Morrowind:Damage Attribute

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MW-icon-effect-Damage Attribute.jpg Damage Attribute
School Destruction
Type Offensive
Base Cost 8
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Magic Weapons
Magic Apparel
Ancient Dagoth Brandy

Damage Attribute, M points for D seconds

Permanently lowers one of the attributes of the target by M points for D seconds. Derived attributes such as Fatigue, Magicka, Encumbrance will be recalculated. The attribute can only be restored by use of a Restore Attribute effect.


  • Damage Agility reduces the ability to hit, dodge, prevent ones self from being knocked down, and block in physical combat.
  • Damage Endurance reduces endurance based Fatigue regeneration, and prevents health regeneration(when resting).
  • Damage Intelligence reduces the derived attribute Magicka and can deplete the target instantly to prevent further casting.
  • Damage Luck affects interactions in minor ways.
  • Damage Personality makes the target quite unpleasant to be around.
  • Damage Speed slows the target down.
  • Damage Strength reduces the target's damage and can be used to stop the target from moving around by reducing their maximum encumbrance below the weight of their equipment.
  • Damage Willpower reduces chances to successfully cast magic, and makes the target more susceptible to spells like Silence and Paralyze.

Related Effects[edit]

Alchemy Ingredients[edit]

There is only one ingredient in the whole game that has a Damage Attribute effect:

* Because no other ingredient in the game has this effect, you cannot make a potion that has it.