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Hession (hession)
Location Mournhold, The Winged Guar
Race High Elf Gender Female
Level 40 Class Publican
Rents Bed Bed 10 gold
Gold 0 Mercantile Master (94)
Other Information
Health 235 Magicka 200
Alarm 100 Fight 30

Hession is a High Elf publican and owner of The Winged Guar. She is in need of a bouncer, since her usual employee is under the weather.

She wears an extravagant skirt, shirt, shoes, and pants. She wields a silver dagger. Aside from her natural weaknesses to fire, frost, shock and magicka, her natural bonus to magicka, and resistance to disease, she knows no spells.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Bouncer: Fill in for a missing bouncer for Hession in the Winged Guar.


"Salutations, %PCRace. Can I help you find something? Looking for beds for rent? Perhaps you'd be interested in helping me with some work I need taken care of?"

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]


some work
"Yes, well, you see my usual bouncer, Grub, didn't show today. Probably got lost in the Pavilion again, the Orcish ninny. Anyway, would you be willing to stand in for him? All you would have to do is make one sweep through the bar crowd. If memory serves, we don't get too many people coming and going this time of day. What do you say? Are you up for it?"
No thanks. I don't have the time.
"Well, that's okay. I'm sure Grub will be making his way back here… eventually."
Yes, I can do that.
"Fantastic! Here's all you have to do: Go around and talk to everyone in the bar. If they're too drunk, or unruly, or just a bad character, throw them out. Report to me when you're done."


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  • If you attack Denegor or any of the other patrons as part of this quest, the following message will appear on screen:
"Hession -- Please don't kill anyone! Knock him out if you must, but don't kill him!"
  • Killing a patron is supposed to result in a 30 point disposition drop with Hession, but due to a bug this doesn't happen.