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A Fabricant (Custom)

Fabricants are the part organic, part inorganic constructs created by Sotha Sil and are designed to emulate the form and behavior of their Tamrielic counterparts. They are constructed from an amalgam of grown flesh and metallic grafts and are powered by a soul gem, in factories known as Incarnatoriums. They are then stored in fabrication tanks from which they will eventually emerge. They usually dwell in the Clockwork City, and can resemble the creatures of the land, air, and sea. The majority of Fabricants were created to emulate predatory animals since the synthetic realm was inhospitable to most forms of organic plant life prior to introduction of the Mechanical Heart. Sometimes they might not resemble anything known to Nirn, such as the Verminous Fabricant and the Hulking Fabricant.

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A Factotum

Factotums are mechanical constructs created by Sotha Sil. An invention of need, they were created to maintain his great creation, the Clockwork City. As such they have become an integral part of daily life for the inhabitants of the city, and are vital to running its everyday processes.

Believed to be a fusion of brass and soul, factotums have a shared appearance, voice, and sense of purpose. They hold a structured intelligence, often centered on their singular function. Their dialogue and actions are all based on this function, with only the commonality of a devotion to the Clockwork God. Attempts to deviate from this purpose is simply incomprehensible to them. The Factotum's very nature and materials informed the creation of the mechanical enhancements granted to Clockwork Apostles, resulting in a synthesis of flesh and engineering.

Similar to factotums are the constructs known as fabricants, but they differ in that they are part organic, part inorganic, constructed from an amalgam of grown flesh and metallic grafts and are more bestial in appearance.

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Faded Wraith[edit]

A faded wraith

A weaker form of wraith, with a translucent or decrepit appearance. They are commonly known to lurk in tombs.[1]

Found in:


A falcon

A bird of prey found at the Elsweyr-Valenwood border and in the Rift. They can be trained as hunting companions.[2] People who train falcons are called "falconers", and trained falcons can be outfitted with harnesses.[3] Falcon feathers make sturdy quills.[4]

Found in:


A falmer

The Falmer, also known as Snow Ghosts, bogles, riekr-kin, and clatter-coats are blind, corrupted descendants of the ancient Snow Elves that live deep beneath the surface of Skyrim. They are known to stalk and attack intruders in various underground areas, primarily Dwemer ruins. Adventurers can often quickly tell when the Falmer inhabit a place thanks to their odor, which is said to be repulsive. They have been known to come up to the surface to attack the unwary. They are roughly man-sized, but hunched over and "ugly", resembling creatures of goblin-kind more than their own Mer ancestors. They have no noses, only bat-like long slits for nostrils, attributed in some Nordic folklore to Ysgramor cutting their noses off to "tell them apart from other Elves". Their ears are distinctly pointed, their skin pallid, and their eyes lifeless and black.

Much as "High Elf" and "Wood Elf" are interchangeable terms for "Altmer" and "Bosmer" respectively, "Snow Elf" is really just another term for "Falmer". The Snow Elves were a proud and prosperous race of mer who occupied a portion of modern-day Skyrim until they were displaced by the invading Nords. Many of the ancient Snow Elves were betrayed in a deal for asylum they struck with the Dwemer. The Dwemer forced their wards to subsist only on toxic fungi which twisted them into sightless slaves. It's the descendants of these slaves who many of the people of Tamriel have come to know as the Falmer, while their grand ancestors are remembered as Snow Elves.

Few know that an unknown number of Snow Elves rejected the Dwemer's deal and went into hiding, or that some of them survived, uncorrupted, into modern times. Knight-Paladin Gelebor of the Chantry of Auri-El, the only known Snow Elf still alive today, embraced the distinction between "Falmer" and "Snow Elf" due to the negative connotations "Falmer" had taken on among travelers over the millennia, but he personally knew his fallen brethren as the Betrayed. Falmer are cited in Skaal legends of Solstheim as "servants of the Adversary" and "evil beings".

Found in:


A faun

Fauns are deerlike trickster beastfolk found in the Systres, where they ecologically fill a similar role that goblins do for most of mainland Tamriel. Rumors exist of creatures of nature either Man or Mer in appearance being the first inhabitants of the archipelago. Fauns themselves are described as having bodies of tall, slender Mer, and are confirmed to have been on the Systres isle of Galen before the Druids of Galen settled there. Some Fauns are nature spirits called from the Green, and have been bound into their distinct physical forms. According to Lady Arabelle Davaux, almost every known encounter with a Faun and the other denizens of Tamriel ends in violence. These violent tendencies have prevented a further understanding of their dialect and culture from developing. One documented tale describes a particularly cruel encounter with a Faun during which they attacked a water carrier without clear provocation, strung him up upside down, stuffed his mouth full of garlic cloves, smothered him in honey, and then agitated a nearby hornet's nest before leaving him to his fate. This position is contradicted by the House Dufort representative Parisse Plouff, who described them as protectors of nature who usually aren't vicious.

Fauns dwell in herds which function as close-knit families. Faun Lords hold a leadership role among Fauns, and have been known to turn the hunt around on hunters active in their territory. They are also noted for their magical abilities, and for being able to "turn the forest itself against intruders". This seems to even extend to allowing them to command Spriggans and Indriks in battle. Female Fauns seem to either be rare or not exist, leading speculation on them reproducing via magical means, non-traditional methods, or females simply being kept well hidden. Fauns appear to not have their own verbal language, and communicate in simple grunts and chirps. Fauns utilize rune-like lettering which may be a written language.

Found in:


A fellrunner

Fellrunners are flightless birds found primarily in desert regions such as Hew's Bane and Northern Elsweyr. They can also be found in the Summerset Isles. Fellrunners are harmless, and as their name implies, will run at the sight of anything suspicious; this reflex is often used against them by hunters, due to the fact they will run too fast and trip, breaking their thin bones. They are incapable of flying and swimming due to their tiny wings.

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Felsaad Tern[edit]

A felsaad tern

Felsaad Terns are birds with black feathers on their head and white feathers on the rest of the body. They can be found flying around Solstheim and parts of Vvardenfell. Their feathers are used in alchemy.

Found in:

Fennec Fox[edit]

A fennec fox

Fennec foxes are a breed of fox commonly found in deserts. They can be difficult to hunt due to their large ears, which grant them an excellent sense of hearing. They like eating scorpions. A paste made of garlic and onions can be used to poison fennec foxes. They are more tender and less gamey than wolves.[5] The dusky fennec fox (also known as the "midnight fennec fox") is native to the savannahs of Northern Elsweyr. The arctic fennec fox can be found in Skyrim along the shores of the Sea of Ghosts. Fennec foxes have been domesticated by the people of Tamriel, and make alert companions.[6]

Found in:


A swarm of fetcherflies

Fetcherflies are insects found on the island of Vvardenfell and in the Tenmar Forest of Elsweyr. Lone fetcherflies are harmless. However, when something approaches their nests, they will swarm and attack whatever they perceive as a threat. They emit a moderate amount of heat, singeing fur or hair on contact, and due to this heat, their nests often glow and have pores emitting smoke. Occasionally, their nests become Hive Golems, which can move around independently. Their purpose is to relocate their hives to new surroundings. These golems are attracted to the destruction of regular hives, and will seek out those responsible.

Found in:


A fiendroth

Fiendroths are small blue Daedra commonly found where Daedric influence persists.[7] They resemble hulking, armored insects with very short antennae. Fiendroths possess steel mandibles and a venomous stinger, and purportedly rely upon the agonized cries of mortals for sustenance.[8]

Found in:

Fire Atronach[edit]

A fire atronach

The Fire Atronach is a magical, fire-enchanted creature. They are artificially constructed as a sort of golem[9]. It is advised to use cold based spells when attacking one, as any fire spells actually heal the creature instead of damaging it. It gives off great heat which can damage an adventurer if they get too close.

They are not to be confused with Flame Atronachs, a type of Elemental Daedra that are also sometimes known as Fire Atronachs.[10]

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Fire Daedra[edit]

A fire daedra

This Elemental Daedra is one of the more mundane, but dangerous, daedra from Oblivion. Slightly intelligent with some spell casting abilities, it can only be harmed by mithril or better weapons and is greatly resistant to fire based spells.

Fire Daemon[edit]

A fire daemon

These creatures are from the netherworld, often gating themselves into our plane of existence on some errand of their choosing. They are dangerous foes, highly intelligent, completely chaotic in nature, and powerful in the ways of magic. They are resistant to fire and possess the ability to see invisible entities.[11]

Found in:

Fire Wyrm[edit]

A fire wyrm

Fire wyrms are ethereal dragon-like creatures that emerge from the corpses of those slain by the fire breath of a powerful Tongue, such as flame Dragons or those who are Dragonborn.[12] Storm dragons summon similar creatures called Storm Wyrms.[13]

Found in:



Fish are aquatic animals that live underwater. They possess gills that allow them to breathe. Some fishes are eaten or used as alchemy ingredients by the inhabitants of Tamriel. Notable fishes include the Eel, Histcarp, Longfin, Merringar, Perch, River Betty, Salmon, Shark, Slaughterfish, and Spadetail.

Flame Atronach[edit]

A flame atronach

A powerful Fire Elemental Daedra native to a pocket realm of Oblivion called Infernace. Believed to be the inverse of Cold-Flame Atronachs, they are often summoned by conjurers or hunted as a source of Fire Salts.

Flesh Atronach[edit]

A flesh atronach

Flesh Atronachs are enchanted flesh golems animated by flesh magic or necromancy. They are considered undead, categorized as reanimated abominations alongside skeletons and zombies. A soul or Daedric vestige is bound to the flesh, and the husk is reanimated. Some sources claim that flesh atronachs are Daedra, and are believed to represent the element of true Flesh in a similar manner to Elemental Daedra. They appear as a sewn-together conglomeration of skin and muscle, sometimes adorned with mystical symbols or wearing an iron collar.

Flesh Colossus[edit]

A flesh colossus

The Flesh Colossus is a larger, more powerful version of flesh atronach. The first flesh colossus was created in secret by Mannimarco when he was still training as a Psijic monk on the island of Artaeum.[14] They were among Molag Bal's forces during the Planemeld.[15] Flesh colossi can taint the ground around them with wells of putrid disease and poison.[16]

Found in:


A swarm of fleshflies

Fleshflies are blood-colored, sand-grain-sized insects that feed on human flesh, deforming the faces of those unlucky enough to be caught by their swarms. They can be found in the Black Marsh and southeastern Cyrodiil.

Found in:


A Shriekfloater

Floaters are airborne creatures native to the Western Reach region on the borders between Hammerfell, High Rock, and Skyrim. In appearance, the floater bears a passing resemblance to both an octopus and a jellyfish. From the central body mass, eight long tendrils trail far beneath the floater. These tendrils are connected by a membrane which extends approximately a third of the tendrils' length. The creature looks similar to an umbrella, especially when viewed from below. The floater's novel method of locomotion is to pulse their body to float through the air, much like an umbrella opening and closing.

  • Variations: Ill Floater, Shriekfloater, Shadow Tentacle
Found in:

Forest Wraith[edit]

A Forest Wraith

Forest Wraiths (also known as dray'hoon) are creatures that are filled with rage and longing, and are the embodiment of death and evil nature spirits. They cannot be reasoned with, and if it has identified you as a threat, it will not relent. They are speculated to be related to the Allwither, the representation of death in druidic culture.

Found in:


A fox

Foxes are small, non-aggressive creatures found in the wilderness, often seen chasing rabbits and will usually run away when spotted. Some are kept as pets. Their pelts are often sold by hunters. Snow foxes can be encountered in the colder regions of Skyrim. According to druid legend, the first foxes swam from Y'ffelon shortly before Mount Firesong first erupted.[17] Shor is often depicted as a fox, and carvings of foxes are often seen in Nordic ruins. Swamp-foxes are a species native to Black Marsh

Found in:


A frog

Frogs are small amphibians that can often be found around water. There are many species of frog, including: Moss-Foot Croakers, Ruby Hoppers, Sun-Blessed Toads, Indigo Tree Frogs, Glowing Frogs and Death Hoppers.

Frost Atronach[edit]

A frost atronach

This powerful Elemental Daedra not only causes damage with its vicious physical attacks, but also from the extreme cold aura it generates, which makes it immune to cold-based spells. Frost Atronachs can be summoned by mages, and are often hunted as a source of Frost Salts.

Frost Daedra[edit]

A frost daedra

Similar to the Fire Daedra, this common Elemental Daedra can only be hit by mithril or better weapons and can cast cold based spells.

Frost Giant[edit]

A frost giant

Frost Giants are a sentient race of huge and sinewy humanoid beasts. They possess five eyes, and have two curved horns decorating their forehead. White, shaggy hair covers their bodies. They are extremely strong and have regenerative abilities, provided to them by their "icy" blue blood, which can be stunted by fire. Frost Giants are elusive and rarely seen on Tamriel. They are called "cousins" of common giants, but are much closer in physiology to Frost Trolls.

Found in:

Frost Mare[edit]

A Frost Mare

Although horselike in appearance, Frost Mares are composed of solid ice. The Mages Guild theorized that the creatures originate from the Fourth Sinus of Takubar. Frost Mares are rarely used by mortals as mounts. They are not to be confused with Frost Atronach Horses, which are just normal Frost Atronachs compelled to take the shape of a horse by powerful conjuration magic.

Found in:

Frost Troll[edit]

A frost troll

Trolls are large, ape-like humanoids endowed with three eyes. Their powerful arms and claws deal massive physical damage. Trolls are also very strong defensively, possessing a particularly effective ability to quickly and fully regenerate health. Their greatest vulnerability is to fire, which not only damages them, but also impairs their capacity to self-heal. Frost Trolls are stronger variants of the generic Trolls, often found in the higher elevations of Skyrim.

Found in:

Frostbite Spider[edit]

A frostbite spider

Frostbite Spiders are giant arachnids native to Skyrim. They can be found in their underground nests, or roaming the wilderness. Their lairs are often covered in webs, which can cause obstructions. They spit poisonous venom at their prey from a distance, and leap at them to attack with pincers if they get too close. Frostbite Venom is often harvested from the spiders for use as a poison. Spider Eggs can be taken from the sacs in their web for use in alchemy. These spiders usually take on a brown and grey coloration, although they can also be blue.[18]

Found in:


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