Tribunal:Wood Elf with a Grievance

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Help High-Pockets with a bully in The Winged Guar.
Quest Giver: High-Pockets at The Winged Guar
Location(s): Godsreach
Reward: 250 gold and a Ring of Icegrip
Possibly High-Pockets's clothes
Disposition: +40 (High-Pockets)
ID: MS_HolyElf
High-Pockets has a big problem

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Either confront Holmar:
    1. Speak to High-Pockets.
    2. Enter The Winged Guar, and speak to Holmar.
    3. Either convince Holmar to apologize, buy him a drink, knock him unconscious, or kill him.
    4. Speak to High-Pockets for your reward (250 gold and the Ring of Icegrip).
  2. Or convert High-Pockets:
    1. Have Saryoni's Sermons in your inventory when you speak to High-Pockets.
    2. Allow him to borrow the book.
    3. Return to High-Pockets, who will now give you all his worldy possessions.


High-Pockets in the Godsreach district will complain to you about that clay-brained Nord Holmar, located inside The Winged Guar. Apparently Holmar bullied the Wood Elf and threw him out of the bar. High-Pockets wants to accompany you while you go inside and confront Holmar. You can try to calm the big guy down, but he'll refuse and you may need to kill him or pummel him into unconsciousness. If you offer to buy Holmar a drink, he will gladly take you up on it and pass out (you'll still get the reward). Talk to High-Pockets again and receive 250 gold and the ring of icegrip as your reward.

High-Pockets will have a slightly different encounter with you if you have a copy of Saryoni's Sermons in your inventory (you can find it easily at the Bookstore in the Great Bazaar, either buying it or stealing it from the shelves). He will ask to borrow it for a little while, and tells you that the book reminds him of his childhood when his parents would often take him to the Temple. If you accept to give him the book, he'll say to you to come back to him in a while and he'll give it back to you. You just need to enter and exit any building and you'll see him naked. Talk to him and he gives you the reward: his ring, his clothes, and the 250 gold. This reward is a bit larger because of the clothes' value, and there is now a naked Bosmer in front of The Winged Guar, who changed his life because of you.


  • You may have to do this quest before doing Bouncer, as you will deal with the drunken Holmar there.
  • Once Holmar is unconscious, further punches will be counted as assault, and you will be punished accordingly.
  • If High-Pockets is slain after completing the quest, he will have another Ring of Icegrip on him.


  • If you finish this quest by converting High-Pockets to the Temple, then Holmar will disappear from the game. This does not interfere with the other quest involving Holmar, Bouncer. However, entering The Winged Guar after Bouncer is finished will automatically advance this quest to stage 160. High-Pockets will thereafter act and talk as if you completed the quest by dealing with Holmar. He will however, remain naked.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Wood Elf with a Grievance (MS_HolyElf)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I encountered a particularly agitated wood elf [sic] today going by the name of High-Pockets. He was visibly angered at a Nord named Holmar inside the Winged Guar who he claims beat him up for no good reason.
20 I have agreed to help High-Pockets go teach Holmar some manners.
30 High-Pockets has borrowed my copy of Saryoni's Sermons, and told me to come back in a little while after he reads it.
40 I entered the bar with High-Pockets to find Holmar loudly bragging about his stunt. The two of us confronted him, and I persuaded him to stop his bragging and apologize. High-Pockets was satisfied, and paid me for my help.
50 I entered the bar with High-Pockets to find Holmar loudly bragging about his stunt. When the two of us confronted Holmar directly, he became violent, and we had to kill him to defend ourselves. High-Pockets rewarded me with some money.
100 ☑Finishes quest I returned to find High-Pockets standing almost naked by the bar, waiting for me. He told me he has renounced worldly possessions, whereupon he gave me everything he owned. He has now committed his life to serving and spreading the word of Vivec.
110 ☑Finishes quest High-Pockets tried to get me to help him take on a brutish Nord, but I refused. I have better things to do than take care of problems for a midget Wood Elf.
120 ☑Finishes quest We confronted Holmar in the bar, and found him drunk and belligerent. We fought, and Holmar and High-Pockets are dead.
130 ☑Finishes quest Holmar was drunk and belligerent, but I offered to buy him a couple drinks. Upon consuming them, he fainted.
140 ☑Finishes quest We confronted Holmar in the bar, and found him drunk and belligerent. We fought, and Holmar is dead.
150 ☑Finishes quest Holmar was drunk and belligerent, but I talked him out of doing any more harm. Hopefully he will head home soon and sober up before showing his face again.
160 ☑Finishes quest We confronted Holmar in the bar, and found him drunk and belligerent. He attacked me, and I knocked him senseless.