[9] The Bosmer use wool in their clothing, as this is in compliance with the Green Pact.[10] Harpy down can be spun with fine wool to make a sturdy material for mages' robes.[11]

During an annual competition in Windhelm, horse-sized rams from the Yorgrim River are ridden by contestants up and then down a mountain at top speeds, bareback and without falling off. The rams bred for this purpose are massive, and often toss riders off their backs purposefully during the competition. Many believe that the rams choose their riders because of this.[12]

In 3E 433, a group of pirates ran a sheep smuggling operation out of Leyawiin before being forced to relocate to Anvil.[13][14]


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