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Painted Troll[edit]

A painted troll

A strange form of troll created by the Brush of Truepaint. They are weak against turpentine, which can be applied to a weapon as poison when fighting them. The first six trolls were created in 3E 433 as guardians by a foolish Bosmer or Altmer thief (reports vary) who tried to steal the brush from its owner, Rythe Lythandas. The trolls turned on their creator and killed him. The fat of Painted Trolls is very useful in alchemy, and by 4E 201 Rythe was apparently creating his own trolls in order to extract the rare ingredient.

Found in:


A Parrapton

Parraptons are insects typically the size of horses that are used as aerial mounts by House Dres, and are kept in stables resembling tall saltrice silos. Essentially giant wasps, they have multifaceted eyes and other qualities reminiscent of those of the regular variety. Following a strict hierarchy, approval from the queen is needed to ride her children, who is a behemoth twice the size of her kin. Such an audience must not be taken lightly, for she may deny a request for fear for her children's safety. Furthermore, the queen also handpicks which of her children is best fit for the rider.[UOL 1] Riders powder their hands and rub them together to signal to their parrapton, which depending on context, will signal when they are to fly or land. A parrapton is no longer a drone when the queen selects a mate.[UOL 2]


A parrot named Orsone

Parrots are birds with colorful plumage that are often kept as pets. Gerrick, an Altmer merchant who lived on Stros M'Kai, had a parrot that revealed the location of buried treasure to Cyrus.

Found in:

Pearl Oyster[edit]

A pearl oyster

A species of bivalve mollusks that produces pearls.

Found in:


A dead pheasant

Pheasants are wildfowl often hunted for their meat, which is then salted and roasted.

Found in:


A pig

Pigs are common farm animals, raised for their meat. There are various breeds, such as the bristlegut piglet, which is a cross between a domestic pig and a Skyrim boar; the white-coated pink pearl pig; as well as the black-and-white Psijic Domino Pig bred on the island of Artaeum, smart enough to count to five and learn to recognize its name.

Found in:

Pine Thrush[edit]

A Pine Thrush Nest

The Pine Thrush is a bird that can be found throughout southern Skyrim's forested areas like Falkreath Hold and The Rift. Compared to the common chicken egg, a Pine Thrush's egg is a lot harder to come by but it can replace it just as easily in Sweet Nog, a popular warming drink in Nordic cuisine.[1] Their eggs are also used in alchemy. It can restore the consumer's stamina, but also make them susceptible to poisons. Pine Thrushes are not native to Black Marsh.[2]

Found in:

Plague Wolf[edit]

Plague wolf

This type of red-furred wolf is known to carry diseases.

Found in:


The Pollywog is an aquatic life stage of the Grummites of the Shivering Isles. They are born from the egg sacs that Grummite females hang above water, out of the reach of their aquatic predators. The Pollywog quickly grows limbs, and turns into an amphibious Baliwog within weeks.

Found in:

Pony Guar[edit]

A pony guar

A smaller variety of guar that are popular house pets in Morrowind. They are described as being gluttons for attention.

Found in:


Aquatic mammals that live in the Eltheric Ocean around the island-kingdom of Pyandonea. They are constantly hunted by the Maormer because of their blissfulness, and their expressive joy. Their hide is often fashioned in traditional Pyandonean belts, seen on their armor and clothes.

Found in:

Psijic Beasts[edit]

Psjiic pony, bear, guar, wolf, and senche

Psjiic beasts are creatures of the Psijic Order's design, conjured in the shape of their conjurer's desired creature form[3]. They are distinguishable from common fauna by having arcane body imprints that the Order's monks use themselves.[4] Although the beasts most commonly have a blue runic psijic imprints imbued within them, some are conjured with red imprints that represent a monk's regrettable choices. [3] Some are conjured for use as pets, and others are conjured in a mature form to use as warmounts.[5]

Found in:

Pumpkin Spectre[edit]

A Pumpkin Spectre

Pumpkin Spectres are humanoid pumpkin creatures. Visions of these nightmarish beings are summoned by hedge wizards during the Witches Festival, a holiday that takes place on the 13th of Frost Fall each year. Hollowjack is a Pumpkin Spectre and a Daedra Lord who rules over the demi-plane of Detritus, although it is unknown if all Pumpkin Spectres are Daedra.

Found in:


King Narilmor, an ancient Ayleid willingly purified by Meridia

The Purified are beings that have been lustrated for purification by the Daedric Prince Meridia. For mortals, this usually involves being stripped of their free will and bestowed with the gift of immortality for the purpose of serving her for all eternity. The Purified are imbued with a golden radiance within their bodies that causes them to emit a glow from beneath their skin. Beings who join the ranks of the Purified include those who willingly pledge themselves to Meridia's service, as well the unwilling, such as those who defy her. They are also referred to as Lustrants by Molag Bal's Dremora minions, though this is sometimes used as a catch-all term to refer to Meridia's followers.

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