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A Hackwing

Hackwings are described as both large birds and flying lizards with saw-like beaks, both expressions which are often interchanged.[1][2] They travel in large flocks and have the tendency to swarm when they feel threatened. They strike quickly in an attempt to wound or knock down their prey. They will fly off after wounding their victim, only to come back when the victim is almost dead from blood loss. Their victims are then ripped them apart with their saw-like beaks.[1][2][3] Hackwings are most common in Black Marsh, but their range also extends along the southern coast of Elsweyr.[4]

They are hunted for their thick, supple, and strong leather hides for use in crafting armor and furniture. Armor made from their hides facilitates quick movement while still allowing the wearer to withstand brutal attacks, qualities which are invaluable to the Argonian hunters of the Black Marsh.[2] They have a leathery "horn" on the top of their head that is referred to as a plumage.[5] Despite appearances, hackwings are capable of producing feathers.[6]

Hackwing anatomy is very similar to the cliff strider, and they may be possibly related to them. Some historians theorize the relation may have resulted from the Dark Elves raiding Black Marsh for thousands of years to bring back things they deemed valuable, such as slaves, livestock, and critters.[7]

Hackwings can be trained using a variety of tools such as a 'padded bludgeon' and 'wooden whistle'.[8] Weather vanes in Murkmire were sometimes crafted in the shape of hackwings.[9]

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