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Holmar (holmar)
Home City Mournhold
Location The Winged Guar, Godsreach
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 15 Class Barbarian
Other Information
Health 155 Magicka 82
Alarm 0 Fight 30

Holmar is a Nord barbarian who can be found in The Winged Guar. He is quite drunk and seems to be causing some problems, especially for a Wood Elf named High-Pockets, who has a grievance with the Nord. If you help the bar's owner, Hession, by becoming a bouncer, Holmar becomes a problem.

He is wearing a common shirt with matching pants and shoes. Aside from his natural resistance to shock, immunity to frost, ability to shield himself, and a natural frost damage spell, he knows no spells.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Wood Elf with a Grievance[edit]

When spoken to:

"*Hiccup*… What's that? Who's … *hiccup* Who's there? *hiccup* Gimme another drink, you cockamamie bastar … *hiccup*. Hey … Hey, this must be about that blasted Wood *hiccup* Elf I just tossed out of here, right? *hiccup* Hehehehe *hiccup* Stupid little Wood Elves. Back, *hiccup* back for another round, eh?"
back for another round
"Once not enough, you squat, *hiccup* dumpy treefrog of an elf? I'll take on you and your ugly *hiccup* %PCRace friend too."
Holmar, you're obviously drunk. Why don't you head out and sober up?

(Disputation below 75):

"Not with that wee little beastie person peering at me with those big round eyes of his. *hiccup* He's putting a hex on me, I know it."

(Disputation above 75):

"*hiccup* Well, I guess that my pockets are starting to *hiccup* run a bit dry. And Wood Elf tossing *hiccup* just isn't as much fun when you're *hiccup* broke. I'll leave… but only because *hiccup* I love you so much, %PCRace. *hiccup*. Um, okay. *hiccup*. I'll be out of here soon."
Hello Holmar, can I buy you some drinks?

If you have 60 septims:

"What? *hiccup* Well, I'm not one to turn down a drink. Barkeep! *hiccup* gimme two more sujamma's! Now! I like one in each hand. *gulp gulp gulp* Ah… that hits the ssssspot..... *hiccup* [Holmar downs his drinks. He grins broadly. His eyes struggle to focus. He sways gently, like a tree in the wind....]"

If you don't have 60 septims:

You can't afford my appetite, outlander. *hiccup*
Time to pick on someone your own size, Holmar. Like me. (This option causes him to attack)


"*Hiccup*… Hey, where's my sujamma? What's taking so long… Oh. You don't look like the… pulican. Pelican. Publican. That's it. Publican. Get outta my way. HEY? Where's my SUJAMMA?"
"*Hiccup*... Okay, okay. I was just going anyway. Just let me finish this drink...."


  • Discontent in the Temple:
    • "Wha?"
    • "What Temple?"