Morrowind:Weakness to Magicka

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MW-icon-effect-Weakness to Magicka.jpg Weakness to Magicka
School Destruction
Type Offensive
Base Cost 2
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Weakness to Magicka M% for D seconds

Weakness to Magicka increases the negative effects of certain spells on the target. M is the percentage of resistance reduction. Weakness to Magicka does not affect the damage taken from elemental spells, nor increase the duration of any effect, nor make any difference to the effects of Paralyze. It does increase the effects of Absorb Health, Damage Health, and Drain Health, as well as non-damaging but still hostile effects such as any other Absorb, Damage, or Drain effects, Blind, Burden, Sound, Silence, Illusion effects such as Charm or Frenzy, and any other Weakness effects.


  • High Elves and characters using The Apprentice birthsign will have an innate Weakness to Magicka. This is not a particularly serious handicap, as the only enemies that become significantly more dangerous are those who use Absorb Health or Damage Health spells, and these are quite rare, Vampires being the most notable instance.

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